Xtreme Tuner Plus: graphics card management utility. Instrukitsya, guide, mobile version

Many manufacturers of video cards for their products have a software package that provides fine tuning of the parameters of the graphics accelerator and the ability to customize the appearance – the backlight. The most popular utility that everyone knows about is MSI Afterburner from MSI, written by the authors Alexei Nikolaychuk (Unwinder). There are many other programs for each brand:Today we will look at software for fine-tuning KFA2 / GALAX video cards. The company has developed a number of utilities for its solutions, including a version for overclocking video cards of the HoF series with unique parameters and options – HOF AI. However, XtremeTuner is of much greater interest – the utility is compatible with KFA2 video cards of the CORE, X and SG series, which are widely represented on the domestic market.

Xtreme Tuner Plus
The first thing that catches your eye is the original design of the Xtreme Tuner Plus program window with an uncharacteristic form of the application and a convenient location of the main functionality.

The main parameters of the main window are located in the center of the utility, indicators and information fields are located on the sides.

The first tab allows you to change the frequency of the graphics adapter, Power Limit and temperature limit of protection operation, GPU voltage. More advanced models have access to memory voltage regulation and GPU Core offset.

The INFO tab reveals the detailed characteristics of the graphics accelerator: product name, ID, number of CUDA cores, clock speeds, memory spikes width, video memory size, BIOS version.

KFA2 graphics cards support the 1-Click OC function, which acts as a safe automatic overclocking of the graphics accelerator.

It can be turned on simply – just click Apply on the corresponding tab. A notification about the application of the new settings will be displayed. Indeed 1-Click.

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On the example of the KFA2 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti X Black model, the factory overclocking reaches 15 MHz by default. In games, thanks to the automatic boost, the frequencies rise higher, on average by 25-40 MHz. Additional performance + 1..4% without the need to learn the intricacies of overclocking.

The Xtreme Tuner Plus utility has its own monitoring window displaying information on the key parameters of the video card.

The program options contain autorun, refresh rate, custom settings for controlling the cooler of the video card in hard mode at two points and a warning signal when a certain temperature is reached.

With the announcement of NVIDIA GTX 10 series graphics cards, the OC Scanner function appeared – automatic overclocking of a video card, gradually increasing the frequency, while conducting a stress test. Thus, the highest frequency is determined at which the system can operate stably. This is an analogue of manual overclocking with safe automatic actions, but with a lower final indicator.

The whole process takes 10-30 minutes depending on the graphics adapter. The core frequency of the video card is gradually increased in 5-10 MHz steps, followed by a stress test.

The final result of OC Scanner overclocking for the KFA2 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti X Black video card using the Xtreme Tuner Plus program was 86 MHz for the core and 200 MHz for the memory.

For comparison, MSI Afterburner raised the core frequency a little bit higher – by 96 MHz. But the KFA2 company guarantees the declared frequency increase.

The RGB tab provides access to customizing the appearance of the video card with the ability to change the backlight on supported video cards. KFA2 X and SG series video cards currently have customizable backlighting in the 30 line. You can select one of the effects and set the color for the fans and the bezel. Holders of X / SG series cards can also transfer control of the graphics card backlight to a third-party utility to synchronize RGB effects with the rest of the system. The next FAN tab allows you to flexibly configure the cooling fans.

The user has the ability to graphically adjust the rotation speed from temperature.

Xtreme Tuner mobile app
The most interesting tab is hidden in the upper right corner – the XT icon.

The Xtreme Tuner Plus desktop app has a mobile version of Xtreme Tuner for iOS and Android platforms. Let’s not rush to conclusions about the need for such a utility, but let’s look at its functionality and capabilities.

Install the Xtreme Tuner mobile application on your smartphone from the Apple Store or Play Store by searching for “Xtreme Tuner”. Click on the smartphone icon in the desktop version of the utility. The QR code is displayed. Open the mobile application and select the “QR code Login” connection type.

We scan the QR code from the PC screen.

Important announcement! To synchronize the mobile and desktop versions, both devices (PC and smartphone) must be on the same subnet, that is, connected to the same local network segment!

* QR code may not be read the first time. Try moving your smartphone camera away from the screen.

The friendly Xtreme Tuner mobile app opens.

The main tabs and parameters of Xtreme Tuner are almost identical to the full computer version. The user has access to information about the system, fine tuning, control of the cooler and backlight.

Detailed characteristics of the graphics adapter.

From the Xtreme Tuner mobile application, you have access to change the clock frequencies of the core and memory, increase the GPU voltage, adjust the Power Limit and Temt Target. There are four profiles for easy navigation and saving of settings.

Control tabs independently for each cooling fan and cooler backlight.

Basic monitoring is very minimalistic and straightforward, providing basic information about accelerator temperature data, cooler speed, voltage, Wi-Fi connection speed, and temperature graph.

Xtreme Tuner Tuner software is a complete set of utilities that is identical in functionality to MSI Afterburner, and for KFA2 video cards it is more versatile and unique due to additional options.

The desktop version of Xtreme Tuner Tuner has ample opportunities to control and change the parameters of the graphics accelerator with flexible adjustment of secondary characteristics. A nice bonus is the 1-Click OC technology, which overclocks your video card with one click, making it a few percent more productive. Detailed access to the control of RGB-backlighting is open, allowing you to customize the appearance as you wish.

The computer version is complemented by the Xtreme Tuner mobile application, which can be considered “always at hand”! At first, a harmless and useless utility turns out to have a big advantage. Being in the agonizing expectation of a shot in World of Tanks, tracking the tactical map Anno 1800 or at the sniper position of BattleField 1 with one click from your smartphone, you can make the video card quieter so as not to distract from what is happening on the screen, faster – thanks to overclocking, or colder: depends on specific scenario, for which the manufacturer has provided four profiles for personal settings.

To summarize, Xtreme Tuner Tuner is a great alternative to MSI Afterburner with a unique design and functionality that is fully realized on GALAX / KFA2 GPUs with better support and compatibility.