World Record For The Longest Arms And Legs

World Record For The Longest Arms And Legs

Cairo: Egyptian siblings Huda Shahata and Mohammed Shahata have set five world records in the world, including the longest arms and legs, which has also been confirmed by the Guinness World Records.

According to reports, the total height of the two siblings is 13 feet 7 inches, which is almost the same as a double decker bus.

Muhammad Shehata, 34, has a left hand (palm and fingers) length of 12.32 inches, while the total spread of his arms has been found to be 8 feet 2.5 inches (including the width of his chest).


On this basis, Muhammad Shehata has been awarded two world records for “Largest Male Hand” and “Longest Male Arms”, respectively.

On the other hand, Guinness World Records has confirmed that his sister, 30-year-old Huda Shehata, has qualified for three world records:

Her right foot is 1 foot 1.02 inches long which is the longest leg of any woman;
Her left hand (from palm to fingers) is 9.56 inches long, which is the longest hand of any woman. And
The total spread of her arms is 7 feet 8.4 inches which is the widest spread of arms in any woman.

The two siblings live with their mother on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Local doctors believe that their pituitary gland may have a non-cancerous tumor (benign tumor) that causes these glands to secrete large amounts of growth hormone. As a result, these siblings are much taller than others.

Huda Shehata told a Guinness World Record correspondent that by the age of 12, she and her brother were both normal children, but since then they have grown rapidly.

Although the two siblings have reached a mature age, they continue to grow in stature, which can be dangerous to their health and life.

Therefore, they need to be operated on as soon as possible to prevent abnormal release of growth hormones from the pituitary glands.