World Oldest Fitness Trainer

Japan's 90-year-old Woman Is The World's Oldest Fitness Trainer

Kyoto: Today, while the majority of young people are tired of physical exertion and even minor running, there are 90-year-old women in Japan who are as old as their stepfathers who regularly train others to stay active and healthy.

Takeshima Mika, also known as “Takemika”, celebrated her 90th birthday on January 15, 2021, when she started working as a fitness trainer at the age of 87.

Takimika’s story is a beacon especially for those who have aged themselves at any age.

In an interview with the Japanese website, Takimika said she was an ordinary housewife until the age of 65. As she got older, she gained a lot of weight and became fat.

Then one day her husband made fun of her weight and obesity; And it seemed to him that he decided to lose weight.

At first he started going to the gym regularly but losing weight at that age was not an easy task. Despite this, she persevered and lost five kilograms in five years. This was her first goal and she was very happy.

Going to the gym, Takimika began to enjoy a variety of exercises and physical exertion, and he continued to do so. However, now she is losing weight as well as focusing on her physical features.

“First I worked on thinning my waist, then I thought I should do exercises to widen my shoulders. Then came a time when I started doing aerobics exercises for others.

As time went on, Takimika joined the “Power Aging Gym” at the age of 79, which was created exclusively for the elderly.

After training for another eight years, Takimika became a full-fledged athlete, and her positive attitude encouraged other people who came to the gym.

In 2018, when Takimika turned 87, the owner and chief instructor of Power Aging Gym offered her a job as a gym instructor, which she accepted.

First, it was a challenge for me, then it became my routine,” Takimika said of her routine of exercising and staying fit. After that, it became my hobby and today it has become a part of my nature. ”

According to the website, Takimika goes to bed at 11 pm every night and wakes up just four hours later, at 3 am.

Then she does 4 km walk, 3 km jogging and 1 km ‘reverse walk’. It’s so late for breakfast and they have a balanced, healthy breakfast. After that, she does her usual housework and also does some light exercise.

During this time she sometimes watches TV but tries to keep her stomach and back straight.

She keeps her lunch light and pauses for a while to exercise. In the same way, she keeps her dinner balanced and healthy.

After dinner, she does the fitness exercises that her trainer told her to do. And working on the computer for a while before going to bed, she continues to try to improve her English language skills.

Takimika’s story has so far affected thousands of elderly people in Japan, about 80,000 of whom are over 100 years old.

“Now that I am 100 years old, I want to continue working as a fitness trainer, staying fit and healthy,” said Takimika.