Show Your Eyes To The Machine, Get Corrupt Currency In Return

Show Your Eyes To The Machine, Get Corrupt Currency In Return

Silicon Valley: An American startup company has announced that anyone who has their eye scanned by their company will be given a new cryptocurrency “World Coin” in return.

Not only this, with the help of eye scanners you will be given a small share in World Coin Company.

Sam Altman, founder of the World Coin Company and the cryptocurrency of the same name, says that scanning the eyes with a special machine will create a digital identity of the person in terms of security and personal matters that will be completely secure. That is, only this person will be able to use this identity.
Sam Altman is involved in blockchain technology in computer science, also known as the future of the Internet. All the world’s cryptocurrencies are created using the same technology.

Security of online data is the most important feature of blockchain technology. Those working on the technology say that with the help of blockchain, online data can be made so secure that no hacker can change it despite his best efforts.

Through his company, World Coin, Altman also wants to make everyone’s digital identity secure through blockchain technology so that no one can tamper with it.

For this purpose, they have decided to adopt the method of eye scanning, but persuading the public to do eye scanning is not an easy task. Therefore, as an “incentive”, they have announced to give World Coin cryptocurrency to those who have their eyes scanned.

It should be noted that the world coin cryptocurrency has not been formally launched yet but it is hoped that it will be available to the public very soon.

Despite Altman’s assurances for eye scanners, online privacy experts say that once a user’s data goes to a company, even in the form of an eye scan (iScan) If I don’t, then it’s almost impossible to guarantee its safety.

The possibility cannot be ruled out that once the eye scan is obtained, the company itself will secretly sell this information to another company and create new problems for the consumers.

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