This Woman’s Eyelids are 8 Inches Long

This Woman's Eyelids are 8 Inches Long

BEIJING: A Chinese woman’s beautiful and long eyelashes attract everyone’s attention. Now, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, some of her eyelids are up to 8 inches long, which she takes good care of.

The woman’s name is Yun Jianjia and she first set her own record in June 2016, when her average eyelash length was 4.88 inches. When she went to the doctors, after much deliberation, an unusual increase in her eyelids was noticed, but the doctors, despite a lot of research, are unable to explain the reason.

“I first noticed in 2015 that my eyelids were growing. Although their growth was slow, they grew longer and longer. I asked several doctors the reason for this extraordinary increase and they could not give a satisfactory answer, ‘Yu told Guinness Book of World Records officials.

According to doctors, they have also tried to find out the genetic cause, but there is no one in his family who has such large eyelids, so the question of hereditary medical factors does not arise. When the eyelid above his upper eye was measured, it turned out to be 8 inches long and thus he has won the Guinness Book of World Records.