Wireless gaming mice or ordinary – which is better

Every year the controversy around this issue flares up more and more. If a few years ago wireless mice could hardly be considered a serious competitor for wired models, now the situation has changed. What are their differences and which option is better to choose – more on that later.

Gradually, the line between these two types of devices is getting thinner. You can verify this by reading the article on comparing wired and wireless peripherals . The reason is the improvement of products by developers, the introduction of new solutions and technologies.

Separately, it is worth highlighting hybrid mice , in which several types of connection are involved at once. Thus, the user himself can choose what he needs and how it is more convenient to manage. In other cases, you will have to choose between a wired and a wireless mouse, and to make it easier, we list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device according to the main criteria.

Mouse delay
This refers to the time difference between pressing a button or moving a pointing device before receiving a signal on the computer and the stability of that signal. A priori, wired mice are faster, guaranteeing high speed and reliability even in the hottest gaming battles. For the comparison to be correct, it is worth mentioning the existence of models for office and games. You can read more about the differences between them in this article .

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A conventional wireless mouse, admittedly, works slower, which leads to sharp jerks and reduces control accuracy. This could be due to latency and noise. Wireless gaming mice are another matter. They implement technologies to improve accuracy, and modern data transfer protocols ensure good responsiveness and accuracy.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse Accuracy and Latency Test Wirelessly

Looking at mouse lag, it’s worth pointing out that PC performance is far more important in precision and responsiveness. If the computer does not “pull” the game or resource-intensive application, then this may affect the smoothness of the cursor movement. The characteristics of the installed switches and sensor contribute. Here you can add resistance to the movement of the working surface – the mouse pad .

Given this, it can be stated that under certain conditions, some wireless gaming mice can be even more responsive than their wired counterparts. Confirmation of this can be found in comparative tests of wired and wireless mice .

Everything is very simple here: the cable restricts the user’s movement. Moreover, it can greatly interfere with the control, because even minimal obstacles in difficult game episodes can cause a loss.

Manufacturers of wired manipulators produce models with a cable length of 1.8 m, less often – 2 m. It would seem that this should be enough to connect a mouse to a PC and reach with it to any edge of the tabletop of a computer table. What is in practice?

This can be achieved if the wire lies on the table with a margin. When this headroom is at the computer desk, the cable rubs against the table top while playing, and the user has to manually tighten the cable to ensure uniform resistance to movement across the entire surface of the mouse pad. And cables tend to get tangled.

Sweeping movements of the wired mouse across the computer desk can lead to:

damage to the cable;
decrease in the accuracy of movements;
decrease in control comfort.
It also happens that the mouse wire can catch on some object or get into the gap under the table. It is unlikely that you will succeed in tearing the cable with one sharp movement, but it will not be difficult to damage it. Especially if there is a bend. Even slight damage can lead to increased latency. Some players get so excited that sharp movements of the mouse damage the connection connector on the motherboard or in the manipulator itself.

If the system unit and the space behind it are not closed, as it can be in offices, then the wire can be stepped on or caught.

Another common scenario is damage to the cable by pets or children.

What solution did the developers find?
A fabric braid (ideally a paracord ), which is flexible and lightweight, provides good protection against abrasion . The problem of friction of the cable on the tabletop is partially solved, or rather, the consequences of this.

The alternative is a detachable cable that can be easily replaced if damaged without buying a new mouse.

In the models of the upper price segment, an elastic paracord cable is used, the presence of which is practically not felt when moving the mouse. If caught, this material reduces the chance of damage to the cable or connection points. Accuracy and comfort of control increase significantly. Of course, peripheral manufacturers continue to experiment with elastic materials, but paracord is still the most popular option.

Hooks are the most dangerous and insidious enemy of the owner of a wired mouse. To solve this problem, cable clips and cable guides have been proposed that can be installed on the table top and under the table. You can, of course, use electrical tape or tape to secure the wire to the table, but this is not a durable mount that can come loose over time.

An alternative is mouse pads with an installed cable holder. A useful and important option for gamers.

As you can see, any problem has solutions, but all this requires additional investment or it means time to create additional devices.

No wires – no problem
The wireless mouse has no wire, which means: it is devoid of all of the above disadvantages. Such a device is comfortable to use even outside the computer desk, which is also an important factor. For example, if you have a desire to play on TV or change the environment, and work outside the home. You can also play on the TV with a wired mouse, but for this you need to buy an extension cable for displaying the image, and the system unit must be installed near you.Wireless mouse A4Tech Bloody RT7 Warrior black

Wireless mouse A4Tech Bloody R8 SKULL black
Wireless mouse Razer Atheris – Stormtrooper Ed. White

The absence of a wire ensures good mobility. A wireless mouse is much more convenient when connected to a laptop . You can take it with you on the road, work and play outside the home. A wired connection is impractical in this case, and will bring more inconvenience than pleasant experience.

Power supply
Wired mice are powered by a cable from a computer. They do not need to be charged, the battery will not run out during the game, the latency will not increase when the battery is low or in power saving mode. Cabled power transmission allows you to use the full functionality and power of the backlight without worrying about the device’s autonomy being affected.

As far as wireless models are concerned, the power supply in them is the main drawback. You need to constantly monitor the charge level so that the game does not interrupt at the most interesting place. A variety of solutions are used for power supply: disposable batteries, removable batteries of various formats or built-in power supplies. If standard batteries can be bought in reserve at any store nearby, and quickly replaced if necessary, then in other cases you will have to wait until the battery is charged.

Most modern models of gaming-grade wireless devices have a charge indicator. This function can be operated via software by displaying a warning message on the monitor. Considering that the autonomy of most gaming models is limited to a few days, charge indication becomes a very important function.

Another interesting solution is the ability to charge the battery through the connector in the case to which the cable is connected. On some models, the user can even continue playing while charging. Convenient and practical, but at this time a wireless mouse is no different from a wired one. In order not to pull the wire from the system unit, you can take a mouse pad with a hub.

Wireless charging technology can be implemented in wireless gaming mice in the upper price range. To restore the charge, it is enough to place the device on the charging station. If universal wireless charging technology is supported, then instead of a dedicated docking station, you can use, for example, a mouse pad with built-in wireless charging or a wireless charger for smartphones.

About wireless
There are two main technologies by which wireless mice connect and work: radio channel and Bluetooth. The transmission is carried out at approximately the same frequencies – about 2.4 GHz, but the responsiveness of the manipulator can differ significantly. The reason is in the technology and the purpose of the devices.

Mouse wireless / wired ZET GAMING Prime Wireless white

Wireless gaming mice always come with a USB receiver, which must be inserted into the receiving device. Reliable communication is established between the receiver and the mouse with minimal response delay. In this case, complex encryption algorithms are not used. The power of the radio signal can be hundreds of meters, but device manufacturers deliberately reduce the range to 10-20 m. This is necessary to maintain a high operating speed, save the energy of the installed battery, and reduce interference in the space where other wireless devices are used. The polling rate is 125 Hz and above.

Bluetooth connectivity is intended to address compatibility issues. Smartphones, tablets and laptops often have their own module. By activating the special Bluetooth mode, the user can connect the mouse to any of the listed devices. In addition, there are universal USB Bluetooth receivers, similar to those used in devices operating over a radio channel.

Bluetooth also operates in the high frequency range of 2.4-2.4835 GHz. The polling rate is at 125 Hz. Due to the peculiarities of the technology and, in particular, the encryption methods, this type of connection is rarely found in game models. Bluetooth is used by many gadgets and devices, and encryption is necessary so that they do not interfere with each other. As a consequence: increasing latency and strong dependence on interference. Bluetooth connection in gaming mice looks more like an additional option that expands the list of connected devices.

Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices to one PC or laptop is a challenge. In this case, additional interference appears. The developers continue to improve the technology, so it looks very promising in the future.

Let’s summarize
A wired mouse is still the best choice when maximum responsiveness, accuracy and performance are important. At the same time, the price is an important factor – such models, as a rule, are cheaper and can be more functional than wireless ones. The user does not need to monitor the charge level and can use all the functionality of the device.