Wind Catcher Grid Technology

Wind Catcher Grid Technology

Oslo: A private Norwegian company has invented a wind power system that will produce five times more electricity annually than existing wind turbines.

A company called “Wind Catcher Systems” has also introduced the technology of the same name, which consists of a giant net floating in the sea.

The height of the lattice is more than 1000 meters while the first design has about 120 light petals of small size installed all around. Upcoming designs of windcatcher systems will be able to be installed on land as well as on solid platforms at sea.

According to the company, these tiny wind catcher petals provide twice as much area as the world’s largest wind turbine as a whole, allowing (on an annual basis) up to 500% more than a wind catcher system to wind turbines. More electricity can be generated.

Simply put, a single wind catcher system can generate enough electricity for 80,000 homes in Europe.

Due to the small and different directions of the petals, the wind catcher can generate electricity even when the wind speed is very low.

Wind Catcher Systems also says that due to the small size of the system, it is very easy to build and will generate electricity efficiently for about 50 years after installation.