Why vertical video is trending

Vertical video is a phenomenon of our time. Today, not only amateur stories are shot in this format, but also quite professional commercials and even films. Recently it became known that Timur Bekmambetov will shoot a full-length tape in a vertical format. Let’s figure out why vertical video is conquering the world, as well as learn about the advantages of this format and find out the fate of traditional horizontal video. Go!

Where did vertical video come from, and why did it win?
Vertical video came into our life far from overnight. The popularity of this format is due to the merit of social networks, especially Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. It was this trio that encouraged users in every possible way to create vertical format videos. The merits of the Chinese social network TikTok can also be noted. This platform has become the fastest growing video hosting service supporting vertical video.6.1 “Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 128 GB black 54 999 *
Other major market players initially denied the vertical format, but later almost everyone realized its potential. Even YouTube took vertical video as seriously as possible: now not only the application, but also the web version is adapted for it. In this regard, one cannot but recall IGTV, the Instagram service, which was originally planned as the “killer” of YouTube. And although IGTV never won, it, along with Instagram, became one of the main popularizers of vertical video, since it was created as a service for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Stories and social networks
A separate genre, thanks to which vertical video has ceased to be something unusual, is a story. The idea itself, according to which photos and videos are available for viewing only for 24 hours, became a unique find for its time. However, most of these stories are filmed vertically. This is convenient not only for the person who creates the content, but also for those who view the video.

We spend a huge amount of time on social networks, through which we follow the lives of other people. Some people scroll through the tape at such a speed that one can only wonder. Naturally, it would be extremely inconvenient to turn the smartphone over to a horizontal position every time to watch videos that come across in posts.







This is where all the genius of vertical videos is revealed – it’s simple and convenient. It was this factor that turned out to be decisive. Opinion leaders have repeatedly noted that the future lies in the story format. Despite all the virtues of traditional posting, it was this genre that revolutionized all social media.

The widespread use of social networks in general and stories in particular has allowed vertical video to emerge from a very narrow niche. Now it lives its own life and is less and less tied to social networks.

Why is vertical video being shot?
The advantages of vertical video are enough. These include the following points:

Some scenes look most advantageous in the vertical orientation of the frame;
Vertical video shifts focus directly to the subject;
Difficulties with taking a horizontal shot.
Every videographer knows about the shoals of the traditional horizontal frame: difficulties with framing scenes, the inability to fully cover vertically elongated objects, the unnaturalness of some complex scenes.

Even if you fit an elongated object into the frame, it can still look extremely “overloaded”, and this issue will not be solved by changing the optics. Solving the problem of photographing elongated objects is not difficult – just rotate the camera .

Until recently, it was much more difficult for videographers to shoot elongated objects. After vertical orientation became popular, there was a chance to capture a scene with all the features of the subject being filmed.

Benefits of vertical video
It is vertical video that will most fully convey a scene with vertical objects, for example, tall buildings or trees. The vertical format will breathe new life into the laws of frame construction, will allow directors to improvise, who were constrained by the frames of horizontal videos.6.4 “Samsung Galaxy M21 64GB Black Smartphone
Other advantages of the vertical format:

In vertical orientation, people are as realistic as possible. This is because we “read” the world in a vertical position (our vision is used to “clinging” to the top and bottom), although our vision is of a horizontal nature (the horizontal field of view is 190 ° – 200 °, while the vertical about 130 °);

The vertical format of the frame provides the best immersion in the scene, which compares favorably with the horizontal frame, when the viewer remains, as it were, away from the events;

The total number of smartphone users continues to increase every year. This is a whole army that is comfortable with shooting or viewing vertical video, because this format is the most natural for smartphones.
Vertical video has already been appreciated by advertising companies that are actively introducing it into their videos. Adidas has already excelled:

Many people remember Apple’s ad:

This impressive 4K mini-movie was shot by Panasonic Corporation:

What the future holds for vertical video
Horizontal video will be around for a very long time – don’t worry about that. However, for the convenience of viewing content in vertical orientation, manufacturers have already started producing vertical TVs .

The first on the market was The Sero from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. This is a full-fledged TV for fans of social networks, especially those who cannot imagine their life without regularly scrolling through the video feed. Samsung The Sero opens up completely new horizons for mobile content beyond smartphones.

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Horizontal orientation will certainly remain a priority in traditional cinematography, which has its own aesthetic. In addition, standard frame orientation will be the norm on television for a long time to come. Accordingly, such video will exist in all television projects, including advertisements, television series and films.

Why did vertical video prevail and become a massive phenomenon? It’s simple – it’s just a matter of convenience. More and more people use social networks every day. There are more and more videos in the feeds of social networks, and every time it is inconvenient to turn the device in your hands for shooting or viewing.

There are very interesting special studies, according to which, already in 2014, about 95% of users, when watching a video, held their smartphone vertically . This is the main reason for the unexpected takeoff of vertical video all over the world. But the full potential of vertical videos will not be fully revealed today or tomorrow. The future belongs to this format. Very soon, it will finally go beyond smartphones and become a part of our daily life.