Why do you need a freezer

Sometimes, even in the largest models of refrigerators, there is not enough free space, in particular, the freezer. You have to literally tamp the food so that everything you need fits. The solution to this problem is the freezer, which will be a great addition to any refrigerator. We will answer the question when it is really useful for you to buy this technique.

You need to store a lot of food
Budget models of refrigerators have a small freezer – on average, up to 100 liters. More expensive models offer freezers for 100-180 liters. But very often there is not enough freezer, especially if you have a large family and you like to shop for food for a week or a month in advance.

Buying a completely new refrigerator for the sake of the missing volume, which can cost 2-3 times more, is not always profitable. This is where the freezer comes to the rescue. Even the most budget models can provide from 60 to 100 liters of additional space, and thanks to its small dimensions, the cabinet is much easier to place in the kitchen or in an adjacent room. Inexpensive freezers can be bought for up to 20 thousand rubles.

Do you like to eat perishable food
If you often eat meat, fish or mushrooms, then you know very well that these foods are best stored in the freezer. The lower the temperature, the longer the products can be stored. For example, at a temperature of -19 ° C, the times for certain products are as follows:

Meat products and ice cream usually take up a lot of space, so the freezer will quickly become clogged. At the same time, it is impossible to put some of the products in a conventional refrigerator, since all of the above requires a negative storage temperature.

The freezer is ideal for this purpose, since its entire usable volume is able to maintain freezing temperatures. This way you can store all perishable food in the cupboard, freeing the fridge freezer for other needs.


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Do you like to make blanks
Many housewives often make various preparations for the winter, it can be vegetables, fruits, berries and more. In fact, you can freeze anything – there is a huge variety of recipes on the net, for example, frozen corn, bell peppers, and even frying for borscht. You can also prepare chicken or vegetable stock. Bakery products are perfectly preserved in the freezer – this is important if you are leaving for a few days, but do not want to throw out the bread.

Having discovered the possibilities of blanks, you will quickly encounter the problem of a lack of free space, especially if the refrigerator has a modest freezer. For example, many people use plastic containers to store broths and other products. Because of this, part of the usable volume remains unoccupied.

With a freezer, you can fully make almost any blanks for the winter without worrying about running out of storage space. The assortment allows you to buy cabinets with a volume of up to 300 liters – useful if you have a summer cottage and need to freeze large volumes of crops.

You are practicing shock freezing The blast chilling technology is different from the standard chilling procedure. The sharp drop in temperature allows you to maintain the chemical and structural integrity of the product, due to which, after thawing, the product looks almost unchanged. In particular, the taste, consistency and, most importantly, the vitamin composition are preserved. Also, this technology increases the shelf life, since the development of various pathogenic bacteria stops in the first minutes.

Blast freezing is a great way to preserve all the beneficial properties of foods, especially if you are aiming for a healthy diet. Freezers often have a super-freeze function, which allows the temperature to drop dramatically.

For fishermen, hunters, mushroom pickers and farmers
When fruits, vegetables or meat are harvested in large quantities, the most spacious refrigerator with a large freezer is not enough. Even in a small dacha, the harvest can be up to several sonnets of kilograms – apples, pears, apricots, plums, and this is not counting vegetables from the garden. In this case, a 200-300 liter freezer may be required.

The same goes for hunters, especially if the interests are aimed at big game. After cutting, tens of kilograms of perishable meat will turn out, so a freezer, unlike a refrigerator, will be a real necessity. This technique will come in handy and mushroom pickers. For example, on average, one trip can collect up to 30 kilograms of mushrooms, which will also have to be stored somewhere.

You can’t shop often
In large and small cities, residents can easily buy almost any food by going to the nearest store or supermarket. That is why there is simply no point in making large stocks in refrigerators. However, this does not apply to dwellings that are far from civilization, for example, if it is a country house or summer cottage.

The nearest shops can be tens of kilometers away, so it is better to buy all the products in one go.

Here the volume of the refrigerator and freezer will be decisive – the more space available, the less often you will have to go shopping. As it turns out, many foods can only be stored in the freezer for extended periods. If you do not want to limit yourself, it is better to buy a freezer that will fit everything you need. In the best case, you don’t have to go to the store for up to a month.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the energy efficiency class (electricity consumption in W / h for each class) – many country houses use an autonomous power supply based on a generator or even solar panels.

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You are often and unexpectedly sent on business trips
It happens that you urgently need to leave for work for a few days, and the refrigerator is full of food. Naturally, you will try to put as much as possible in the freezer so that the food does not go to waste – the task turns into a real Tetris. The freezer will allow you not to think about it. You just have to put all the food in the cabinet and not worry that they will disappear in a few days. At a temperature of -19 degrees, even the most perishable products can be stored for up to several months.

The freezer is a useful and inexpensive addition to even refrigerators with a freezer capacity of 100–150 liters. With its help, you can both make long-term preparations and temporarily store large amounts of perishable food.