Who is the most important person in Salman Khan’s life?

Mumbai: Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan has told about the longest single relationship of his life.

After the end of the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss OTT, now season 15 of Bigg Boss is starting which will be hosted by Salomian as usual. Not with Bigg Boss and Salman Khan now but Salomian has been hosting Bigg Boss for the last 11 seasons. That is why Salman Khan’s relationship with this show is very unique.

During a recent press conference, Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan spoke about his relationship with the Bigg Boss show and how close the show is to his heart. “Big Boss is the only relationship in my life that has lasted so long,” Salomian said. Otherwise my relationship … Let’s go My relationship with Bigg Boss has become a permanent part of my life.
When Salomian was asked about the similarities between him and Bigg Boss, he said that we are both “single” and that is why we both consider ourselves “Boss” without any fear or interference. can.

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During the press conference, Salman Khan told about his big boss’s salary. I keep telling the show management that I work hard so they should consider raising my salary but no one listens to me. I pray to God that a time will come when the channel will tell me Salman we will increase your salary and I will tell them not to go. Laughing, Salman told reporters, “Do you really think that can happen?”

Talking about the new season of Bigg Boss, Salu Mian said that this season is going to be very interesting as this time Bigg Boss has increased the difficulties for the people participating in the show.

When Salu Mian was asked why do you do this show every year? So Brother John replied, “I like this show.” This show challenges my patience. Every time my patience runs out I feel like I shouldn’t have done it and then I try hard to control myself.

It should be noted that Bigg Boss Season 15 is starting from October 2 next month. Salman Khan will get Rs 350 crore for 14 weeks to host the show this time. That is, they will be compensated Rs 250 million every week. Remember that Salman Khan hosts Bigg Boss show two days a week.



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