White Hair Causes Stress, But It Can Also Be Prevented

White Hair Causes Stress, But It Can Also Be Prevented

New York: Science has now shown that stress can speed up the process of graying hair, but the good news is that reducing stress can prevent premature hair growth.

For the first time, experts from Columbia University’s Vega Los College of Physicians and Surgeons have presented a large amount of evidence linking psychological stress and gray hair. But scientists were surprised to learn that as soon as the stress subsided, the hair ink returned.

The study, published in the June 22 issue of the research journal E-Life, dispels the notion that hair that has turned white from stress cannot turn black again. The study was conducted by Columbia University psychologist Martin Packard and colleagues. “There is new evidence that old white or brown hair can be rejuvenated to the level of ‘young’ pigment, which will help to remove gray hair and understand stress.”
This study shows that human aging is not an irreversible or static biological process, but can be prevented or reversed temporarily. When the hair follicle is under the skin, stress hormones affect it and this process becomes permanent and only white hairs appear.

To further understand this, the scientists involved in the research, Elliott Rosenberg, have made horizontal and vertical pieces of hair called slicing. After a detailed study of these pieces, the process of their whiteness has been noted. Note that the length of each piece was equal to one twentieth of a millimeter, that is, one hair in a cube grows on average. Thus, a total of 14 volunteers’ hair was collected and they were also asked about mental stress. Each volunteer was also asked to measure the stress rate on different scales during the day and week and record them in a diary.

During this time, it was revealed that some people’s white hair had returned to its original color, and when compared to the stress diary, it was found that they were suffering from low levels of stress during this period. In addition, there were five volunteers who were on vacation and resting. As the tension subsided, the hairs on his head turned out to be the original color, not white.