Which computer to choose for trading

Gone are the days of getting up early in the morning and going to make deals on Walt Street. Many, as it was then believed, was a time of endless possibilities. And now, more than half a century later, these greatest opportunities were found not for individual traders, but for all the inhabitants of the planet connected to the Internet.

What is Trading?

Trading in simple words means the work of a trader, a person who concludes deals through dealing centers, brokers, banks. He, like all people working officially under the state system, has a five-day work week with two full days off (Saturday and Sunday).

To become a trader, the most ordinary person needs a computer (laptop, smartphone) and Internet access. As I said earlier, gone are the days when you had to go somewhere to open an order (deal). Now everything is much easier: you get out of bed, turn on your PC and enter the trading terminal. Everything, your workplace is ready! Yes, and a cup of coffee is a must!

Why a PC and not a laptop?

If a person has already decided for himself that he wants to become a trader, then the first thing he will face is what type of technique to choose for trading. And we have it, oh, how diverse: smartphones, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, PCs.

And in order to dispel all those myths that it is even convenient to trade on Forex and from a smartphone, then, dear friends, I will only say one thing to this: “Have you decided to start trading professionally?” If yes, drop tablets and smartphones from the trade, the pros work on good equipment with a large screen. Even when it comes to investment. Analyzing the situation, calculating possible losses and so on cannot be solved with a 6.53-inch screen.

As for laptops, everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. Trading currencies and metals will take you 5 days a week , giving you two days of rest. Plus you will want to take yourself a vacation for, say, 2 weeks. And so that you do not have the temptation to work on legal vacation and on weekends anywhere in the world, you need to have a stationary computer, since you can take a laptop at any time. Home PC will give you a full rest!

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Minimum PC requirements for trading

In order to choose a PC for trading on exchanges, you need to talk a little about the requirements of trading platforms that brokers and dealing centers provide. The most famous are MT4 and MT5 . For them it is necessary:

Windows 7 or higher
Intel Celeron processor 1.7 GHz or faster
RAM from 256 MB
Disk capacity from 50 MB to 150 MB
To be honest, the requirements are very weak, but it should be borne in mind that only the minimum characteristics are listed. At the moment, there are low-cost PCs that more than cover these requirements. See examples below.
13In stores: in 33 stores
Also, do not forget that many companies offer other trading platforms with a set of sophisticated functions. Take Dukascopy’s JForex3 for example . This site has its own minimum requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
Intel Celeron processor 1.7 GHz or faster
RAM from 1 GB
Disk capacity from 100 MB
Java language support
As you can see from the characteristics above, you will need more powerful system blocks to trade on JForex3. Examples of some of them are listed below.

PC DEXP Atlas H313

Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 PC 07IMB05 [90NB004WRS]

The choice of monitor and their number

The choice of a monitor is also a serious task in order to start working as a trader. The most optimal monitor diagonal starts at 26 inches . You can, of course, consider the options a little lower, but do not forget that you will have to work in the terminal, where, in addition to the main schedule, there is a lot of other information.

You need to choose a monitor so that you don’t squint later!

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27 “Monitor Acer EH273bix black

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As for the number of screens for comfortable trading, this item is the only one where the choice of the trader himself remains. It all depends on the number of currency pairs, metals, securities, which you will trade. And also, with how many dealing centers and banks you will work with.

Protection of software, your data

Trading on the stock exchange itself already implies financial manipulations, which scammers also pay attention to. To protect yourself from intruders, you need to have sufficient protection for your computer and data.

In addition to the most obvious protection methods, such as disabling autosave passwords in the browser, blocking ads and entering bank card data only on sites with SSL technology, there is also a competent antivirus, thanks to which your computer will remain in a reliable state. And this is Kaspersky Internet Security.