Where there is no respect, there is no love, says Sushmita Sen

India’s first Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen says that where there is no respect, there is no meaning of love, I always put respect above love.

Sushmita Sen is often seen impressing fans with her precious words. The actress prefers to stay connected with her fans through live sessions on Instagram. In her recent Instagram live session, Sushmita Sen answered the questions of the fans.

When asked what the word ‘honor’ means to her, the actress gave a meaningful answer.
Sushmita Sen said that in my opinion, honor is above everything, I put honor above love. Instead of commenting on the unrealistic love shown in books and movies, the actress presented her point of view.

It should be noted that this statement of Sushmita Sen came to light after her separation from her boyfriend Rohman Shawl.

In the live session, the actress said that where there is no respect, love has no meaning, love comes and goes, but if respect is maintained, then there is another opportunity to express love.

Dozens of questions were asked by fans on the actress’ live session. Baz asked how she keeps herself motivated all the time.

Sushmita Sen said that the reason for this is to listen to inspiring personalities and watch documentaries on real life of people, to know the stories of simple people who did extraordinary or amazing things despite opposition, when my When motivation starts to wane, I listen to people who change me.

It is to be noted that recently Sushmita Sen has vaguely confirmed this by reacting to the news of separation from her boyfriend Rohman Shawl.

The actress shared her photo with Rohman Shawl on Instagram post and wrote, “We were friends before and we are still friends. The long standing relationship between Rohman and me is over but the love is still there.