When will our priorities change?

He was looking for bulletins from Sky News, ABC News, Euronews, Bloomberg News and other Western news channels in search of important news and footage. I noticed that the bulletins of almost all the news channels had one thing in common.

All bulletins start with news related to sports, entertainment, festivals, weather or technologies. Somewhere in the news of football, there was an interview with the famous Hollywood star Benny Duct Cumberbatch who played the famous role of Dr. Strange in Marvel Movies (Benny Duct, talking about the modern equipment used in shooting and post production) Were doing, not wishing another artist a happy birthday). One bulletin featured news of the Literary Festival and the weather, while another featured the production of 3D ‘virtual models’ of ancient animals for the Metavers. To be clear, I’m talking about the beginning of the bulletin, not the middle or the end.

I wondered if our news would ever start with such headlines or if we would always be involved in politics, government, power, opposition, crime and social issues. Even if we ever report on sports, it feels like news of politics, for example, ‘Javed Miandad, PCB chairman was fired, demanded his immediate resignation’. In the name of entertainment, we have only children of Bollywood actresses to show, because only our media remembers their birthdays. Festivals and weather news we give as fillers that if there is no warmth on the political front then let’s go festivals and weather. And for technologies, we have never hired a reporter to date, so how about that? Because what do we have to do with science and technology? We are a spectator nation. We don’t have time to watch the dramas of politicians with great enthusiasm on a daily basis. We are political They are happy to watch dramas. Interestingly, education, health, sports (other than cricket), weather or any one of the beats, the media and the nation as a whole do not matter to us. Our whole focus is politics and government.

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A few days ago I read some sports news which was published in almost all major print and online newspapers of the country. The news was something like ‘Pakistan won the World Snooker Championship’ and ‘Your Tasker Football Championship promoted the game of football in the Twin Cities’. The purpose of sharing this news is that we wish our trend would not only deviate from the things that are for Pakistan or Pakistanis or are famous in them, but our trend and our thinking should be according to the need of the time. For this we need to look at the developed countries and nations and learn from them, then we can make progress.

Samarkand, Bukhara, Baghdad and Cairo were the source of modern knowledge in the world at that time. Students and scholars from western countries were found here at that time and they came here and acquired these knowledge and went ahead of us. The emphasis is still on the old works of Muslim scientists. We need to embrace new technologies, education, health, cricket, other sports like football, etc. and also entertainment in the true sense of the word, because these are the things that will enable you to stand in the ranks of developed countries. Otherwise, they will remain entangled in the politics and carnage of the country.

Now the possibility of lifting FIFA’s ban on football in Pakistan has become clear. Pakistan should take full advantage of this opportunity and bring international footballers to Pakistan in the style of PSL so that Pakistan too can be known in the world in terms of football. There are more football fans in the world than cricket. Cricket has 2 billion fans and football has 3.5 billion. Learn something from India. India has its foot in every international thing that is sold in the world, even if India has nothing to do with it, yet it is only for the marketing of its country in modern trends, sports, movies and other things. He enters only to make a name for himself, but we don’t.

If we look at the above two news items, it becomes clear that there is no shortage of potential in Pakistan but only these things need to be addressed at the government level. Ahsan Ramzan, 16, of Pakistan defeated his compatriot and defending champion Muhammad Asif in the semi-finals of the World Snooker Championship in Doha, Qatar. Is it possible that both the champion and the defending champion are Pakistani? Similarly, in the details of the above mentioned news, football teams were formed in the style of PSL, some of which are: Digital Squad, Jhelum Stallion, Pindi Badshah, New Yorkers, Black Panthers, The Markhor, Your Tasker Hawks and Your Tasker United. Can’t we promote the game of football in Pakistan by inviting international footballers to our country in the style of PSL with such names? Probably not, because matters of politics, government, power and opposition are more important to us.