When should you consider buying a snow blower?

Winter is not only New Year’s holidays, but also a lot of problems that regular snowfalls cause. Precipitation is especially troublesome for residents of private and country houses: they regularly have to clear yards and roads to their homes. Fortunately, even clearing snow piles can be simplified with help from snow blowers. Who will really need this technique, we will tell you in this material.

Snow blower: pros and cons of buying
A snow blower is a small, usually two-wheeled vehicle, comparable in size to a motorized cultivator. The element for collecting snow is called a screw mechanism. It is driven by a motor, after which the collected snow is directed to the outlet chute. The device can be easily operated by one person.

Some models have small tracks instead of wheels, which significantly increases the level of cross-country ability. However, they require certain skills from the operator – and are more expensive.

The snow blower motor can be electric or gasoline. Electric models are usually the most compact and cheapest, but their performance is not the highest. The working area is usually limited by the length of the power cord. Massive and powerful snow blowers are usually powered by a gasoline engine. They can handle really large amounts of snow.

Snow removal equipment has a number of advantages.

Performance . Perhaps the main argument is for. You no longer have to hunch over snow clearing with a shovel. With such a unit, you will cope with cleaning 2-4 times faster – especially when it comes to large volumes of work.

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Ease of management. You don’t need to take any special courses or be an engineer to master a snow blower. Management is as simple and straightforward as possible.
Relative ease of maintenance. The construction of snow blowers is quite simple. Most repair operations can be carried out in a garage environment. The main thing is to monitor the engine and carry out the necessary preventive measures in time.
Big choice. In stores today, you can choose from dozens of devices of various capacities in several price categories. The buyer can easily find equipment for any working conditions.
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It would seem that with such advantages, almost every home should have a snow blower. However, in contrast to these advantages, there are several disadvantages that a potential buyer needs to study.

Price . The cost of a snow blower is the reason that stops most people. The price tag starts at 30 thousand rubles, and for high-performance models you will have to pay 100-200 thousand. In some cases, such an acquisition simply does not pay off.

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Maintenance costs. It is difficult to remove snow with a shovel, but it does not require additional costs. Using a snow blower is associated with expenses – electricity or gasoline, buying lubricants, purchasing spare parts in the event of a breakdown. Do not forget about regular tire changes every 1-2 seasons. In addition, you will need personal time to service the equipment.

Dimensions . The bucket width ranges from 40 centimeters to one meter. Do not forget also about the height of the unit. You will have to set aside a small area in your garage or other utility room to place your snow blower. In this case, the “parking lot” of the unit must be warm and dry.

Traces . In the spring, some summer residents may find ugly footprints left over from the work of a snow blower. If you have beautiful tiles or special treadmills in your yard, you need to be very careful.

When is a snow blower indispensable?
When does buying a snow blower really make life easier? First of all, such a unit will come in handy for residents of very snowy areas. This is the first and most important condition. Now the climate is changing, and winters in many regions are becoming milder. If you have to use a snow blower a maximum of 1-2 times throughout the winter, the purchase is unlikely to be relevant.

A snow blower can be a very useful purchase if your home or garage is far from the main road. Car owners know what it is like to clear the path from the garage to the road almost every morning. If it snows frequently, you have to expend energy every day. This takes at least 20-30 minutes. With a snow blower, the problem will be solved quickly and with a minimum of effort.

The purchase will pay off if you have a large adjoining territory that is physically impossible to clean on your own. This is true not only for the private sector, but also for country, country houses. If you cannot clear all the important paths on the territory of the house alone, you should think about buying equipment. Inexpensive electric snow blowers may well be suitable here: you can easily provide access to power on the territory of the house. However, the height of the snow cover must also be taken into account. An electric snow blower may not be able to handle large volumes of snow.

A general recommendation is to take a closer look at the snow blower if the area for cleaning has an area of ​​more than 50 m 2 .

The snow blower is relevant even in cases where the garage is in a co-op, but here a lot depends on the specific location. It is more difficult to maneuver in confined spaces. In addition, you will have to look for where to take the removed snow.

When you can do without a snow blower:

You only need to clear the footpath to the entrance. This is usually much easier to do with a shovel or scraper.
You will have to clear an uneven area. Small stones, protruding tree roots, rubble and the like will regularly fall into the auger. This threatens not only a loss of time, but also a breakdown of the unit.
You have limited maneuvering space. The easiest way to control a snow blower is to move it in a straight line as often as possible. In addition, you will have to figure out where to throw the snow, and preferably not in the yard to your neighbors.

We have discussed how to choose a snow blower in more detail in a separate article . If you make a brief squeeze, then first of all you need to determine the amount of work, and only then select the technique according to the parameters.

For example, electric models are more often suitable for cleaning house paths from a small layer of snow. For clearing garage driveways and large areas, it is worth looking for powerful gasoline models. You should also pay attention to additional design features. Some models have special snow breakers that are useful for clearing snow drifts.

If you intend to regularly work with equipment, you should pay attention to the gearbox. A thin layer of snow can be removed faster at high speed. Some snow blowers are equipped with cornering assistance, headlights and an adjustable snow throw.