Whatsapp Videos And Photos Will Automatically Disappear

Whatsapp Videos And Photos Will Automatically Disappear

Silicon and Eli: Watts app was announced to introduce a very useful feature that was released last month and now your messages more secure ayndruyyd users wishing for a feature.

According to technology website WABTA Info , WhatsApp last month announced the introduction of a feature called ‘View Once’, which allows images and videos to be sent only once. Can be viewed and the photo or video will automatically disappear as soon as you view it.

WhatsApp has started enabling this feature in Android phones from today. Is this feature enabled in WhatsApp account or not? It’s also very easy to find out.
It should be noted that the feature of “Disappearing Messages” is similar to the one that was introduced in WhatsApp a few months ago. Messages sent to an individual user or in a WhatsApp group using this feature automatically disappear after one week. “View Once” can be said to be a better version of this feature.

First check if the ‘view once’ button appears when sharing photos and videos. When you send photos or videos using view once, they will only be viewed once.

You will receive a notification as soon as the recipient opens these photos and videos.

Once opened, this media will automatically disappear. If this feature is not yet enabled in your account, then it will be enabled in the new update.

Before sharing photos and videos with view once, it is important to keep the following in mind .

If you disable read receipts , the recipient will still be aware of the viewing of the media sent via view once, but you may not know if the recipient has viewed your photos and videos. See if other members of the group have viewed the expired photos.
The recipient can save sent photos and videos via screenshot and video capture (video recording applications), and WhatsApp will not notify you because this feature allows you to identify screenshots. No qualifications.
View once allows you to share photos and videos in groups, and go to Message Info to see which group members have opened them. While blocked people in the group may not be able to message or call you, they can view your photos and videos.
If you send images using view once to someone who does not have this feature enabled, your images will still disappear once opened.