Whatsapp Upcomming Feature


Silicon and Eli: WhatsApp will update Google introduced new beta play a unique and useful feature for use under the program will be included in the new version . users.

According to WABeta Info, a website that monitors changes in WhatsApp, a key feature will be included in the new update of WhatsApp , which is confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg and There are also some screenshots published for iOS after Keith Cart’s confirmation.

WhatsApp is now working on disappearing mode for chats and groups. This feature is still under development. The ‘Disappearing Mode’ feature in the new privacy settings is currently available for the beta tester and will be included for future users in future updates to the WhatsApp. This new feature will automatically convert new chats into temporary (disappearing after a certain period of time) chats.

Note that WhatsApp already has the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature but it has to be enabled / disabled separately for each individual or group chat. The same feature will be automatically applied to the entire WhatsApp in Disappearing mode.

However, when you turn on disabling mode, you will always be notified when chats start with new people.