What to present for the new year

Finding a New Year’s gift is another headache. I don’t want to give something unnecessary, but I don’t come up with something useful. This article contains only the most needed gifts and popular techniques. We’ve come up with options for different budgets and different occasions. You just have to choose what you like best.

For the most important people
We usually choose something impressive and serious for our loved ones. Here, as a rule, the budget is wider, and the importance of the gift is greater. Therefore, we choose from the “big” things.

Smartphone – it would seem corny, but new mobile technology always comes in handy. A more modern camera, stylish body and a clean, brand new screen. If you don’t want to bother looking for a gift and doubt whether you like it or not, take your smartphone. Your addressee will certainly use it.

TV is an impressive gift. Moreover, the new TV will be appreciated not only by those who like to click through the channels and watch the news. Modern TVs are full-fledged media centers. In models with a Smart-system, you can connect to the Internet and find the latest episodes of your favorite TV series, quickly choose a movie for the evening or cartoons for your child. You can connect a game console or PC to the TV and hack into the game with maximum immersion: a huge image, bright colors – new sensations for gamers. The main thing is to clearly determine the size and carefully profit from the addressee which diagonal is best for him.

By the way, a game console for a gamer is not a commonplace, but the best concern! Moreover, with the recent release of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, which are now a tidbit for any gamer.
















Microsoft Xbox Series S game console
And if your gamer has already managed to grab a new pre-order console, then there are always PC components in the arsenal. If the budget is infinite, an RTX 3080 graphics card donated for the New Year will automatically elevate you to the rank of the best people. If, of course, you can get it.

If you can’t buy either a new set-top box or a legendary video card, you can please with a monitor. Very often, a monitor is bought literally “for delivery”, and its update is always postponed until later. Therefore, perhaps it is you who will be able to solve this endless story by finally presenting a good, large monitor with an IPS matrix and minimal response time for a quality game.

The camera is ideal for creative and active people. Travelers, crafters, enthusiastic people with an artistic taste will definitely appreciate such a gift. Moreover, a good camera, like its accessories, is a serious purchase. You can find out in advance what your addressee has more soul for: DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Just in case, let’s add: both options are good, but mirrorless is a more modern option. You can read more about this here .

An alternative to a camera is an action camera. With her, emotions on trips will be remembered in a new way. And the action camera is also good for athletes, bike lovers, motorcycle lovers, extreme sports. For example, here we wrote how you can use an action camera in an interesting way. Show this article on hand and your gift will not go idle.

If you are not ready to shell out an impressive amount for a gift, but you want it to be exactly to your addressee’s heart – there are budget things, but no less useful.

Headphones are as obvious and versatile as a smartphone, but it’s still easier to buy them. There are definitely not many headphones: they are constantly lost, broken or forgotten somewhere. For those who are always on the move – current TWS models, for gamers – impressive gaming headsets with a microphone for cooperative battles.

Let’s add a little more to the gamers’ piggy bank. There is no perfection in PC upgrades! Therefore, to buy a coveted piece of hardware for a computer genius – plus a hundred points to care. It is difficult to advise something specific. But to find out what your addressee wants to upgrade his computer with is easy: just ask him about it somehow, and he will gladly tell you everything himself. All that remains is to take notes and buy on time. And if you’re afraid to fly, a nimble gaming mouse or brand new large rug is a versatile alternative.

Mouse wireless / wired ZET GAMING Edge Air Elit with add. panels black 3 299 *
The e-book will probably never go out of style. At the same time, even those who like to skip an hour or two after a novel often prefer to read on a smartphone. The second “camp” believes that it is convenient to flip through books on a tablet. See for yourself which category your addressee is from – we have prepared both options.

For the most practical
There is a category of people who prefer only super-useful things. As a rule, they already have a TV set and all other important, large equipment. Therefore, here we will be more tactical.

A humidifier is not only a very useful thing, but also seasonal. Just in winter, a humidifier is needed more than ever, both for city dwellers and residents of country houses. We don’t often think of this device, but it evens out the dry, winter microclimate and takes care of our well-being.

An air purifier is a super combo for those who live in the city, have pets or small children. And if you want a multifunctional device, there are climatic stations – they combine the capabilities of a humidifier and a purifier.

A construction tool for an economic person is like a new piece of iron for a computer technician. There is never a lot of him, but he is chosen very pickily. And let’s forget that the instrument is exclusively a man’s destiny. If there is a single girl among your friends, perhaps she has been going to buy a screwdriver for a long time, but does not know which one is better, and constantly postpones the purchase.

Drill driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic (600984000) 5 999 *
Kitchen appliances – also for all occasions. However, do not mindlessly buy everything. Not everyone likes to litter the kitchen with juicers, waffle makers and other small appliances that have nowhere to put. Choose an option according to your interests and needs. Your girlfriend has recently fallen in love with pastry – a kitchen machine or planetary mixer will help in a new hobby.

Your friend still doesn’t have a microwave, and he still warms food the old fashioned way? Among the microwave ovens there are quite budget working options, the purchase of which will not hit the budget, but it will be useful to the addressee.

Microwave oven BBK 20MWG-732T / BM black
If these gifts seem trivial to you, then our article with ideas for original New Year’s gifts will help you choose something more interesting. Holiday greetings!