What to Play on Nintendo Switch in 2021: A Selection of Free Games and More

Nintendo Switch is a phenomenon. Especially if you look at the prices of games.
Play Zelda for 30,000 rubles – that’s what they say about it. But the situation on the market is as follows, it is literally impossible to buy an Xbox or Playstation because of the shortage (apart from outbidding), but you still want to play. How to choose a game console?

Lacking the availability of the former, nearly all Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles have gone off the shelves like hot cakes. The Nintendo Switch entered the market in 2017 and seemed quite controversial at the start of sales, everyone remembered the company’s past consoles and was skeptical about the new one. Games were few and all seemed frivolous for hardcore gamers. And one of the worthwhile exclusives for players who had not contacted the company before was only The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But there are reasons to buy a console from Nintendo

console Nintendo Switch 32 GB Neon Red / Blu

The purchase of additional space will become almost mandatory. The official Nintendo online store is rich in discounts and games, and the regular 32 GB of memory is sorely lacking. The Witcher with all DLCs takes 28.7 GB. Samsung has established itself well in the Flash storage market.

The console is portable and it’s in the order of things to carry it to work, walk or visit, especially if friends are boring. To keep it in good condition, you cannot do without a cover and film. It is better not to save on the quality of accessories, because they literally protect your device from scratches or falling.

Better in a case and film than not in a case without a film. (c) Sage

Igor is no longer drowning
Apart from the games that every Nintendo Switch owner should have, let’s not forget the decent ports. Full version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with all DLCs! Yes, the price bites. Yes, the graphics leave much to be desired, but at the start there was generally laughter. However, this is the Witcher 3 portable. Fill a couple of drowners while riding the bus or Metro 2033: return. By the way, it is also in the portable. Although not Geralt, but Artyom, it is pleasant to bring down the same ghouls.

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Game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Full Edition (Switch)

Fus Ro Dah Dragonslayer Warriors! The complete version of an unforgettable RPG with a huge world and the same great price, but also pleasant memories.

The cost of games and their physical availability is the main disadvantage of the console. It is not so popular in Russia, so you have to search for some games (yes, almost all) on physical media.

With a console cost of 22,999 rubles. (as of 03/09/2021 in CSN) for Switch and 16499 rubles. (as of 03/09/2021 in CSN) for Lite, the price of games in 2000-4000 rubles seems unreasonably expensive. A third of the console’s cost per game? On PS5, the cost is the same, only there are graphics, new projects, exclusives, but what about the switch? Replay value. For example, Animal Crossing can mercilessly eat up your time, 150 played hours is not the limit. What can we say about Zelda, The Witcher, Dark Souls: remastered and other equally popular games.

Nintendo Switch stick drift

The problem is clearly there, said the president of the company Shuntaro Furukawa.

We apologize for any inconvenience this Joy-Con has caused to users of our products. We continue to improve them, but now that the Joykons are the subject of a lawsuit filed against us in the United States, we cannot talk about the measures that we can take on this issue.

It is important to note here that not everyone has a problem and depends on the style of play. If you wish, you can also break the metal pipe. Drift is extremely rare in the second revision of the console. The Nintendo Switch Lite is completely absent, although there may be some cases of breakdown.

Soap graphics
Minus for those who are used to playing in Full HD or FHD +. But to push, for example, the full version of The Witcher 3 on a switch without losing graphics is almost impossible. Metro 2033 or Darksouls look not even bearable, but quite bearable and pleasant to play. The obvious problem is to call the language does not turn out, given the form factor and characteristics of the console, but for some it can become critical.

No third-party software and full-fledged browser
A significant minus. There is only YouTube and a couple of internal applications on the console, and there is no full-fledged browser at all. It is difficult to say whether the company is a policy or simply harmful, but in any case, when buying, you count on at least some kind of multimedia, but it is almost completely absent.

The key advantage of the console is portability and as trite as it sounds, it works! You can play literally everywhere, on the bus on the way to work, during breaks between work, at home at dinner, on a walk with your child, in the cinema if a boring movie. Imagine and discover new places where you can escape from reality into the world of gaming. At the same time, replay value opens in a new way. There is not always a desire to sit in front of a TV set at a set-top box or on a chair in front of a computer, and playing Skyrim before going to bed, lying in bed, does not get bored. On the forums, many Nintendo Switch owners often write that older consoles generally fade into the background.

When you don’t want to spend too much on games, but we remember that the average cost of a game is 2000-4000 rubles, but we want to play. Shareware projects come to the rescue. Although they are crammed with micropayments, this does not affect the gameplay in any way, buying character skins or weapons can make you unique in the game world.

Games are not presented in top format.

Do you even need a presentation? Perhaps the most popular Battleroyal of them all. The battles take place in a pool with mobile players, which of course gives some advantages, but you shouldn’t relax too much. Vasya from 5-B can easily ignite the fire of war and vulcanize emotions.
Available for free, but a lot of in-game payments that do not affect the game process.

Link Asphalt 9

Port from a mobile phone. Casual races with trampolines, flips, nitro and more. Nice free arcade game.

BATLROYAL TETRIS !!!!! This beast cannot be missed, it is more addictive than a fortnight, with a price of 0 rubles. No kidding! It’s really worth it to at least familiarize yourself. Of course, buying a switch to cut into Tetris is so-so. But try it!

Battleroyal with cool design and interesting mechanics. Visually, the game looks childish, but it’s definitely not a minus, it’s SWITCH, this is normal here. Different types of weapons, one of them is chewing gum. Quite a good setting, which is really entertaining and you want to return to the game. Moreover, it is in a free selection.

The infamous online shooter. Complete missions, upgrade skins and weapons. Nice and high-quality port, fans will definitely not leave indifferent.

Port of the mobile game. Some may be delayed and some may not. But why not give it a try?

Those same tanks are now pumping out your money in the portable too! Marketers are probably rubbing their hands with their “genius”. Graphics of course soap, but quite playable. Fans will come, not fans … well, it’s definitely worth a try, just don’t link the card to your account.

Near-plot science of those shooter with elements of action, loot and all the classics for such projects. It is somewhat reminiscent of Destiny, the choice of missions is very similar, in terms of mechanics, and even loading screens with a flying ship almost 1: 1.
The game has 3 class characters with different fighting techniques, perks and weapon sets. Choose a character and upgrade him, completing missions and visiting raids along the way.

Monster Hunter at minimums. The gameplay is for an amateur, someone may seem boring and of the same type. There are many monsters, preparation for them is no frills. Bleed ice with fire, and fire with water. The game has craft, crafting potion bombs, buffs, debuffs and all that RPG-esque. But in fairness, it is worth noting that the game is addictive and time “kills” perfectly well.

Battle of the battle mages!
The phrase BattleRoyal evokes associations with Fortnite, Pubg and emotions are not always pleasant. SpellBreak got lost a little against the background of famous projects and went “gray” without much excitement. And it would be worth it!
You play as a mage, castes and game mechanics change with the change of gloves. You put on one glove by default, and loot an additional one on the battlefield.
There are 6 classes in total (basic gloves): northerner; toxicologist; warrior; conductor; pyromancer and storm.
They can be combined, changed, improved. In-game purchases such as a battle pass only affect the appearance of the characters, the gameplay does not harm.

Port from the mobile version. Fallout universe where you build your bunker. You have key parameters to watch out for, otherwise everyone in the bunker will die. There are raids by ghouls and robbers, as well as forays into the wasteland for unique (and not so) loot. In general, there is nothing special in the game, but if you like simulations, you will like it.