What makes a cheap robot vacuum cleaner different from an expensive one?

Robotic “work” has long been used for homework, and every year robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaners and floor polishers become even more affordable. If earlier you had to pay at least 30,000 rubles for such a device, today there are models cheaper than five thousand, but more expensive models do not give up their positions.

What is the difference between them? First of all, in theory, it should be felt in cleaning. And the quality of cleaning is the result of combining many technologies in one such home assistant. The total cost depends on the number of these technologies, the quality of the materials of manufacture, and in some cases also the brand of the manufacturer. While everything is clear with the last two points, not everything is so obvious with the first. Now we will tell you about these technological features so that you can decide whether you should pay extra for an expensive model or not.

Typical and structural differences
Robot vacuum cleaners are divided into two types: floor polishers and, directly, the robotic vacuum cleaners themselves. But this does not mean that floor polishers only rub the floors, and vacuum cleaners only vacuum. In both types, there are often models that can do both.


You just need to remember that these functions will be optional. A robot vacuum cleaner with a floor cleaning function will not do wet cleaning as well as a floor polisher, precisely due to the design differences. But you will have to pay extra for good washing: with partially similar functionality, the cost of a floor polisher will be higher than that of a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner-robot DEXP MMB-300 gray

During dry cleaning, the floor polisher simultaneously vacuums and wipes the floor, much like a washing vacuum cleaner. Wet cleaning is a full-fledged cleaning of floors, so there is a water tank in the structure. You can use the wet cleaning function as needed, and more often you can do only dry cleaning. In addition to the water tank, the polisher is also equipped with a container for collecting dust. All this adds up to the higher cost of even the simplest models compared to robotic vacuum cleaners.

We figured out the types – let’s move on to the structural differences. To prevent dust from the vacuum cleaner from spreading around the house again after cleaning, manufacturers often use fine filters. They filter the air leaving the vacuum cleaner, trapping micro dust particles.


The quality of these filters and how small particles they can trap also affect the overall cost of the robot. The most budgetary models may not have such a filter at all.

The collection of this very dust occurs with the help of brushes. The side brush is designed as a propeller. With its rotations, it rakes up debris under the vacuum cleaner in the direction of movement. This debris is then taken over by the main brush, which, due to its design, will pick it up and place it in a dust container. The more brushes, the better cleaning should be. Although models with several brushes are found in both the budget and high price segments.

Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris

The operation of brushes and motors generates a sufficient amount of noise. The noisiest element of the vacuum cleaner is the dust collector motor. The more powerful it is, the better the dust is absorbed and, accordingly, the higher the noise level. But not always. Some models with the same engine power may have different noise values. Robots with lower noise levels tend to be more expensive.

Thresholds between rooms or low furniture legs can make cleaning difficult. If the robot is not flat enough, then it only vacuums around, and dust will swirl under the bed.

Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The height of the thresholds that the vacuum cleaner can overcome has a significant impact on the price. For example, among vacuum cleaners that overcome obstacles with a height of 2 cm or more , you will not find super-budget options. But the height of the robot itself does not affect the cost. For example, the DEXP MMB-300 gray robot vacuum cleaner is lower than the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, and is cheaper.

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Vacuum cleaner-robot Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop white 20 999 *
Vacuum cleaner-robot DEXP MMB-300 gray

This is the factor that most affects the cost of robots. The more different “bells and whistles” your device will combine, the more expensive it will cost. For example, the function of building a room map, which makes the movement of the device around the room “meaningful”, allows you to finish cleaning faster without missing anything. The plan is built using various sensors: infrared, ultrasonic, laser rangefinders, surveillance cameras and others. The more there are, the more accurately it will be built. But you will have to pay extra for such accuracy – you will not find options for 3-5 thousand with such an opportunity

Vacuum cleaner-robot V55S ILIFE white 11 799 *
Gyro navigation with built-in gyroscope ensures precise maneuvers and turns. Thanks to her, not a single centimeter of the surface will be left without attention.

Vacuum cleaner-robot Mamibot EXVAC880 white
18699 *
Scheduled cleaning will allow you to program your robot when and at what time it will go to clean. If you go to work during the day, you send your children to the garden and your apartment is empty, let the robot roam and make some noise in your absence. So he will not get underfoot and the pets will not be so lonely, the main thing is to make them friends.

Vacuum cleaner ELARI SmartBot Brush red red
7999 *
Smartphone control will be an excellent alternative to remote control . As a rule, you need to manage it through a proprietary application, which will contain various useful information: statuses and notifications from the device, for example, the battery level or how full the dust container is. Also in the application, you can remotely start a cleaning robot.

Mobile application for the Polaris robot vacuum cleaner

If the constant search for a smartphone in the apartment is a frequent occurrence for you, then voice control will be an excellent solution. You just give a voice command, and the robot does it. And the signal when stuck will notify you that the “cleaner” was unable to overcome some obstacle, got stuck somewhere and asks for help.

The capacity of the dust container built into the body of the vacuum cleaner is not too large and may not always be enough for one cleaning. In order not to be distracted from important matters and not to run after a vacuum cleaner, automatic dust discharge at the base will make the cleaning cycle even longer without human intervention. But you will have to pay a decent extra for this – there are no vacuum cleaners with such functionality in the budget segment.

IRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The battery capacity determines the battery life and the size of the area that the robot can process on a single charge. More expensive models have more capacious batteries.

The auto return to base function will return the vacuum cleaner to the charging station after cleaning is complete. Vacuum cleaners without a functional function remain in the place where the battery has run out – it does not matter whether the homework is completed or not. Advanced models can continue vacuuming after charging at the station, if they did not have time to go through the entire perimeter before the battery is discharged.

Robot vacuum cleaner KITFORT

Vacuum cleaners with such a useful function naturally cost more. But it’s definitely worth paying extra for this, since the overpayment is minimal – you can find an option in the budget segment – and there will be more than enough benefits.

Vacuum cleaner-robot ELARI SmartBot Lite black black

There will always be designers and engineers who will make beautiful things out of ordinary things. Or even too beautiful that not everyone can afford it. But they are also willing to pay for an expensive exclusive. The production of such things is more expensive due to more expensive equipment, advanced technologies, materials, and sometimes even painting methods.

IRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Also, the price may depend on the brand: there are those who have long earned a reputation in the market, and there are companies that are just entering it, starting to capture it with a product with a low price with similar functionality.

Vacuum cleaner-robot Mamibot EXVAC880 white
Vacuum cleaner-robot iRobot Roomba i7 black

The differences between an expensive and a cheap robot vacuum cleaner can be significant in some cases. In most cases, for 5,000 rubles, you will be able to purchase a device with a dry type of cleaning, a chaotic mode of movement and without an automatic return to the base. And for 50,000 rubles, you can get all kinds of functions:

dry and wet type of cleaning;
gyro-navigation and building a room map;
five-stage filtration system;
work on schedule;
control via smartphone;
automatic return to base when the battery is low or to unload the container.
And if you do not go to extremes and budget for the purchase somewhere in the middle, then you can find a reliable device with most of the modern functions. But not a single description or feature will reliably tell you about the quality of cleaning. This is verified only by experience: in reviews , reviews and advice from friends.