What kitchen appliances do famous chefs use?

If you watch the programs of famous chefs, it is noticeable that in the kitchen they have a lot of all kinds of equipment – mixers, pots, knives, plates, and so on. And for sure the cooking stars are using something really cool! What do famous chefs use and what do they advise us to use?

Jamie Oliver Technique
Jamie Oliver is a great collaborator with tech brands. For example, together with Tefal, Oliver created a collection of dishes – pots, ladles and pans. This is a stainless steel cookware with a non-stick coating and a thick bottom that keeps heat well.

Bucket Tefal Jamie Oliver E8742344 silver
Pots and pans are suitable for all types of stoves, including induction, ovens and dishwasher safe. Tefal JO PREMIUM pans have a branded temperature indicator on the bottom, indicating that the pan has reached the optimal temperature and you can start cooking.

Several years ago, similar pans and pans were also produced under the Tefal Julia Visotskaya brand – the company released a collection of tableware together with the popular Russian TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya. But at the moment, the entire Julia Visotskaya line is folded, although it included household appliances in addition to dishes: a double boiler, a food processor, a blender and a kettle.

The HomeCooker multicooker is another Jamie Oliver co-production, this time with Philips. She knows how not only to cook herself according to a given program, but also to cut food with different degrees of grinding, including cutting into strips, for example, potatoes. Also, HomeCooker can automatically stir the cooking dish, change the temperature and even cook several dishes at once. True, in order to use all the functions, except for the multicooker, you need to buy a set of cutting attachments. But on the way out, there is a food processor and a multicooker.


The HomeCooker multicooker allows you to accurately set the temperature in the range from 40 to 250 degrees, the time – up to 99 minutes. The set includes a special container for making pasta and steaming. The HomeCooker multicooker bowl is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Most of the time Jamie Oliver uses Philips appliances in his kitchen. For example, the Philips HR7782 / 00 kitchen processor, which can grind, mix dough, make ice cream, and squeeze juice. Of the food processors other than Philips, Oliver uses the Magimix 5200.

Bamix has a line of blenders released alongside Jamie. The Bamix SwissLine M200 Jamie Oliver blender will crumble greens or whip up cream, make mashed potatoes or grind nuts, rotating at a speed of 12 and 17 thousand rpm, depending on the set speed.

Blender Bamix SwissLine M200 Jamie Oliver black 18 999 *
Gordon Ramsey’s technique
Gordon Ramsay became famous for fried steaks on a shovel, proving that the main thing is not what technique you use, but with what skill it is done. Nevertheless, he himself uses high-quality and good technology.

For example, this British chef has been seen with Wuesthof knives. Their peculiarity is that the manufacturing company is located in Solingen. And in this city for many centuries the best knife production in Germany has been located. And all local firms mark their knives with the “Made in Solingen” label. This is just like real champagne can only be from Champagne, and the best German knives are made in Solingen.

But most often Gordon Ramsay collaborates with the Royal Doulton brand. This company makes sets of ceramic tableware – plates, bowls, mugs, cups, as well as sets of kitchen knives. Royal Doulton cookware is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. The series of cookware, released together with Gordon Ramsay, is called Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton. These are very beautiful, but also not cheap ceramics. By the way, Royal Doulton is praised not only by Gordon Ramsay – the same dishes are supplied to the British royal court.

What blogger Vasily Emelianenko advises
In the kitchen-studio of Vasily Emelianenko, complex combines were not noticed. He uses quality knives, pans, pots and appliances, being careful not to name them brand. But something becomes noticeable in the course of his work.

We can definitely say that he filters water in the Aquaphor filter jugs – they are always in the foreground for him. However, it is unclear due to the quality of the filters or the advertising contract.

Filter jug ​​Aquaphor Harry 599 *
When Emelianenko talks about knives when preparing various dishes, you can see a large set of Global knives on his table. At the time of this writing, the knife-points of this manufacturer are available in the CSN .

Scissors Global 220 \ GB Gray
Ilya Lazerson’s technique
Another well-known Russian chef and blogger is Ilya Lazerson, currently the host of the Lazerson Zone channel.

In one of the videos, when Lazerson is preparing stuffed chicken legs, a Kenwood MG 450 (PRO 1400) electric meat grinder was spotted . This meat grinder is interesting with its large metal tray for sliced ​​meat and the presence of a reverse.

Electric meat grinder Kenwood MG450 white 7 999 *
Kenwood MG 450 has protection against overheating, as well as convenient compartments for storing baits, of which there are four pieces in the delivery set – three discs for different minced meat and a kebbe attachment.

Once Lazerson showed how to cook pilaf in a multicooker. They say that Stalik Khankishiev, “the chief specialist in pilaf,” was very indignant at this, not recognizing this dish if it was not cooked in a cauldron. But for us it’s more interesting what Lazerson used.

Not a bad pilaf, judging by the video, he got it in the Ariete 420 PCE multicooker. This is a regular multicooker with a 6 liter bowl and a non-stick coating. Knows how to cook meat, cereals and baby food using 11 standard programs. Its interesting feature is the removable cover.

Lazerson uses a food processor similar to the Kenwood KVC3100S to whisk and knead the dough.Kitchen machine Kenwood KVC3100S silver
This is a very stylish home appliance with a metal body, a spacious metal bowl of 4.6 liters. Knows how to whip cream, make dough and even cut food into cubes.

What can you see in the kitchen of Julia Vysotskaya
Another well-known chef and actress in our country is Yulia Vysotskaya, author of the program “Let’s eat at home” and the popular YouTube channel. When you watch her programs, you get the feeling that in front of you is a mixer girl, so quickly she moves across the screen.

Julia Vysotskaya always tells how she loves coffee. In one of the recent programs in her kitchen, the built-in Siemens TK68E571 coffee machine is clearly visible. This device is able to prepare espresso and cappuccino, while working on ground and whole coffee beans.

Vysotskaya, like Lazerson, has a Kenwood combine in her kitchen, which she uses, for example, to knead dough.

Blender Zigmund & Shtain BH-240 M black 3 650 *
In addition to a Kenwood combine with a planetary gear, Vysotskaya uses a Zigmund & Shtain BH-342M blender. The CSN has a similar model Zigmund & Shtain BH-240M , which has the same functionality and is able to quickly grind and mix hard and soft foods.

Set of knives Samura Golf SG-0240 / K 3 699 *
But with knives at Vysotskaya, everything is quite simple – Samura is regularly visible on herchannel on her channel . For example, with Samura Segun knives, she cuts fruit for baking.