What is the best navigation app to use

Navigation apps are among the most popular on mobile devices. Even if you know the roads in your hometown well, the software will come in handy to get information about traffic jams. And if you need to go to an unfamiliar place, then the navigator becomes vital. Let’s see which navigator applications are convenient to use and why.

Yandex leads not only among search engines in Russia, but also in the list of navigation programs. The app is suitable for both drivers and pedestrians. Yandex.Navigator promptly updates information about accidents, congestion, repairs and other problems on the road, and also builds routes taking into account the current traffic situation.

In order to receive operational data, build routes and receive tips, Yandex.Navigator needs a constant Internet connection. However, if necessary, maps of the required regions can be downloaded to your device in order to consume less mobile traffic. Maps are available for each region and the whole country. Separate maps are provided for large Russian cities. There is a special navigation mode for trucks, taking into account the restrictions for this type of transport. When building a route, several options are offered to choose from.

Yandex.Navigator is completely free, but it contains advertising banners. In addition, the application is linked to other Yandex services. For example, launch Yandex.Music right in the application and listen to your favorite tracks or podcasts. The application can be controlled through the voice assistant “Alice”. It is possible to download dozens of voice guidance options. For example, turn on the voice of Optimus Prime, Fyodor Bondarchuk or Vera Brezhneva.

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For those who travel around the world, Yandex.Navigator is not suitable. At the time of this writing, he knows how to build routes and has offline maps only for the countries of the former USSR, Turkey and some other countries, for example, Serbia, Israel and Ile-de-France (France).

Google maps
If you have an Android smartphone, then this application is always with you. It is installed on the smartphone by default. The Google Maps service knows how to build routes around the world, knows about cafes and gas stations, traffic congestion and interesting places.

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Available offline maps mode around the world. Moreover, you can download a specific site. Interesting is the “Street View” mode, where panoramas are turned on to help you more accurately navigate the terrain. When building routes, it offers several options. Knows how to build them for motorists, pedestrians, as well as for travel on public transport.

The app is completely free. But it should be borne in mind that it is focused on the United States and Europe. Detailing in Russia is weaker than that of Yandex. However, in large cities, this application has good accuracy, knows about traffic jams and can build a three-dimensional image. An interesting feature is the diagrams of stations and passages in the Moscow metro. The disadvantage is that the functions of traffic jams, public transport, etc. are located on separate layers. It is impossible to turn on “Traffic” and “Street View” at the same time, you must select one thing.

2GIS started out as a cartographic directory of organizations, but gradually turned into a large service, which contains not only information about companies, but also navigation. Maps are downloaded to your device. All Russian regions and major cities are available, and their list is constantly expanding. Some cards take up quite a lot of space. So, for a map of Moscow, 403 MB is required, another 501 MB is needed for a map of the Moscow region. At the same time, the Ryazan map occupies only 25 MB, so everything depends on the city and the number of organizations in it, that is, on the amount of information.

The navigator can work in car and pedestrian modes. When building routes, offers alternative options. As in Yandex.Navigator, you can choose a voiceover from some famous character in the voice accompaniment. There are fewer options than Yandex, but there is the voice of Nikolai Drozdov. Truck drivers will appreciate the “cargo navigation” mode. There are services such as “avoid toll roads” and “avoid dirt roads”. There is a lot of information about the organizations marked on the map: opening hours, phone numbers, websites, etc. For those who travel by public transport, information on routes and a map of the movement of buses-trolleybuses in real time will be useful.

The application works mainly in Russia. There are maps of a number of countries and cities of the CIS, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates. 2GIS is a free application.

Maps.Me was implemented as an offline service for navigating unfamiliar places. To use it, you must first download maps so as not to waste precious mobile traffic in roaming.

The good thing about Maps.Me is that it has maps of the whole world, even Antarctica. They are detailed, regularly updated and at the same time take up much less space than 2GIS. For comparison, in Maps.Me the map of Moscow occupies 54 MB, which is almost 10 times less. Maps are created based on the Open Street Maps project, that is, by enthusiasts. Therefore, you can find both very detailed and useful maps, and those that have not been updated for a long time.

It is possible to build routes for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, and the service knows about “secret walking trails”, bike paths and other features of the area. Useful places such as hotels, cafes, shops, pharmacies, etc. are marked on the maps. Tourists will be interested in the sights marked there. But motorists will not like the lack of a “plug” service. The application also does not offer alternative route options.

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Maps.Me is free at the moment, but plans include the introduction of a premium subscription. True, it is not known when this will happen. It’s worth noting that Google Play regularly lists Maps.Me in its Editor’s Choice as one of the most useful travel apps out there.

Navitel Navigator
One of the “mastodons” of the market, which existed back in the years when Yandex.Navigator was not even in development. At the moment, Navitel is distributed according to a shareware scheme. You can use the program for free for 7 days. Then you will have to buy cards. For example, a map of Russia at the time of this writing cost 1050 rubles. Europe + Russia – $ 20. In total, 67 countries of the world are present at Navitel.

You must pay for the premium version so that at the end of the trial period you will have route guidance, voice prompts, traffic jam service, 3D maps, lane guidance and lane guidance. In general, useful functionality.

There are no maps of individual cities and regions: for Russia there is a general map of the entire country and maps of districts, for example, Central or Far Eastern. Additional functionality (information about hotels, shops and organizations) is presented to a much lesser extent than in 2GIS or Maps.Me.

Navigation in Navitel works offline, maps are downloaded to the device. But to get real-time traffic information, for example, about traffic jams, you need to be connected to the network. When building routes, it offers the user several options to choose from.

Free navigator with social features. There is no pedestrian navigation in it, only automobile navigation. In the Waze settings, you can choose to avoid toll roads and ferries, choose the type of transport (car or motorcycle) – and hit the road.

The app is free. You cannot download maps, the application works only online, so it is not very convenient in roaming. On the other hand, Waze operates worldwide, maps are informative and include traffic information. There are almost no additional functions in the application, it knows almost no information about hotels and cafes, so it can offer you a snack at the “nearest” Burger King, located 190 km away.

Nevertheless, it builds routes well, although it can lead in a roundabout way. It affects that the service is designed primarily for an English-speaking user.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps
Sygic is a navigator with three-dimensional offline maps, they are offered to download when you first start the application, when your location is determined. For Russia, a complete map of the country and each federal district is available separately.

Sygic has some cool features like:

Real View Navigation, where Sygic overlays a navigation layer on top of the smartphone’s camera view.
Dashcam, with which a smartphone turns into a video recorder.
The service knows about traffic jams, but the maps are not accurate. There are places or houses that appeared several years ago, but they are still not marked on Sygic maps. The advertising pictures show beautiful views and sights. But on maps for Central Russia, they are mostly concentrated in Moscow, and in other cities, the picture in Sygic is no different from similar services.

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The application is distributed on a shareware model. You can use the application for 7 days for free, and then buy a license. Europe cards, for example, cost € 9 at a discount and € 50 without a discount. All add-ons must also be purchased. At a discount they cost 4 euros each, by default – 10. Sygic can be used all over the world.

iGO Navigation
iGO Navigation is another worldwide navigation app that, like Sygic, promises beautiful 3D maps of landmarks. Navigation works in more than 100 countries, and routes can be built autonomously, having previously downloaded the necessary maps.