What is the best filter to put in front of a gas heating boiler?

To extend the service life of the heating system, special protective measures are used. Installing a filter in front of the gas boiler prevents clogging of the ducts, prevents the formation of scale on the surface of the heat exchangers. An overview of the technological solutions presented in the relevant market segment will help you to choose the best equipment option.

Boiler manufacturers
A standard mesh water filter is installed in the supply line of a typical household boiler, which does not allow rust particles and other large mechanical impurities to pass through. Manufacturers offer users to independently solve problems of limescale protection. To remove deposits – it is advised to use a special rinse.

In the operating instructions for equipment in this category, exact numbers are rarely indicated that determine the permissible concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the coolant. Generally, soft water is recommended. According to Russian standards, this parameter corresponds to a hardness of up to 4 mg-eq / l. The use of such a liquid can spoil the heating system in one season.

Scaling can be removed by flushing and the process passages can be cleaned. An acid solution is used, which, together with calcium deposits, destroys metal parts of the structure and brazed joints. For high-quality reproduction of the technology, special equipment is required. The flushing compound is supplemented with inhibitors to prevent destructive corrosion. Several working cycles of circulation are applied along the contour while maintaining the optimum temperature of the liquid. It is difficult to independently perform such actions, therefore they turn to experienced specialists.

The noted facts confirm the need to solve problems on our own. Do you need a filter in front of the gas boiler, find out before installing the equipment. A preliminary check is made to specify the level of rigidity, to determine the parameters of mechanical impurities. Suitable cleaning and protective equipment is selected taking into account the initial conditions. For a clear demonstration of the limited useful data in the official instructions, consider the recommendations of specialized manufacturers.

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Studying the accompanying documentation for gas boilers of this brand allows you to obtain the following information:

· To feed the hot water supply circuit, it is necessary to use water with a hardness level not higher than 4 mg-eq / liter;

· When removing scale with an acid solution, add additives that create a film on the surfaces to prevent corrosion damage;

· A typical heat exchanger can be washed even with the use of high-quality specialized products no more than 3 times.

Gas boiler Baxi ECO-4S 24 wall-mounted 44 799 *
Failure to comply with the instructions will void the official warranty. Flushing should be performed by an authorized service technician.

The manufacturer’s instructions do not provide information on the acceptable level of hardness. When setting up a modern boiler Ariston, it is recommended to select the mode of automatically maintaining the temperature of the heated liquid not higher than + 65 ° C, which should prevent the formation of scale.

The noted facts can be considered in detail. Scale forms even with minimal concentrations of calcium and magnesium salts. Therefore, experienced experts recommend not to think about whether to put a filter in front of the heating boiler. Protection is necessary even with soft water make-up. In professional standards for industrial boiler houses, standards are established – not more than 0.1 mg-eq / l.

Water heater ARISTON BLU1 R ABS 30 V SLIM 8 099 *
The “safe” heating level indicated by the manufacturer is also not correct. Intensive formation of scale is observed even at temperatures of + 18 ° C and + 45 ° C in a circulating and direct-flow system, if the hardness is more than 5 mg-eq / l.

Filters for water in front of the gas boiler from scale and sludge
Taking into account the presented facts, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion about the need for protective measures. A review of specialized equipment will help you figure out which filter to put in front of the gas boiler.

At a high level of rigidity, AquaShield is installed. The entry-level anti-scale device protects at a concentration of impurities up to 17 mEq / l. The contaminated liquid is processed by an alternating electromagnetic field in the working area, which is formed by an induction coil inside the pipeline. The generator of high-frequency signals works in an autonomous mode, independently maintains the optimal setting. You can connect this device without the help of specialists in 5-10 minutes.

Electromagnetic (non-chemical) water filter AquaShield

A significant advantage of this method is its long range. Scale build-up is blocked up to 700 meters from the reel, which can be wound on any straight section of the line.

The generator consumes only 5 watts per hour, so even with constant plugging in, the cost of paying electricity bills will be minimal.

When connected to a well, the stiffness may be higher. In this case, a device of the “M” or PRO series is used with a restriction on the corresponding levels at the inlet to 19 or 21 mg-eq / l. For all AquaShield devices, the manufacturer has established a warranty extended up to 7 years. The actual service life exceeds 20 years.

This method is used at a hardness level not exceeding 6 mg-eq / l. A polyphosphate filter in front of the boiler from scale is placed at a distance of no more than 40-50 cm to ensure good processing efficiency. Consideration should be given to the noticeable deterioration of protective functions when the liquid is heated to + 45 ° C or more.

Polyphosphate water filter. Placed directly in front of the gas boiler

The main advantage of devices in this category is their low cost. However, for a correct assessment, you should pay attention to the following factors:

· The need to control and replenish the download;

· Restrictions on the range of action, temperature, concentration of hardness salts;

· Water pollution with polyphosphates.

Geyser filter 1PFD 1 050 *
The last item on the list is irrelevant for heating systems. But it should be taken into account when connecting the hot water supply circuit.

Hollow fiber
For the retention of the smallest particles with sizes from 0.01 microns, set Aquarium. In this installation, filtration is carried out using hollow fiber membranes. Microscopic holes of such an obstacle trap crystals of hardness salts, bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities.


You can install a filter in front of the boiler or at any convenient place in the main pipeline. The cheapest model Aquaris provides a processing speed of up to 1 cubic meter / hour, therefore it is suitable for processing all consumed liquid. For a large object, you can choose a modification with a suitable capacity – 2, 3, 5 or 8 cubic meters / hour.

A significant advantage of the products of this series is the membrane resource increased to 500,000 liters.

It can be washed many times to remove accumulated contaminants with clean water without the addition of special reagents.

What other filters can you put in front of a double-circuit boiler?
A preliminary analysis of the amount and composition of contaminants will help you find out which filters to put in front of the gas boiler. Particles of rust, clay, and other mechanical impurities are retained by a special barrier. Mesh, multi-disc sets, porous and granular fillers are used.

Each method should be evaluated by comparative analysis of the characteristic advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the throughput, they specify:

· Dimensions;

· Productivity;

· Allowable pressure, temperature.

Attention should be paid to the procedure for performing routine maintenance in order to exclude excessive costs during operation.

Coarse filter
To retain sand and other large impurities, a coarse filter is installed in front of the boiler. Serial products in this category provide a cleaning level of 100-800 microns.

The cheapest option is a mud sump. Whether such a filter is needed in front of a gas boiler will become clear after studying the characteristic shortcomings:

· Opaque body makes visual inspection difficult;

· Disassembly is required for flushing;

· The cleaning process cannot be automated.

Disc filter

You can eliminate the listed problems using a modern mesh filter. For the purification of cold water, models are produced with a flask made of glass or transparent plastic. In the lower part, a fitting is installed to connect to the drain. Enlarges the body to accommodate a mesh with a large working area. A timer with a set of solenoid valves organizes regular flushing according to a time schedule set by the user.

Main technical filter Geyser Jimten DF-1
Alternatively, a disc filter can be used. Such products are made of polymeric materials, which implies the possibility of installation only in the supply (make-up) line of cold water. The constituent elements of the working unit form a volumetric structure with narrow long ducts.

Reverse direction of fluid flow expands the discs, making it easier to remove contaminants during flushing. Automation of this process can be done according to the above scheme with a timer.

Fine filter
To remove mechanical particles with sizes from 5-10 microns, a cartridge with a porous filler made of polymer material is used. The plug-in unit is installed in a steel or plastic case, equipped with threaded branch pipes for connection to the mains. A built-in valve is used to relieve pressure to facilitate disassembly.

Fine water filter

Cartridges in this category are disposable, so keep a supply of replacement units at home. The resource of typical products does not exceed 8000 liters. It should be borne in mind that this parameter is given in the accompanying documentation based on the test results when the contamination of the liquid is not higher than the current sanitary standards. In real conditions, the service life may be much shorter. Therefore, it is more advantageous to use a coarse and fine filter, which is cleaned by flushing.

Main technical filter Aquafilter FHPR1-HP1 1 199 *
And for the heating system?
A heated coolant circulates in this circuit, therefore, appropriate restrictions should be taken into account when determining the composition of protective equipment. Polyphosphates, for example, perform poorly at high temperatures.

Other treatments can be done in the make-up line.The hardness level is reduced using ion exchange technology. To reproduce the working process, a tank with a loading of special resins in the form of granules is used. After saturation of the layer with hardness salts, flushing with a regenerating solution is performed. A well-equipped typical plant operates under the control of an automation unit, which activates individual processes by time intervals or according to the data of a water flow meter.

Microscopic impurities will be retained by the Aquarium before being fed into the circuit. Scale protection of the entire heating system – AquaShield.

The reagent preparation of the coolant is performed manually or using specialized equipment. When buying a kit, you should clarify the accuracy of the dosing devices, the availability of automation equipment. High-quality kits are expensive, so alternative solutions are often used.

Choose a protective device for a gas boiler, taking into account a comprehensive assessment of all the factors considered. Hollow fiber filter Aquarium and electromagnetic transducer AquaShield can be studied (connected) independently. For a qualified preparation of a treatment scheme using ion exchange technology or other complex project, seek the help of a specialist.