What is Super Computer

What is Super Computer

In general, the computer that works at the highest speed and has the highest capacity at any given time is called a supercomputer. Supercomputers have the largest storage capacity and the highest speed among all radios.
First Supercomputer of World ( the world’s first supercomputer).

The term super computing was first used in 1920 by the New York World News Paper for tablets manufactured by IDM. In the 1960s, early supercomputers were designed by Seymour Crane of Control Data Corporation, America; the world’s first supercomputer was the Illiac 4, which could handle 64 computers at a time.

Its main memory could hold 8000000 words and it could perform arithmetic operations in ways of 83264 bytes. Its efficiency was 300 million calculation actions per second, that is, in the time we can hardly count up to 8, it could do 300 million questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Supercomputer Language ( language supercomputer)

The language of supercomputers is quite vague. Present-day supercomputers can be termed as very simple computers to come. Most supercomputers during the 1970s were based on vector processing. From the 1980s and 1990s, actor processing was replaced by parallel processing techniques. By definition, computers whose memory storage is more than 52 megawatts and whose working capacity is 500 mega floats are called supercomputers.

Supercomputer Speed ( speed of supercomputers)

Generally in a supercomputer , many CPUs work in parallel order, this process is called parallel process. Its speed is measured in million floating point operations per second or giga floats. Supercomputers work on the basis of the non-Bon Neumann principle.

Supercomputers are used for research in large scientists and laboratories, research and development related to space travel, weather forecasting, production of high quality animation movies, etc. The process involved in all the above works is complex and high degree of accuracy. is that just a supercomputer could soon supercomputer most expensive computer cost billions in cash.

First Supercomputer of India ( first supercomputer of India)

The X MP/16 of the first supercomputer in India was imported to the US in 1987. It was installed at the Meteorological Center in New Delhi. The era of supercomputers in India began in the 1980s when the US supplied India with the second supercomputer. Refused to give KX metaphor. In India in 1988, CDAC was established in Pune, which works for defense research and development towards the technology of supercomputers in India.

National Aeronautics NAL Bangalore into India’s First Supercomputer Flosolbr was developed India’s first indigenous multipurpose Supercomputer was developed in 1990 in the ultimate CDAC Pune is only computer ultimate 10000 India that C-DAC has developed |

Its speed is 100 gig floats, meaning it can do 1 billion knots in 1 second. The method of open frame design has been adopted in this supercomputer. Pram Supercomputer is widely used in India and it is also exported. The development of a supercomputer with teraflops capacity is going on in CDAC itself, it will be 10 times faster than the ultimate 10000.

In April 2003, India became one of the 5 countries in the world that had supercomputers with the capability of computing one teraflops, this computer named Parampad was the most powerful computer in the country.