What is needed to make the cottage more comfortable

For some, a dacha is outdoor recreation without amenities, for others, a vacation location from which you do not want to leave. It is easy to turn a country house into a comfortable apartment, and in this article we will consider the simplest ways to make your life easier and relax to the fullest.

Motor pump
Without water and neither here nor there , especially in the country. It is possible to organize a local water supply while the house is being built with the help of a motor pump . It differs from a conventional pump in a power source – gasoline. The internal combustion engine consumes fuel from a small tank with a volume of 0.5–3.6 liters. The hose of the motor pump is immersed in any container – a well, a barrel, a lake. In the case of using fresh water, a filter must be installed.

Motor pump Carver CGP 259-2 8 050

The cost starts at 8,000 rubles. The budget model CGP 259-2 is capable of delivering up to 150 liters per minute with a head height of 26 meters.

Motor pump WWQ WPH15 22 499

The middle price segment from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles differs only in power and higher-quality body materials, as in the WWQ WPH15 model.

Specific units with a large tank volume or motor pumps for pumping contaminated water cost over 50,000 rubles.

Motor pump Daishin PTG 208T for pumping highly contaminated water with solid particles 46 899 *
Selection tips:

Budget pumps heat up quickly. If you plan to use your pump all the time, it is better to choose the model with an aluminum housing.
A 4-stroke engine can pump water for hours, but uses more fuel than a 2-stroke engine.
Do not forget to stock up on consumables: candles, oil, filters, gaskets.
Mobile air conditioner
You can also enjoy the coolness on a hot summer day in the country. To install a mobile air conditioner, you don’t even need a house – a closed gazebo or a summer kitchen is fine.

Symphony Ice Cube 17i cooler white

The Indian model Ice Cube 17i belongs to the budget segment. Despite this, it can cool a room up to 20 m². The device rolls on wheels, has a 17 liter tank and three blade speeds, adjustable from the remote control. The biggest drawback is the noise of 65 dB.

Air conditioner mobile Ballu BPAC-09 CP-IN white

Mobile air conditioners not only supply the owners with cold, but also dehumidify the air. These models include BALLU BPAC-09 CP-IN from the mid-price segment. The device consumes less than one kilowatt, makes a moderate noise – 45 dB. Unlike budget wind turbines, it is able to quickly cool the room, the power is 2600 watts.

Air conditioner mobile Zanussi ZACM-09 MSH / N1 white
The difference between a cheap and an expensive model is the cooling speed.

Zanussi ZACM-09 will cool the room in 5 minutes, and Symphony Silver in an hour and it will be cool only within a radius of three meters. Protection class, energy consumption, room area are similar for all models.

Symphony Silver E cooler white

The mobile air conditioner is powered from the mains, if there is no electricity in the country, it can be connected to an electric generator .

Car refrigerator or isothermal box
Cooling in the heat is necessary not only for us, but also for food. Eating ice cream in nature or pouring ice into a glass on the second day of your stay in the country is a doable task with isometric long-term storage boxes .

The cost of models capable of maintaining heat and cold for 48 hours in a row is comparable to inexpensive car refrigerators. The principle of operation is the same for all – a double bottom with a thermal insulator maintains the temperature inside the container.

The most budgetary model Arctic 2000-10 is designed for 10 liters and 2 days of temperature support.

Isothermal container Igloo Sportsman QUICK & COOL100 13 499 *

If you need really large volumes, you should look at the Sportsman QUICK & COOL100: 95 liters of internal volume with a temperature support of up to 120 hours.

Pay attention to the quality of the plastic and the clips. Inexpensive and mid-range crates won’t survive the fall.

Car refrigerators cost from 2,000 to 100,000 rubles.

Budget and expensive models differ in volume, cooling speed, temperature conditions.

Car refrigerator DEXP FR-08 gray 2 699 *
Cheap units can cool the container 13–20 ° C below ambient, premium models down to -18 ° C.

Indel B TB41A car refrigerator gray 46 299 *
Isometric boxes do not need electricity, they work on the “put and forget” principle. The main advantage of car refrigerators is that they can be turned off and on at any time. Some models are capable of not only cooling, but also heating food.

Grill / smokehouse

Everyone loves to eat yum-yum in nature. So that cooking was not a burden, people came up with a grill and a smokehouse .

Grill – aka a brazier, is used to prepare juicy steak, sausages, barbecue. It can be round or rectangular, with or without a lid. The two most important parameters of a grill are wall thickness and body material. The thinner the metal, the sooner the brazier will burn out.

Zharovnya ROYALGRILL 80-114 1799 *

Budget models are made of steel, live one season, weigh up to a kilogram and cost less than 2,000 rubles.

Жаровня BOYSCOUT 61252
In the middle price segment, you can find thick-walled steel grills on wheels. Such models will work for 2-3 seasons if you take care of them and do not leave them outside in the rain.

Grill BOYSCOUT 61244 24 199 *
For those who want more than just a brazier, but a mini-kitchen, there is an interesting carbon steel option. If you don’t feel like fiddling with wood, you can buy a charcoal grill.

Charcoal grill BOYSCOUT 61274 25 499 *
When you need something for the ages, you should turn your attention to cast iron grills. Such braziers are not susceptible to corrosion and the food in them is tastier.

Жаровня BOYSCOUT 61566 14 199 *
Smokehouse – a rectangular box, consisting of two compartments. The lower one is for coals, the upper one with a grate – for placing food. Used for cooking chicken, fish, vegetables.

The budget model with a price tag of just over 500 rubles looks like a steel box without legs with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm.

In the middle non-price segment, the same boxes are sold, but in larger sizes. Tonar K-003 has 1.5 mm walls and dimensions 170 mm x 280 mm x 380 mm.

For those who like to get out into nature closer to the reservoir, there is a round hiking option.

Smokehouse Amet 1c926 3 250 *

Coal is mainly used as a fuel, sometimes there are smokehouses designed for cooking on wood chips – the food is aromatic, with a smoke. These models include the Sphere DPKS402525.

Smokehouse Good Heat Sphere DPKS402525 6 399 *

It is best to choose a product with thick walls. It is better to take inexpensive models with a removable cover, the hinges will soon fall off anyway. Read the instructions, do not add charcoal / wood to the wood chip container.

Frame pool
Why trudge on a sultry day to the nearest body of water, when you can arrange it in your yard!

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Country pools are divided into stationary, inflatable and frame.

Stationary is an expensive pleasure that requires constant professional service.

Inflatable – rarely live longer than one season, burst when jumping into a pool or from a push to the side. Therefore, most summer residents prefer frame pools .

Frame pools are multilayer plastic tanks with a strong outer “skeleton” made of steel.

The price of the products starts at 2,000 rubles and finishes at around 70,000 rubles. There are several rules that are useful to know when choosing a pool:

The container is placed on a flat and smooth surface.
In the presence of small children, first of all, we pay attention to the depth – it should not be higher than their height. For children over 3 years old – from 46 centimeters.
Any container with water needs careful care after use. It is undesirable to leave the pool under the scorching rays of the sun; it must be covered with an awning, washed thoroughly and carefully folded after use.
Three-layer pools with a solid frame last 8-10 years, cheap models have to be patched every season.
What should be included or will have to be purchased:

Awning – prevents the ingress of dry foliage, grass, dirt. Pets, birds and other inhabitants of the animal world often climb into the pools, but cannot then get out of it.

Ladder – necessary to get into the tank for all pools, except for the smallest ones, 46 cm high.

Frame pool BestWay 55031 1 999 *
Pump – helps to quickly pick up a volume of water from 2 to 20 tons.

Filter – filters out sand, metal particles and other elements that can damage the structure from the inside.

Chlorine dispenser – well water may be clean, but pouring 5–20 tons of liquid every 3–4 days is costly. In hot weather, bacteria multiply in water at cosmic speed. A reasonable dosage of chlorine can help avoid problems.

A canopy – can be considered a delight for large pools, but it certainly will not hurt on a sultry day.

Frame pool Bestway 5614V 29 999 *
Chaise lounge

Comfortable rest “savage” near a reservoir or right on your site can be provided without bulky structures. Self-inflatable chaise lounges for summer cottages take up little space, are packed in a compact bag and weigh only 700 grams.

Chaise lounge self-inflating Maclay 190, 180х70х45 cm, 1740828

For 900-1200 rubles you get an inflatable sofa chair that holds air for 12 hours. Despite the external flimsy and low price, the structure can easily withstand a load of up to 100 kilograms. The lamzak unfolds in a few seconds, and in terms of convenience it is not inferior to an upholstered chair. The pump is not needed – skill is needed. Read the instructions carefully and repeat the steps. It may not work the first time; over time, the inflation procedure will take a few seconds.


To avoid sunstroke, it is better to lie in nature under an umbrella. The design of all umbrellas is the same: a metal rod, a set of needles and a special sun-resistant waterproof fabric.

Beach umbrella “Madagascar” with an inclination, dome Ø 160 cm, WILDMAN ™ 1 199 *
An umbrella with a diameter of 160 centimeters is optimal for one person, 250 centimeters is enough for the shadow to fall on two sun loungers. If the ground is hard, you should immediately take care of buying a water-filled stand.

Water-refillable umbrella stand, WILDMAN ™ 2 899 *
When buying, you should pay attention to the quality of the fastening and the size of the spokes, it is they who most often fail.

For the umbrella to serve for a long time, do not install it in a draft. Strong gusts of wind will turn the spokes inside out, resulting in breakage. Umbrellas last long if they have thick needles and a simple closure mechanism.

A pump, a mobile air conditioner, a stock of food, a good smokehouse or grill, an inflatable pool, a sun lounger and an umbrella – all these things will make your stay in the country truly comfortable.