Prime Minister Imran Khan today inaugurated a “Forest in Cities” tree planting in Lahore. What is the Miyawaki method? Who invented it? Let me tell you

Miyawaki is a fast-growing method developed by Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist, after 60 years of research.

Before Lahore, urban foresting has also been done in Karachi through Miyawaki method. Botanists say the Miyawaki tree planting method is the fastest way to grow a forest in any region with the same trees that were grown there millions of years ago.

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Shehzad Qureshi, founder of Urban Forest, an organization that specializes in planting Miyawaki trees in Karachi, tried the method in Karachi with the help of an Miyawaki expert based in India. He patronized a Karachi park for five years, and some of the plants he planted on his 500-square-foot piece in January 2016 are now 20 feet high and some more than 25 feet high. ۔

The Miyawaki method can be used to plant as many trees as possible in a small and small space. For this purpose, the native plants of the area are first collected, which include fruit, flowering, shady, shrubby trees, as well as all kinds of plants. Where a forest is to be planted, no chemical or chemical fertilizer is applied to the land but only regional fertilizer is applied and then the native plants are planted in four layers of forest.

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These trees are watered for only three years, after which they begin to grow spontaneously and reach a height of sixty to seventy feet. In just three years, an environment is created where birds, all kinds of insects, butterflies, birds, bees, chameleons, etc. start coming, which creates a complete model of the forest.

These Miyawaki-planted trees grow ten times faster and produce about 30 times more oxygen. They absorb 30 times more carbon dioxide and 30 times more allergens in the air, thus purifying the air in the area and creating a healthier atmosphere.