What is Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Hard Disk drives generally Hard Drive or Hard Disk is a permanent unit | The H Ard Disk External falls | Which stores thedata in digital formon rotating plates withmagnetic surfaces. It works on the principle of magnetic, the first harddisk wasIBM’s 350 storage unit, which was used in the computer in room 305 in 1956

The Magnetic Disk was used, and it can be stored 50 million 7-bit data | But the hard disk drive we are using today was liberated by IBM in 1973, which is known as “Winchester Disk” , its capacity was 35 and 70 MB.

Hard Disk Around Magnetic Disk is the image of the Magnetic Disk where to get use Hard Disk Drive requires the Hard Disk is mounted within the CPU box computer and a specific tool to use it does not require

The size of the hard disk depends on the storage capacity and the company making it. Currently, hard disks of storage capacity from 20 GB to 2 terabytes are available, here we are presenting some facts related to hard disk of 20 MB storage capacity for information. |

1. A 20 MB hard disk has a total of two rotating disks.

2. There are 615 trucks in each level, thus totaling 2460 trucks in one disc.

3. Each truck has 17 sectors.

4. 512 bytes can be stored in each sector, in this way 8704 bytes can be stored in a truck.

Hard Disk Drive has actually been developed for use in computers. Today , the applications of Hard Disk Drive have moved beyond computers to Digital Video Recorder, Digital Audio Player, Personal Digital Assistant, Digital Camera, Digital Control Mobile phones of Samsung and Nokia. Uses of hard disk can also be found in.