What is an ozonizer and why is it needed?

You can monitor your health in many ways – healthy nutrition, sports, vitaminization and so on. However, do not forget about ways to protect against viruses and other microorganisms. A gadget such as an ozonizer will help you with this. What kind of device it is, how it works and what will be the benefit to you, we will tell you in more detail in this material.

What is an ozonator and how does it work?
First of all, we need a little digression into chemistry. In the school curriculum, you must have heard about ozone – this is a modification of O 2 , consisting of three oxygen atoms. The ozone layer of our atmosphere and that very hole over Antarctica immediately come to mind. Digging a little further, you will come across information that ozone is actually a poisonous gas, and in fact it really is.

However, this is true only at high concentrations. According to GOST 12.1.007-76, the maximum allowable single concentration of ozone in the air is 0.16 mg/m³, and the average daily concentration should not exceed 0.03 mg/m³. This means that at least a small amount of ozone does not pose a danger to humans.


The study of ozone has shown that this gas is one of the most powerful oxidizers. This means that when ozone molecules interact with various types of pollutants, one oxygen atom is separated from O 3 , which reacts and neutralizes hazardous substances. The result is an oxygen molecule and an oxide. Ozone has the greatest cleansing effect on microorganisms, almost completely destroying them.


This process is called ozonation and in this way it is possible to carry out disinfection of both water and air.

Air purifiers and even some air conditioners have devices for ozonizing the air, but they are more like a nice bonus. For the maximum effect of disinfection, it is worth taking a closer look at specialized ozonizers. These are small devices the size of a fan heater whose main function is to generate ozone.

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The principle of generation is quite simple: under electrical action, an oxygen molecule is split into a pair of atoms, which are then able to react with O 2 , thereby creating an O 3 molecule – ozone.


Remember that fresh scent after a heavy downpour? Usually this effect is produced by ozone when lightning discharges lead to the active formation of O 3 molecules in the air. This is why ozonizers are often used in aromatherapy, as they allow you to make other smells more intense, for example, highlight notes of herbal and citrus compounds.

All variety of ozonizers can be classified into two groups:

Industrial and medical. As a rule, these are massive installations up to the size of a cabinet, which are used for the neutralization of harmful emissions and disinfection. For the average user, the performance of such devices is excessive.

Household . These are more compact and less productive models. Are applied to ozonization of air in the room or small volumes of water. This category can also include car models that reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the cabin.

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The positive effect of the ozone
We found out how an ozonator works and why ozone gas has such a powerful oxidizing effect. However, what can the user get from such a device?

Destruction of microbes, fungus and other microorganisms. Ozone is 2.5-6 times more effective than ultraviolet rays and 300-600 times more effective than chlorine in terms of its ability to destroy bacteria and viruses. Gas has long been used to sterilize medical devices and more. Household devices also quite effectively cope with this task. For example, specialists from the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology took five bacteria in their experiment : Candida albicans (a fungus that causes thrush), Acinetobacter baumannii (leads to the development of pneumonia, skin infections, and so on), Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli.

Ten control samples were made – five of them were placed in a room where an ozonator worked for an hour. In all five experiments, ozone either completely prevented the growth of bacteria or completely suppressed this process.


Elimination of unpleasant odors. This is true both for indoors and for small spaces like a car interior. You can find a lot of experiments on the net, and in most cases, one hour of treatment with an ozonator almost completely removes the smells of onions, sweat, unpleasant flavors, and so on. However, many users noted that the air becomes a little damp and as if after quartzization. In any case, ozone really effectively “binds” unpleasant odors, up to their complete neutralization.

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Disinfection of products. Of course, it is much faster and easier to wash fruits or vegetables with tap water. However, for those who are afraid of getting infected with some stick, you can always carry out additional disinfection using an ozonator. This is extremely true for products that you are going to take without additional cooking or frying.


Ozone also has a positive effect on the shelf life, allowing you to keep vegetables or fruits fresh for a longer time in the refrigerator.

Neutralization of hazardous substances. By maintaining the ozone concentration at 0.1 mg/m3 indoors throughout the day, phenol, formaldehyde, acetone, methane, benzene and other organic pollutants can be effectively dealt with. This is true even for those cases when the norm of the maximum concentration is exceeded by 10 times.

medical application. Ozone is about 10 times more soluble in water than oxygen. Drinking ozonized water is prescribed for gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the ozonation of vegetable oil, which is used both internally and externally, has a beneficial effect. In the refrigerator in a dark glass container, ozonized oil can be stored for up to 12 months.

How to choose an ozonizer and where to apply
Since ozone in high concentrations is dangerous to humans, the choice of an ozonator must be approached with maximum pedantry.

First, you need to pay attention to the availability of certificates. The device must be certified in our country and at least comply with the hygienic standard GN Secondly, you should correctly calculate the performance of the device depending on the quadrature. The following rule applies here:

up to 15 m 2 – productivity up to 8 µg / m 3 ;
30-50 m 2 – productivity up to 10-12 mcg / m 3 ;
50-60 m 2 – productivity up to 20 µg / m 3 .
“Important! Do not confuse performance units – mcg and mg ”


Also study the maximum run time. As a rule, the ozonator is able to process approximately one square meter per minute. Five minutes is usually enough to disinfect food or clothes, but it can take up to 30 minutes to remove unpleasant odors in a room. It is recommended to turn on the ozonator in a room without people and animals, and after ozonation thoroughly ventilate the room.

For whom will the ozonator be relevant? This gadget is useful for families of three or more people to minimize the chance of the whole family getting sick. Also, the ozonizer will be indispensable for public places: gyms, beauty parlors, massage rooms, and so on. The appliance can be switched on several times a day to remove microorganisms and unpleasant odours.