What do you need to open an elite gaming club?

In the current situation, a gaming computer can become a real luxury that only a select few can afford. What will be the alternatives? Cloud gaming is currently struggling with server load and high ping. A new golden age may come for computer clubs. Already now in large cities it is a very profitable business. So what does it take to create your own computer club?

It all starts with a business plan
It would seem that, first of all, you need to deal with viewing and buying game assemblies. After all, this is the heart of any computer club. This is important, but the real priorities are far from it.

The first step is to decide whether to create your own brand or work on a franchise. A franchise is an opportunity to provide services on behalf of a company. Many people know about club chains like Colizeum or CyberX . Buying a franchise allows you to use the brand, which will allow you to attract more customers. In addition, this way you can get discounts on the purchase of gaming equipment, advice from club managers and assistance in registration.

However, there are several pitfalls here. First, you need a certain minimum start-up capital. Only one lump-sum fee for the purchase of a franchise varies from 300 thousand to a million rubles. Secondly, you will have to pay royalties – this is a percentage for using someone else’s brand. The amount can reach up to 15%, but, as a rule, high royalties are offset by a low lump-sum fee. Although, of course, there are exceptions.


Another option is to start everything from scratch by opening your own club. The advantages are obvious – no entry fee and the need to pay royalties. However, you will also have to earn popularity and credibility from scratch. Therefore, be prepared that everything will pay off for longer, up to several years.

Is it worth it to pay for a franchise? Here you will have to study the situation specifically in your region. In many small cities, few people have heard of large networks (for example, Good Game Spot or The Deep), so it will not make sense to work on behalf of the brand – at least to attract an audience.

Club layout
The next important step is the selection of a place for the club. On average, a small club for 20-30 PCs will need 150-200 sq.m. At the same time, do not forget that a truly elite club necessarily has a bathroom, an additional gaming area with consoles, as well as a bar with snacks and drinks. For the latter, you will need not only a place for sofas and everything else. You also need to purchase a refrigerator, coffee machine, cabinet for food.

Philips EP1224/00 coffee machine gray

[espresso, Spanish. coffee – grain, ground, 1500 W, 1.8 l, cappuccinatore]
32 999 *
443 7
Stores: 168 stores

During the redevelopment, it is necessary to determine how many play areas will be – and what size they will be. For example, you can make a main room for 20 computers and a VIP room for five cars. Many businessmen turn to the services of designers who create unique design projects for money.

The best option for a computer room is the basement. The light from the windows will only create glare. In order not to have to spend money on curtains or blinds, it is better to immediately rent a site without windows. This will also give you some flexibility in setting up the illumination. Many computer clubs are almost completely dark, with the exception of RGB lighting and glowing monitors. As a rule, gamers are much more comfortable in low light.


The cost of renting a room in each region is different. It can take 300,000 rubles or more to decorate and purchase inventory for a bar, admin desk, and the like. The upper limit is not limited in any way. However, no one bothers to make some kind of minimalist design, saving on finishing. Most gamers absolutely do not pay attention to the interior, something completely different is important for them.

Of the additional useful vacuum cleaner for cleaning the premises and a video surveillance camera. Given the current cost of components, do not neglect safety. Pay special attention to the electrical panel and wiring. The power consumption of a 25-seat game club with household appliances can easily exceed 30 kW.

Dummy Surveillance Camera ORIENT AB-CA-11

680 *
28Stores: 11 stores
Arrangement of the playing place
Here we come to the key point of creating a gaming club. We note right away that it is extremely problematic to calculate the volume of investments here, given the current deficit and other factors. However, there are a few important guidelines to follow.

Armchairs . Most clubs have gaming chairs – with a large back, comfortable armrests and even headrests. It’s not worth chasing top models, but you can’t save here either. Gamers take sessions for two to four hours. But if sitting in a chair is uncomfortable, they will simply start choosing shorter sessions, and you will lose income.

Gaming chair ZET GAMING Chaos guard 100M black 15 799 *

Computer desk. In most clubs, this layout has already become standard: the system unit is placed on top, the rest of the peripherals are on the table. This approach is dictated by several considerations. Firstly, no one accidentally hooks the block and wires with their feet. Secondly, the chance is reduced that the computer is stolen under the guise.

The best option is to take a long one-piece table and organize several places on it. So you don’t have to worry about gamers constantly moving furniture. If the layout of the room is complex, you can order special single game tables for clubs with a stand at the top. In almost every city there are furniture factories that will produce such furniture at an affordable price.


Gaming computer . First you need to decide on the working resolution. For example, you can make all the machines on FullHD monitors (1920 x 1080) – this way you will save on hardware and be able to equip more gaming places.

To organize different tariffs, you can make separate builds with a resolution of 2K (2560 x 1440) and 4K (3840 x 2160) – the higher the screen resolution, the more expensive one hour of the game. However, do not focus on too expensive assemblies. Most players come to play various online games. Such projects do not require powerful hardware or high resolution.

In an elite computer club, monitors should have a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz, and ideally all 144Hz. Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the tilt of the screen. Many gamers immediately adjust it to suit themselves, so the more control options, the better. The diagonal of the screen, of course, must be at least 24 inches.

23.8″ Monitor MSI Optix G242 black 27 699 *

Fundamental is a bunch of video card and processor.

for FullHD (1080p) – Intel Core i5 or equivalent + RTX 3060/RTX 2070 and more powerful. These models will be enough with a margin for almost all games on ultra-graphics settings.
Processor Intel Core i5-11400F BOX
31 799 *
Video card Palit GeForce RTX 3060 DUAL (LHR) [NE63060019K9-190AD]
122 299 *
for 2K (1440p) – Intel Core i7 or equivalent + RTX 3070/RTX 2080 and more powerful.
Processor Intel Core i7-11700K OEM
69 999 *
Video card Palit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GameRock [NED307T019P2-1047G]
215 799 *
for 4K (2160p) – Intel Core i7 / i9 + RTX 3080 or more powerful. It’s worth saying here that not all games in 4K come with a stable 60 FPS even on the RTX 3080 Ti, so you shouldn’t get too hung up on top-end hardware.
Processor Intel Core i9-11900F BOX
70 199 *
Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GamingPro (LHR) [NED3080019KB-132AA]
261 499 *
Buy processors of the latest and penultimate generations, choosing the appropriate motherboard for them. Chasing a large number of USB ports and other “chips” is also not worth it. The minimum amount of RAM is 16 GB DDR4.

AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series [ R9S416G3206U2K ] 16GB RAM 9499 *
Where to store installed games? For example, CoD Warzone with all the updates weighs more than 200 GB, while other large AAA projects take up 50-70 GB each. If the wallet does not press, you can put capacious SSDs on all gaming assemblies.

A more affordable and familiar option is a bunch of SSD + HDD. The latter can be taken for 2-4 TB. It will be cheaper, but then you will have to put individual games on the solid state drive, which already have an SSD in the system requirements.

There is a third option – to store games on a remote server. For this, a diskless system (CCBoot or equivalents) is used. In fact, only the image is used on client machines, and the game files themselves are stored on the server. This will not only save the budget, but will also significantly relieve the Internet channel: updates for games need to be installed not on 20-30 machines, but on just one server. Cons – the need to purchase software and pay a specialist who will set it all up.


Periphery . The priority is the most reliable gaming keyboards and mice, since they will break quite often. Is it worth chasing devices with RGB, programmable keys, and other bells and whistles? It all depends on the available budget and how much you are willing to invest in the image.

Wired headphones Ritmix RH-524 black

[2.0 female, 20Hz – 20000Hz, 32Ω, wired, cable – 2m, black/black]
699 *
174 2
Stores: 58 stores
Don’t forget headphones with a customizable microphone: this is a mandatory attribute of a computer club. It is better to store them on a special hook so that they do not interfere on the table and do not hang out on the monitor.


Internet and network equipment. Online games require high internet speed and minimal ping. You will need a powerful router with a traffic prioritization function, as well as a switch (switch). Ideally, you should take a tariff for 1 Gb / s and gigabit network cards with a switch. Here you will have to build on the offers of the provider in each particular city. Do not forget about additional equipment for a video surveillance system if it is planned in the club.

Console play area. As a rule, in a computer club there are 2-4 places for a console. Everything is quite simple. You buy a sofa / poufs, decide on a console (Play Station or Xbox), buy wide-screen TVs for them. Of course, you still have to invest in the purchase of games and brackets for mounting TV. The most popular projects for consoles are competitive (FIFA, NHL, UFC, and so on).


Organization of the club
So, you have prepared the room, play areas and everything else. Now you should think about how you will manage your own club. To do this, you need to set up specialized software and get a staff.

To monitor computers and track various parameters, you will need a specialized CRM system. It will allow you to remotely track the receipt of finances, configure access levels, conduct analysis, and so on. The system can be either cloud-based or local, installed on the central server of the computer club.

Having dealt with the equipment, you need to find workers in the club. Who may be required in the state?

manager . Works daily, is responsible for the current processes in the club and supervises other employees. The creator of the club can also take on this role.
Administrator . The staff includes 2-4 administrators. It all depends on the number of computers and the principle of the formation of work shifts. Admins receive clients, make payments and solve minor technical problems.
IT specialist. Required to deploy and control the operation of a central server or CRM system, as well as to solve other specific tasks. If the club is small, hiring such a specialist will be too expensive, it is cheaper to hire a specialist for one-time work.
Cleaning lady . You can hire a person on staff or, as an alternative, periodically order the services of a cleaning company.
Accountant . Relevant if you personally can not cope with the conduct of financial affairs or have a low level of knowledge in the field of paying taxes and the like.
You will have to form salaries for each employee yourself, taking into account the average salary in your city.

What’s the bottom line?
So, renting a room, repairing it, buying furniture and related software, hiring employees in the state can take one to two million rubles. Please note that these are indicative amounts. Much depends on the city, the chosen design and many other factors.

The most unpredictable is the gaming hardware. What investments will be needed here is almost impossible to predict. Global deficits and sanctions are pushing prices to unprecedented heights.


On the one hand, this leads to a very long payback period for a computer club. Previously, you could recapture the funds spent in 6-14 months. Now it may take several years. However, do not forget about an important point. Now gamers will increasingly turn their eyes towards computer clubs: the prices for their own gaming PC are already biting. This can lead to an explosion in the popularity of your club. However, in any case, such a business will require huge start-up investments.