What are the advantages of Starlink satellite Internet Ilona Mask

Few people do not know a person like Elon Musk. His name regularly appears in news publications around the world. Among them is Russia, where you certainly heard about the Tesla car and about the colonization of Mars.

Elon Musk and the Starlink backstory

But Elon Musk would not be what he became if he did not come up with something new and unusual for modern people. Think for yourself how convenient it would be for us to live on a planet with solar panels from SolarCity , travel to relatives in another city in Hyperloop capsules and exchange messages with the forces of thought using Neuralink . Cool? Yes!

But these are far from all of Musk’s projects that are known to mankind. There are also larger-scale ones in his arsenal, which can capture the whole world. And these are not notions from a comic book hero, but a very real idea. And already being implemented. We are talking about the worldwide satellite Internet Starlink . Residents of the USA, Canada and 12 other countries can already enjoy the beta version of this “miracle”.

Elon Musk’s ambitious project called “Starlink” has been deployed with all its capabilities since 2015, launching new satellites into orbit every year. At the moment, more than 1800 satellites have already been sent into orbit. Starlink , and by 2025 their number should grow to 12 thousand copies.

Before talking about the advantages of this project, one essential detail should be indicated. Starlink was created in its original version not for corporations and government agencies, but for all inhabitants of the Earth. And while this path is followed by the Musk company. This means that we will soon feel the full power and intelligence of Starlink satellite Internet.

Starlink: equipment and price

The Starlink equipment set is no different from those that we know well:

This equipment will cost $ 499 . If you transfer it to our money, you get about 36 thousand rubles. And every month you will need to pay a subscription fee of $ 99 (about 7 thousand rubles).

It will take only about 20 minutes to install the Starlink kit, since it is not difficult at all. I set up the dish, plugged in the cables, turned on the receiver, and installed the app on my phone to connect. And that’s all, use it!

Satellite providers in Russia

Satellite Internet is not something new in the modern world, including for Russia. We already have satellite providers that have been broadcasting for a single year. Among them are:.

Provider AltegroSky is the most expensive of all presented. Equipment for satellite Internet will start at 25 thousand rubles (the cheapest option). And in order to use unlimited Internet, you will need to provide an amount of 15,000 rubles with a download speed of up to 2 Mbps. And for limit tariffs, the price starts from 3100 rubles (800 Mb of traffic per day) and up to 40 Mbps in terms of download speed.

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Tricolor equipment can now be purchased for 7,500 rubles (on the official website they have a crossed out amount of 31500 rubles). They also have three unlimited tariffs, starting from 1990 rubles for the very first one. But “unlimited” is only formally, since the speed limit will be in the foreground when 15 GB is used up. Download speed varies up to 40 Mbps depending on the tariff plan.

Rostelecom , one of the giants of cellular communications , is now on the market closer to Tricolor in terms of cost . His equipment cost varies from 29,999 rubles, but there are acceptable tariff plans with unlimited Internet from 900 rubles. But in terms of the download speed with the declared up to 40-45 Mbit / s, in fact, it is lower than 5-10 Mbit / s (this is at best).

The initial cost for Kite Net equipment starts at 20,000 rubles and more. They have all fixed tariffs and start from 1,500 rubles (Ka-range) and download speeds up to 40 Mbps. StarBlazer Tandem has roughly the same hardware and tariff plans as Kite Net.

Starlink advantages over other satellite providers

Starlink is still at the beginning of its journey, but many experts predict a bright future for it and, possibly, domination in the field of satellite Internet. And, I want to note, even on such a short segment there is something to praise for :

Download speed. Now, even at the beta testing stage, Starlink shows results up to 600 Mbps (the average is optimal up to 60 Mbps). But, as Elon Musk promised, and I believe him, they will go up to 1 Gbps. And it will be in the near future. At other providers, the download speed costs up to 40 Mbps on average, but in real mode it does not even reach 10 Mbps.
Coverage area. Starlink with tens of thousands of satellites will easily cover the entire world. It will be possible to use the Internet where no human has ever set foot! Other providers are losing out on this. And a lot. With several satellites in its arsenal, if you take Russia, then only the central part and the territories nearby can be at least a little content with satellite Internet. And a little further – that’s it, there is no Internet!
Online games, watching movies in HD without delays. At the moment, only a few providers can boast good speed without delays (for example, AltergroSky). Among them is Starlink, with which it will be comfortable to play modern online toys. Having thousands of satellites in orbit, this provider will not slow down when it is loaded (this often happens with Tricolor) and you will not notice any changes.
Price. Starlink equipment costs about the same price as popular modern providers. Even, in some cases, less. As for the price of the tariff plan, it is slightly higher than, for example, from Tricolor, but you win in quality. And when Starlink reaches the completion of at least 80-90% of its ideas, then in any case the question of prices in different parts of the world will arise, based on the average annual income of the population. Now they have a fixed rate!
The difficulties of Starlink in Russia

Russia, as a world power, is especially zealous for its national security. We all remember the stories from Telegram and Twitter . The exact same situation is likely to await Starlink. In December 2020, a meeting was held in the State Duma on the topic “Law against Starlink”. And all due to the fact that special services do not have access to sending data over Starlink traffic.

But there is still one good news. The struggle of Russian programmers from government agencies with Telegram ended in defeat. Probably the same result will be with Starlink.