What AMD makes

AMD has been on the list of the most famous microelectronics manufacturers for several decades. In this article, you will learn a brief history of the company, what it manufactures besides processors and video cards, as well as what AMD divisions exist.

How it all began
Since the late 1950s, Fairchild Semiconductor has existed in Silicon Valley, famous for the invention of the integrated circuit. In the late 60s, the most talented employees began to leave the company en masse and create their own firms. This is how two giants were founded: Intel and AMD. The founders of the latter had $ 100,000 in stock and Jerry Sanders as a companion.

The same Jerry Sanders

At Fairchild, Sanders served as Marketing Director. In exchange for joining the newly minted AMD, he requested a CEO position. It is with him that the rapid start of the company is associated, the name of which is translated as “advanced microdevices” (Advanced Micro Devices). Sanders is primarily a business man, so he was able to ensure sales and good profits, even though AMD sometimes lagged behind others in product technology.

AMD FX-4300 BOX 4 499 processor *
The first steps
By the mid-1970s, AMD could boast: a cross-licensing agreement with Intel for the use of their developments, an increase in revenue to 26 million, a wide staff of specialists and production in Malaysia (in addition to America). The key point was that the creation and production of their own products, at the suggestion of Sanders, was put on the back burner. The production of other people’s developments under license came to the fore in order to increase capital for the release of their own developments. One such development was the Am2501 processor, which brought the company a commercial success.

The first AMD headquarters, now defunct. In 2017, the company moved to a different building and the former headquarters was demolished.

Later, the Am9080 was released, which was actually a cloned 8-bit Intel 8080, but at the same time differed from the original in a higher speed. In 1993, the company launched the Am486 family of processors, although many models again functionally duplicated Intel.

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Let’s skip a lot of points related to the interaction of two giants. In fact, there are a lot of them, including judicial ones. Let’s just say that AMD was able to release its truly popular worldwide development only in 1999. This is the Athlon processor.

AMD Now: Divisions
Let’s see how the company looks at the moment. AMD divisions can be seen in many countries of the world: USA, Southeast Asia, Europe. There is also a representative office in Russia dealing with trade and marketing. Depending on the goals, among the divisions are those that are engaged in corporate governance,
sales and R&D.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 OEM Processor
R&D (or R&D) is a research activity. Simply put, these divisions are engaged in the development of new equipment, processors, etc.


AMD now: fabless and foundry
Let’s get acquainted with two terms. It is a fabless company and a foundry company. Organizations of the first type only develop and market their developments, but do not produce them on their own. At the moment, AMD is a fabless company that does not have its own facilities for the production of microelectronics. In 2009, they completely abandoned independent production. The company entered a phase of decline, which was caused by the 2008 crisis and a decrease in computer sales. Losses amounted to more than
3 billion, in addition, AMD had to pay considerable sums on debt obligations associated with the acquisition of ATI.

Growth of the company’s shares according to NASDAQ

Who makes AMD processors, video cards, motherboards? All this is produced by foundry companies, which have at their disposal all the necessary equipment and capacities for production. A striking example is TSCM, which at the beginning of its journey specialized only in the release of other people’s developments and did not develop its own products.

Interaction between fabless and foundry companies.

Among the well-known foundry that help AMD come out, it is worth highlighting the following.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X BOX Processor
24699 *
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSCM).
They account for the lion’s share of processor production. Taiwanese not only make processors for AMD, but use them in their work. So, according to TSCM, some of the factory servers are equipped with AMD EPYC processors. Experts believe that AMD will be one of the most significant customers in 2021, which will further lead to the conclusion of lucrative contracts for both parties. If you pay attention to the table below, you can see that the company has bypassed Intel in terms of the amount of profit.


Formed out of AMD’s manufacturing division, it has long since ceased to belong to “advanced microdevices”. It was originally AMD’s primary strategic partner.
In 2021, information appeared that AMD would abandon part of the production of GF-based chips, but not completely. At least AMD plans to partner with the manufacturer until 2024.

AMD processor Ryzen May 1600 BOX 11099 *
The company cooperates with Cisco, which traditionally produces its UCS Rack C-servers
with AMD stuffing from network video cards and processors.


In fact, all of the above companies in relation to AMD act as OEM, that is, they produce goods for a specific manufacturer.

Something else?
Still, mostly AMD are processors and video cards, but they are used not only in PCs or laptops.

Released in 2013, the Mac Pro was interesting not only for the newest case, but also for the video card from AMD FirePro D300 , which was adjacent to the Intel processor.
For the graphics in the Nintendo Wii U game console , an AMD chip is responsible for characteristics similar to the Radeon HD4670 . In 2019, the percentage of sales of set-top boxes decreased, so by 2020 the company did not receive an impressive amount. Also, the brand new Atari VCS console is powered by the Ryzen Embedded processor in the R1606G version. The developers stated that the graphics part of the console will be from Radeon. AMD chips are also found in Sony consoles.
AMD chips are embedded in slot machines , and this includes both gambling devices and arcade machines. For example, according to the company itself, popular pachinko machines are equipped with their chips.

Probably it can be considered a success that the famous Taiwanese QNAP presented a rack-mount NAS (network attached storage), where 4-core Ryzen is responsible for data processing . TS-x73A storages are already on sale.

The company’s chips are installed in mini-PCs . For example, in the ASRock Industrial 4X4 BOX-R1000V PC , which uses Ryzen as the “brain”. The company itself claims that the processor meets all the requirements related to reliability and performance.

Some workstations are equipped with company processors. This is how Lenovo teamed up with AMD to create the ThinkStation P620 with a Ryzen Threadripper Pro processor . It is capable of supporting up to 64 cores in the maximum configuration. It is clear that these stations are intended for professional use.


Processors and video cards are not the same

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X BOX 125 999 Processor *
Where else can you see the familiar AMD letters?

On ramps, most often of the Radeon brand and DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4 standards . This can also include server memory for servers.
AMD chips are used in motherboards . For example, in Biostar A960D , where the socket is also intended for an AMD processor.
Most of the manufactured monoblocks are equipped with AMD stuffing. Moreover, this very filling includes not only processors, but also integrated video cards . It is unlikely that you will be able to play powerful games, but it will do for work.
In conclusion, let’s say that AMD’s rather long history continues. Despite all the falls, difficulties and the presence of strong competitors, the company occupies a leading position among the developers of computer equipment.