Whale Swallowed The Diver

Whale Swallowed The Diver

MASSACHUSETTS: A professional American diver was swallowed alive by a whale on Friday but vomited alive in just over a minute.

According to US media, 56-year-old diver Michael Packard dived into the sea near Provence Town in Massachusetts on Friday morning to catch a lobster.

This place is very deep where lobsters are found in the sea floor. But about ten feet below sea level, Michael was suddenly swallowed by a humpback whale and shut his mouth.
“Everything happened suddenly,” Michael told local media. “I felt a great turbulence in the water and the next moment it was completely dark.”

“I felt like I was moving, and at the same time I could feel the muscles contracting in the wheel’s mouth.”

“I was completely locked in the mouth of this whale. There was complete darkness. At first, I thought there was no way out, maybe now I’m going to die. But then I thought of my sons who are only 12 and 15 years old.

Thinking this, Michael started kicking inside the humpback whale, in response to which the whale also started shaking its head.

As a result of these efforts, she finally came to the surface about 40 seconds later and vomited Michael alive.

Nearby boats pulled Michael out of the sea and rushed him to the hospital, but fortunately, his skin was scratched and no bones were broken.

It should be noted that the incidence of the whale swallowing humans is so low that it is often considered unbelievable.

A similar incident occurred in 2019 in South Africa with underwater wildlife photographer Rainer Schmidt when he was swallowed by a whale in the depths of the ocean but vomited back a few seconds later.

Explain that the whale is not a fish but a marine “mammal” animal, meaning that the female whale gives birth and feeds them.

Whales usually eat small fish, curls and squid, but humans do not include them in their diet. Perhaps this is why the whale, even if it

occasionally swallows a human, does not digest it but spews it out alive.