We do general cleaning in the house

General cleaning is a troublesome and large-scale task that requires attention to detail, otherwise the process can be very delayed and will not bring the desired result. What do you need for general cleaning, and what kind of equipment will be useful?

Good preparation is the key to quality cleaning
The first thing to start with is buying cleaning supplies and detergents. It is better to give preference not to universal compounds, but to specialized products and polishes for those types of surfaces that are in the house.

The list of basic cleaning equipment is as follows:

Gelberk wet cleaning kit: mop, bucket, 3 nozzles, blue
In general cleaning, there is a use for a vacuum cleaner , which collects dust on the floor and under sofas, and a steam mop , which can easily cope with stubborn dirt and penetrate into corners where it is more difficult for an ordinary vacuum cleaner to reach. A handheld vacuum cleaner will help to tidy up the upholstered furniture and eliminate small debris at the joints . A robotic vacuum cleaner will also do the trick . It will make it easier to keep the room clean after cleaning is over.
For work, you will need comfortable clothes and household gloves – this is the minimum. Ideally, you can get a set of workwear , masking goggles, a hat and a respirator mask. Overalls will save you from fine dust and dirt that is difficult to wash, and will also protect you from minor injuries, because you will have to clean up in hard-to-reach places literally by touch. If mold has started in the house, it will have to be dealt with with very aggressive means, so a protective suit will be indispensable.

Strong cleaning agents (acids and alkalis) are often used to clean and disinfect plumbing fixtures, bathrooms or kitchens. They can cause irritation or chemical burns to the skin and eyes, and are also hazardous to the respiratory tract. Of course, a respirator will not provide 100% protection, but this is more than enough, since during cleaning, contact with aggressive agents is usually not very long.

Dust rises during the cleaning process, especially when it comes to the upper shelves. They are wiped less frequently than surfaces that are at eye level. If you have problems with the respiratory tract, this activity can be a real challenge. In this case, a respirator is required, in the rest it remains at the recommendation level.

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Before using cleaning agents, read the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. While you are using aggressive cleaning products, you should actively ventilate the room, otherwise there is a high risk of breathing in vapors, and the smell of the product will haunt you even after cleaning.

A home chair or stool is not the most reliable platform for putting things in order on top shelves, cabinets, etc. A more practical and safe option is a stepladder. It will also help if minor breakdowns or problem areas are found during the general cleaning. For example, loose mountings will need to be tightened up. Therefore, it is better to keep a set of tools close at hand. If you postpone the repair for later, you can safely forget about it, exhausted after the general cleaning.


How to do spring cleaning
Even for professionals, this event takes several hours, but there are life hacks so that the process does not take too long. So, it is necessary to follow a strict order of actions, to properly spend time and energy. And also – keep a positive attitude.


It is much more fun to clean an apartment with enthusiasm, and the result of such cleaning will last longer than if you did it somehow. Your favorite music will help you enjoy a not too exciting lesson, but there are those who prefer audiobooks more. In any case, it is better to use wireless headphones so as not to catch the wire on protruding objects and not break the mobile device or the headphones themselves.

It is advisable to make spring cleaning a family-wide event, dividing responsibilities between family members. For example, children can do quite well cleaning toys in their room, wipe dust on all surfaces and take on other simple tasks. If you take on the spring cleaning alone, tidying up can take an entire weekend. However, do not rush to finish cleaning as soon as possible to the detriment of quality. But do not forget about breaks, otherwise by the end of the cleaning you will not be able to evaluate the results achieved.

Cleaning is always done from top to bottom, otherwise the freshly washed floor will become dirty again from the dust that has fallen from above. Procedure for general cleaning:

Remove curtains and curtains, send them to the wash. Wipe down the curtain rods .
Put all things in their places, throw away unnecessary, dirty, including bedspreads and bedding , send to the wash.
Rinse and remove the dishes .
Knock or scrub carpets . At the time of cleaning, it is better to remove them, having previously allowed them to dry after cleaning.
Treat stubborn stains with cleaning products – it will take time to get the desired effect, but in the meantime, you can do other things.
Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.
Wipe down chandeliers and other lighting fixtures .
Wash walls and dust off wall decor and paintings as needed.
Wipe down cabinets, cabinets, tables and shelves (dry and / or wet cleaning).
Wash windows, sills, radiators, and pipes.
Clean the furniture from dust, if possible, walk on it with steam.
Wipe dust off household appliances (don’t forget about the vacuum cleaners you just used for cleaning).

The hardest part is getting started, and in the case of a general cleaning, deciding which room to tackle first. It is rational to start from the farthest room, and move clockwise or counterclockwise. As for the process itself, it is important to follow the top-down cleaning rule. Dry cleaning first, then wet cleaning. Dust off all surfaces, including vases, plant leaves, wallpaper, and blinds.


Hot steam and special cleaning products can help you clean upholstery, carpets and carpets, make it easier to deal with dirt and quickly smooth curtains.

Window cleaning is one of the least favorite things to do, and for those who live on high floors, it is also potentially dangerous. However, you can cope with this task using a telescopic mop with a soft cloth or a special window cleaner.
When sorting things out of place, try to resist the temptation to interrupt the cleaning and try on the found clothes or play the console found under the rubble . It is better to postpone these activities until later, otherwise it will never come to cleaning.

It is better to use a laundry basket to collect dirty things that are sometimes found in the most unexpected places . If you wear clothes to the washing machine in small batches, you can quickly get tired. Place the basket next to you and put all the clothes there, and already near the washing machine sort the laundry by color for subsequent washing.

Laundry basket BranQ Aqua 799 *
For garbage collection, for the same reason, it is better to take a garbage bag with you and, moving around the rooms, put unnecessary things there. In addition to the fact that it will be faster to throw garbage in the bag next to it, it helps to get rid of unnecessary things more decisively. There is a risk that on the way to the trash can you take a closer look at the thing and decide that it is probably too early to throw it away, after which the thing will go back to the shelf, and you will remember about it only at the next general cleaning, when you again start washing with her dust.

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Household appliances must not be steam treated. In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it can be wiped with wet wipes. Removable parts that do not contain electronic components can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher (if allowed by the instructions).


If there is no reason for haste, it is better to split the entire scope of work into several stages. General cleaning is recommended every few months, but if children or allergy sufferers live in the room, then it makes sense to clean up more often.

After all rooms have been cleaned, it is recommended that you ventilate the area well.

After cleaning
After the end of the general cleaning, you want to keep the house in order as long as possible. Not only to postpone the next general cleaning, but cleanliness just cheers up – living in a tidied house is pleasant and not ashamed to invite guests. To maintain cleanliness, you need to periodically dry and wet clean, dust, clean furniture and get rid of debris in a timely manner.

There are various tools available to make it easier to maintain order. Besides those already mentioned robots, vacuum cleaners and robotic window washers, in the list, you can add washing and dishwashing machines , dispouzer (Chopper food waste) and for controlling harmful microorganisms suitable UV lamp.

UV germicidal lamp Petoneer UV Sanitizing Pen 2 999 *
To make breathing easier at home, an air purifier is useful . In the cold season, when heating devices and heating dry the air, it is necessary to monitor the humidity level. A humidifier will help with this .