Water transformer, magnetic and electromagnetic. Which is better?

In order to purchase special equipment for protection against scale, not only the price level is studied. With a limited budget, you can buy a cheap magnetic water transformer. However, during operation, it will not be possible to stop the formation of calcium deposits due to the high initial level of hardness. For complex initial conditions, an electromagnetic device will be more suitable, which performs its functions even with a high concentration of salts in the water supply source. The right choice can be made after a detailed study of popular models in the relevant market segment and the specifics of their application.

What is a water converter for?
Devices in this category prevent the formation of scale from dissolved hardness salts. These deposits spoil the appearance of the plumbing. To remove dirt, special acid-based products are used that damage nickel and other decorative coatings.

Calcium hard particles are abrasive. Moving contaminated fluid along the line creates scratches on the inner walls. In these places, corrosion processes are accelerated, destroying metal pipes. Similar impurities damage ceramic seals in locking devices.

Magnetic and electromagnetic water transducer blocks the formation of scale and lime on plumbing and inside equipment

For a washing machine (gas boiler, other equipment with heating elements), the converter performs useful protective functions. The formation of limescale is activated in the heating zone. Solid particles are fixed on the surface of heating elements and other devices. As the porous layer grows, the removal of excess heat is blocked. At a certain level, the destruction of the corresponding structure occurs. In the event of a short circuit, an accident severely damages expensive equipment, and therefore refurbishment becomes economically impractical.




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How the devices work
The water hardness converter blocks the formation of scale by the action of an electromagnetic field on the hardness salts. Such processing changes the shape of the smallest crystals, creates charges on their surfaces. After passing through the working area, harmful impurities lose their ability to enlarge and fix on the walls. Together with the fluid flow, they are removed to the drain.

The principle of operation of the magnetic water transducer

Any converter does not change the chemical composition of water. Therefore, to retain certain impurities, methods of classical filtration and ion exchange technology are used. It should be emphasized that calcium, which is harmful to technology, is necessary for the human body. It is for this reason that standard reverse osmosis plants for high-quality preparation of drinking water are supplemented with a special unit – a mineralizer.

Brands of electromagnetic transducers of water hardness
If you buy an electromagnetic water converter, it will be possible to accurately reproduce the anti-scale technology. Such devices form a strong alternating field in the working area, which is effective even with a high level of input rigidity. The beneficial effect prevents the formation of calcium deposits at a great distance from the winding of the coil. The devices, assembled from reliable components, maintain good technical parameters after 20 years of continuous operation.

The leading positions in the corresponding market segment are occupied by devices of this brand. In the budget series, the manufacturer offers an electromagnetic filter AquaShield, which consumes only 5 W of electricity per hour. Even in this version, the equipment blocks the formation of scale at a distance of up to 700 meters along the length of the line with a hardness level at the inlet of up to 17 mg-eq / l. High impact efficiency is ensured by software control of signal parameters and an extended frequency range – from 1 to 25 kHz. The coil can be installed on pipes with a diameter of up to 60 mm.

Brand of electromagnetic water transducer AquaShield

The manufacturer offers the most powerful converters (20 W) in a special series of professional level – PRO. The generator of this device generates a signal according to a given algorithm in the range from 1 to 50 kHz.

In addition to the increased range of up to 2000 meters, the user gets at his disposal additional features:

Electromagnetic protective devices assembled according to the scheme discussed above are offered on the Russian market under this trademark. The Termit converter is equipped with a step regulator, which can be used to reduce electricity consumption by 20, 50 or 70% of the nominal value. The power of the household series models is no more than 2 W.

Brand Termit

The generator of the device generates a signal in the frequency range from 1 to 10 kHz. The manufacturer does not inform in official documents about the range of the device, however, it recommends installing the coil as close as possible to the protected equipment. There is no information on the permissible level of hardness at the inlet, therefore, the correspondence of the processing efficiency to a certain concentration of harmful impurities will have to be determined experimentally.

Brands of magnetic water transducers
Protective devices of this category simulate the alternating effect of a force field in the process of passing through the working area of ​​the fluid flow. To reproduce the technology, permanent magnets (3-6 pcs.) Are installed in series with different pole directions. Equipment of this category is placed at a short distance from a gas boiler, washing machine, and other protected equipment. The efficiency of treatment is ensured at a level of inlet hardness of no more than 6 mg-eq / l.

Under the MPV brand, MWS produces household and industrial magnetic transducers with threaded and flange connections. The manufacturer confirms the long-term preservation of the working properties of the device with a decrease in the strength properties of the field by no more than 0.2% over 10 years. The technical description indicates the nominal, minimum and maximum performance. These values ​​should be taken into account during operation so as not to impair the quality of water treatment.

Magnetic water transducer MPV MWS

Udi mag
The Udi Mag magnetic water transducer is made of two separate parts, which are installed on the outside of the pipeline. The main advantage of this solution is simple installation. The functional components of the structure do not affect the hydraulic resistance in the line. If necessary, the device is quickly dismantled and moved to another place. The removal of the magnets of the surface-mounted water transducer from the working area reduces the processing efficiency in comparison with analogs built into the transport system.

Udi Mag brand

Stop limescale
Under this sub-brand, the manufacturer Udi Mag offers simplified models of the Stop Scale household series, which are installed using threaded connections in the line cut. These devices are designed to protect dishwashers and washing machines.

Brand Stop limescale

New water
The New Water transducer has a composite multi-pole magnet with a channel inside for passing the liquid flow. The manufacturer has increased the number of sections with a reversal of the magnetic induction sign to 12. This solution increases the effectiveness of protection even at a low speed of movement of water in the line. The model is designed for installation in a pipeline with a nominal diameter of 15 mm. The accompanying documentation indicates an average service life of 12 years. To prevent premature equipment failure, it is recommended to take into account the permissible temperature (up to + 90 ° C) and pressure (no more than 10 atm).

Main technical filter New water A 030
1850 *
Main technical filter New water A 032
3099 *

Which one is better to buy?
To select a suitable protection method, the initial data are specified:

· The level of rigidity at the entrance;

· Diameter of the main pipeline;

· Placement of protected equipment;

· Ease of installation;

· Organization of access to the installed equipment for monitoring and performing routine operations.

With the help of the prepared information, the criteria are determined by which the evaluation of the compared options will be carried out. When choosing magnetic water transducers, the performance of the protection is taken into account only when water moves in the main, the deterioration of efficiency with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the source. The built-in model gets clogged during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of periodic disassembly of the pipeline to remove accumulated contamination.

When choosing an electromagnetic converter, in addition to the permissible level of rigidity, the compliance of the parameters of the property with the maximum protection range is checked. This parameter is estimated by the distance from the place of winding the induction coil to the farthest section of the local water supply network.

You can see the price of magnetic and electromagnetic water converters on the official website and online store of the CSN company.

Owner reviews
Sergey, 52 years old, Volgograd: “My house in the village has been protected by AquaShield for more than three years. I put the device down – I forgot about scale and problems of maintenance of this part of the equipment for water treatment. In the kitchen reverse osmosis system, I regularly change the cartridges. The electronic converter performs its functions in automatic mode without any complaints. ”

Elena, 32 years old, Borisoglebsk: “On the advice of the seller, they put Termit at the dacha. The device really consumes a minimum of electricity, but does not completely block the formation of limescale. Experts recommend replacing it with a more powerful unit, since we have very hard water – more than 18 meq / l ”.

Vasily, 37 years old, Kaluga: “I use the magnetic system MPV MWS to protect the washing machine from scale. Unfortunately, the operating range of this device is insufficient to exclude the formation of calcium deposits in the entire water supply system of my small apartment. ”

Our recommendations
Install an electromagnetic converter that blocks the formation of scale in the mains and connected household appliances. The best option from the considered models is AquaShield. The manufacturer officially indicates all the data that are necessary for the correct preparation of the project. An additional advantage is an extended warranty up to 7 years.