Video recorder with radar detector or 2 devices separately – which is better?

The two most important devices a car enthusiast can buy at a digital store are a radar detector and a video recorder. These gadgets are especially popular in our country, where there are many radars on the roads, and the number of fatal accidents is one of the highest in Europe.

These two devices mount the same on the windshield of a car, have power cables, and use cigarette lighter sockets. In other words, both gadgets not only take up a lot of space, but also require a cigarette lighter splitter for their simultaneous operation. Given such difficulties, a logical decision comes to the mind of a motorist – to purchase a combo device that combines the functionality of two gadgets. Today we will consider what are the disadvantages of this approach and examples of profitable options.

Combo device two in one
One device with two functions is a very convenient purchase. You do not need to suffer for a long time with the choice. And if we discard budget models and products of dubious brands, it turns out that there are very few decent combo devices on the market. However, everything is not so simple, because there are serious disadvantages to such a purchase.

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First of all, such devices are never at the height of technology. The most advanced matrices, processors, lenses and software are first released on separate devices, and only then moved to combined ones. Therefore, there is no such thing as the most advanced video recorder with a radar detector in one device. Of course, the breakdown of such a gadget will deprive you of the functionality of both.

You can be fined when you decide to go on vacation to Finland, Latvia, Poland or some other European countries where radar detectors are prohibited. When choosing a combo device, it is very important to pay attention to its manufacturer. Not only the build quality of the device will depend on this, but also the convenience of the software. Inexpensive OEMs rarely pay attention to the quality of localization and the comfort of product management. On the contrary, famous brands are trying to make a high-quality and convenient gadget that will not spoil the impression of the brand.


A good choice among combo devices is, for example, NEOLINE X-Cop 9100S. The model is equipped with a Sony Exmor IMX323 matrix, which makes high-quality video recording of the traffic situation. The Ambarella A7LA30 chipset will allow the device shell to work quickly and without freezes. The built-in detector detects most types of radars within a radius of up to 2500 meters.

Video recorder, radar detector NEOLINE X-Cop 9100S

Combo devices can also be found in the form factor of the center rear-view mirror. For example, the Sho-Me Combo Mirror WiFi Duo model not only detects radars and records the road on video, but also helps with parking thanks to the included rearview camera. It is connected with a reverse indicator wire and automatically shows the situation behind the car on the screen. The display of the combo device turns off when necessary and does not interfere with the view, acting as a mirror.

Video recorder, radar detector Sho-Me Combo Mirror WiFi Duo

It seems that two devices will cost more than one, but this is not the case. If you compare in characteristics, then a kit similar to a combo device can be found for the same funds. Moreover, there is much more choice on the market – there are a huge number of radar detectors and many video recorders. Two devices will take up a lot of space on the windshield and you will have to pay special attention to cable management. Connecting them will require a cigarette lighter splitter.


As a complex solution without compromises and having the full range of the latest technologies, you can consider a bundle of NEOLINE G-Tech X53 and NEOLINE X-COP S300. The Korean-made radar detector is mounted behind a decorative radiator grill and does not interfere with its presence on the windshield. Only a small OLED display is displayed in the car’s interior, which is conveniently located at the steering wheel or dashboard. The G-Tech X53 DVR, in addition to showing a good picture of the front and rear cameras, takes up little space due to the lack of a display. The main unit connects to a smartphone, from where the video is configured and viewed.


A good choice can be a bunch of Mio MiVue 818 and SHO-ME Signature EXCELLENT. The GPS radar is good at informing about cameras, and the OLED display is visible even on a sunny day. The DVR from the popular Mio company supports control through the application and even helps you find a car in the parking lot. Shoots in 2560 × 1440 (QHD) resolution at 30 fps.

DVR Mio MiVue 818

Among the budget options are XiaoMi Dash Cam 1S and NEOLINE X-COP 4200. The DVR is easy to infuse, it is very easy to transfer the recording to a smartphone and records well at 1920 × 1080 quality. The radar detector catches most of the cameras in the country and has its own base of stationary radars.

Video Recorder XiaoMi Dash Cam 1S
In most cases, except for rare stocks from the manufacturer, a memory card is not included with a DVR or combo device. It is required for video recording. MicroSD cards differ in their size and speed class. The most popular options for our purposes will be memory cards with the Class 10 standard and a volume of 32 GB or more. DVRs write in different versions of codecs, so it is impossible to say how many hours this or that memory card will last. For QHD resolution, it is worth taking MicroSD from 128 GB.

Kingston Canvas Select Plus 32GB microSDHC memory card [SDCS2 / 32GBSP]

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Car cigarette lighter splitters will be needed when installing a DVR and a radar detector at the same time. They differ in the number of output ports and additional USB ports.

Splitter for car cigarette lighter FinePower FP-202In stores: 70 stores

Splitter for car cigarette lighter OLMIO CC-04Conclusion
Today, it cannot be said that a combo device is a bad choice. They are convenient in some cases and there are really decent models with a good interface, shooting details and an error-free radar. But by choosing two separate devices, the choice becomes wider. You can find an uncompromising option for a DVR and a conventional radar detector.