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Starting today, our new utorrent pro subscribers will notice an upgrade: the introduction of a new rental torrent pro-level, available for $ 19.95 per year.

Instead of AsingTorrent Plus, the newer and latest Pro version (available for Windows users only) includes a trial version of Instant Stream so that users can view or preview torrent files, such as BitTorrent packages while downloading. To act. Other Utorrent pro apk best features include built-in protection of virus and file converter of an HD player for playing files on all platforms.

You’ll see some additional updates: our site now has a new look and feel that gives it a more modern design, and we’ve launched a new help center for users to get the most out of their customers.

utorrent pro automatically updates all new best features that make faster as we continue to work to make it the best experience. All the Pro users will get instant access to all the new features at no extra charges.

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While free users can access our new help center to find solutions to problems, Pro can also contact our customer support team for personalized support on any technical or billing issues. Continued

Existing Plus users can already use this new utorrent pro, but you will need to install and reinstall the program to make changes. An automatic update will be available for us in the near future.

As a reminder, here are the features that are only available to Pro users:

  • Stream just before the download is complete (beta)
  • HD media player and file converter
  • Automated antivirus protection
  • Early access to advanced features
  • Full customer support available
  • no ads available

And utorrent pro is known for being light, simple, and extremely fast – but what happens if a customer needs some time to get started? Although more than 2 million content is available for torrent downloads, including several BitTorrent packages, download speeds are not guaranteed.

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure fast torrenting.

utorrent pro download speed depends on many factors. First, downloading a file usually takes a few seconds, as peers should see it to create the file. If peers aren’t available, the file won’t be able to download properly. Second, speed can be affected by a variety of connection issues, including port issues, proxies, routers, and Internet service providers. If the connection is slow – streaming, but very slow – it will help to check all of these zones to make sure they are all working properly.

Not happy with the download speed? There are several ways to prevent the product from performing optimally through contact. The simplest of these is port forwarding – a massively detailed process in the utorrent pro help Center. If you still have problems chatting with others on our forum or you are a professional user, submit a ticket with uTorrent support.