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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has become obsessed with the deaths of US troops in Kabul and has vowed to take revenge on terrorists.

According to the International News Agency, US President Joe Biden addressed the situation in Afghanistan. The US President strongly condemned the terrorist attack on Kabul Airport and expressed his condolences over the deaths of US troops.

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“We will never forgive the attackers. We will never forget this attack. The heroes killed in the Kabul bombings are our heroes. Those who attacked will pay the price and we will respond with force,” he said. Will
“The evacuation mission in Afghanistan is extremely dangerous. We will complete this mission anyway while our commanders there are committed to completing the evacuation mission,” he said.

President Biden said that ISIS terrorists cannot succeed, American heroes gave their lives for a good cause, we will not be afraid of terrorists but will achieve our goal and complete the liberation of all Americans and allies.

He said that he would take all necessary steps to achieve his goal, complete the evacuation mission as planned, adding that the surrender of Afghan forces within 11 days would be beneficial for the Taliban, so more US troops in Afghanistan. If you have to send, we will send.

President Joe Biden said that he would try to evacuate as many Americans as possible within the stipulated time, would do his best to evacuate those who remained after the evacuation deadline, and would facilitate the evacuation of those leaving Afghanistan. “We are seeing how the Taliban will keep the airport open,” he said.

US President Joe Biden added that the former US president had agreed with the Taliban to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by May, but did not want to extend the withdrawal date.

He clarified that there was no evidence of ISIL-Taliban nexus in Afghanistan, so it was time to end the 20-year-long war.