Unusual Home Lighting: Customizing RGB Smart Bulbs

RGB lighting has been used in interior design for a long time. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of this technology. Anyone can become a lighting designer of their own home! Any interior can be transformed with smart RGB lamps. This requires only your imagination. Let’s figure out how such devices work – and what features they offer.

What is RGB?
The abbreviation RGB (from the English red, green, blue – red, green, blue) means a color model in which different colors are obtained by adding red, green and blue to black. In the absence of radiation, there is no color, the object is perceived as black. Mixing the three primary colors in a certain proportion gives white.

In modern matrix monitors, these three colors are carried by light points (LEDs, light filters). LEDs are widely used to create artificial lighting. The advantages of the technology are obvious: miniature size and rich color possibilities. RGB lighting can be used in a wide variety of environments. An example is the ever-changing illumination of St. Michael’s Cave on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Smart lamps are very popular among RGB home devices. One of the leaders in the market for these light sources is the Chinese corporation Xiaomi.Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2 Night Light White
My acquaintance with devices from Xiaomi began with the purchase of the Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2 night light.

Xiaomi works closely with many companies, in particular Yeelight , which produces smart lamps and light bulbs. Therefore, smart products from Xiaomi can be controlled by both the Mi Home app and the Yeelight app . Any device tied in one of them will automatically appear in the second.

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Installing the Mi Home app
Let’s make a reservation right away: the algorithm for installing the Yeelight application is not much different from installing a utility from Xiaomi. Therefore, it is not considered in the article.

Before installing the Mi Home app, you need to make sure that there is a QR code on the bottom of the night light body.

The proprietary Xiaomi utility installed on the phone is freely available. The application for iOS 9.0 and higher can be found on the App Store, for Android 4.4 and higher – on the Play Market. In the store, the program can be quickly found by the word “home”. Next, you need to decide whether to give the application access to your geolocation. It should be noted: in case of failure, some of the functions will be unavailable.

The next step is to bind the lamp to your smartphone. Click “Add Accessory” . Then we aim the phone camera at the QR code at the bottom of the lamp body. Alternatively, you can manually dial the digital code located in the same place. After that, you need to make sure that the lamp is connected to a power source and is next to the phone. We are waiting for the connection.

If the connection is successful, the application will find the lamp by itself. After identification, you need to give the device a name. It remains only to indicate the specific room in which the lamp will stand.

At some point, you may have to reboot the lamp (reset to default). To do this, simultaneously press and hold the “On / Off” button and the “Mode” button. The light will start to flicker, and after three seconds, the lamp will automatically restart and turn on white light.

The procedure will be useful in the future if you need to eliminate various malfunctions of the device.

Ready scripts
For comfortable use of the lamp, it is enough to install ready-made scripts (templates) in the application. There are four of them in the applications, and they are displayed on the first, main page. They are mainly focused on turning lights on and off.

Manual control and voice control
In the Mi Home app, the smart lamp can be controlled using the Siri voice assistant . Naturally, the lamp must be programmed for this.

First, select the device you want to configure. Then select the Accessory Settings icon and click “Open” in the new window .

In the bottom menu bar, select “Automation” and click on the + icon in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, ignore the “Timer” by choosing “Run manually” . Further in the list of “Smart devices” we find a programmable device. Naturally, there can be several devices.

The app provides a list of possible commands. We select “Turn on and adjust lighting”. This general name hides presets – previously prepared scripts.

Full list of presets:

Dawn. Simulates a sunrise. Over the course of 15 minutes, the light gradually becomes brighter.
Sunset. Simulates a sunset. Over the course of 10 minutes, the light gradually dims and goes out completely.
Romantic evening. Soft play of light creates a romantic mood.
Birthday. Brighter in comparison with the “Romantic evening” mode of play of light.
Night light. A faint yellowish light denotes the lamp itself and illuminates a small area around it.
Reading. The bright light of the lamp is sufficient for reading.
Flickering candles. A dim, wavering light that simulates candle burning.
Date. Reminiscent of the more subdued Candle Flicker mode.
Cinema . Bluish light from the night light, which does not interfere with TV viewing.
Cozy home. Bright, sunny lighting.
Flash notification. 3x bright white flash to attract attention. Useful if you, for example, listen to music on headphones.
Personally, I decided to choose the “Reading” preset .

I save the preset in the settings, abbreviate the default name.

It remains only to connect the voice assistant Siri to the execution of this command.

We record the voice command. Timer control
Siri can be connected to perform any voice command. But there are presets, the execution of which is more expedient to bind to the timer. For example, “Dawn”. Let’s say the alarm is set on weekdays at 07:00. Therefore, in the desired mode, the lamp should turn on at 06:45 and smoothly prepare you for waking up.