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United States

Washington: US President Joe Biden has defended the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, saying that if the Afghan army does not want to fight, the United States can do nothing about it. We have given them weapons and all kinds of training for 20 years. We continued to pay.

“We told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to negotiate instead of fighting the Taliban, but he did not listen to us. The US military cannot do for the Afghan forces what they want for themselves,” he told a news briefing at the White House. Do not want to do, our decision to leave Afghanistan is absolutely right, it should not be criticized and we are not ashamed of the decision to end the Afghan war.

“The Afghan leadership has fled the country instead of fighting the Taliban. We are surprised at the rapid collapse of the Afghan government. We have called in our staff from Afghanistan and closed the embassy. But if the Taliban are against our interests,” Biden said. If there is an attack, we will give a full response. If necessary, we will take immediate action against terrorism in Afghanistan.
President Biden said the White House national security team was closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. “I want to remind the country today that the United States had interests in Afghanistan. We started our mission in Afghanistan two decades ago and it was never considered a nation building,” he said.

“Twenty years ago, we went to Afghanistan with a clear purpose, to punish those who attacked us on September 11, 2011, and to make sure that al Qaeda does not allow Afghanistan to attack us again,” he said. We did not lay the groundwork and we did it, we decimated al Qaeda, we never ended the search for Osama bin Laden and finally captured him a decade ago, our mission in Afghanistan was never the Nation Building. Was

“We did not expect the rapid occupation of Afghanistan. Our forces are ready. All Americans living in Afghanistan will be repatriated. We have called for the evacuation of Americans and allies,” he said. Six thousand troops have been dispatched.

“China and Russia want the United States to continue to spend billions of dollars in Afghanistan, but that is not our wish. We are being criticized for withdrawing US troops, but I stand by my decision,” Biden said.