United States Could Strike Kabul With Fighter Jets

United States Could Strike Kabul With Fighter Jets

NEW YORK ( Reuters) – The New York Times has claimed that the United States could launch bombers, drones, or warplanes if the Taliban’s influence in Kabul grows.

The New York Times reported, citing U.S. officials, that in light of the “extraordinary crisis” in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s influence, the United States could send its bombers, drones and warplanes to the Afghan capital, Kabul.

According to the report, US officials have also said that after leaving military bases in Afghanistan, the United States will face difficulties in stopping Taliban attacks for a long time, for which US military bases in the Persian Gulf can play a role.
According to the newspaper, US officials have told him that in the future, the United States will carry out attacks in Afghanistan as part of an anti-terrorism operation when it poses a direct threat to the United States.

The New York Times report comes at a time when NATO forces, including the United States, are withdrawing from Afghanistan. The deadline for the withdrawal is September 11, but the Pentagon believes the withdrawal could be completed in July.

The US administration has many questions about the withdrawal of troops and the future of Afghanistan. Ever since US President Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of troops, US military officials have been concerned that the situation in Afghanistan could worsen again and that Afghan forces would suffer the most.

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