Unique headphone case – 3D print

The evolution of pocket headphones is a long but primitive process. The sophistication in the form of wireless gadgets, in which the case also serves as a charger, anticipates an entire era of equipment called Hi-Tech. However, can they compete with conventional wired droplets? Probably not, because classics are classics. But there is no cover for them. So, you need to come up with it and print it on a 3D printer.

Tangled headphone wires are guaranteed to break
By and large, you need to figure out how not to entangle or knot the wires during constant operation. After all, it is for a long period of serviceable work that music lovers expect. Yes, the quality of the headphones is different.


More often it happens:

Expensive headphones are used neatly. Moreover, it is for the intended purpose. Store carefully.
A simple option can be thrown on the floor and used as a rope.

RF headset PlayStation PULSE 3D white

But what if you treat a thing well, regardless of its cost? Can. But you still need to know about the operational features of the accessory.

Cheap plastic becomes brittle in the cold, and too soft in the heat, that is, it loses its performance characteristics. Their wires can withstand a maximum of a year, with a careful attitude – two. The wires of expensive models have an additional winding in the form of a synthetic thread. But even if they are rolled into a knot, breakage is inevitable.

Small accessory for long life of the headphones
The market for accessories for gadgets has many options for headphone cases, among which you can find:

They all have special features.

TWS Earphones Apple AirPods Pro White

For accessories with a zipper, synthetic fabric or genuine leather is used as a material. The cloth cover looks good. In addition to the color scheme, drawing is possible. A fashion accessory that attaches to a belt, matches your clothes and looks stylish on a backpack. The earbuds are protected even when you put the case on the bottom of your backpack, not to mention your purse.

The hard case is mostly plastic. It is less mechanically abraded and more practical. Waterproof models are available. The manufacture of such accessories is more laborious than fabric covers. The color gamut is limited.

Silicone models are all the rage. In addition to colors and shapes, manufacturers put an idea into the image. It could be a bear, a mug, or even a donut. By the way, complex cases are made for wireless headphones . There is silicone, plastic and electronics.

Homemade products for those who like to tinker with their hands. However, some craftsmen manage to sell their creations. They create branded items. They are serial only within the framework of the idea, since they are completely unique. Such accessories are made more for beauty.

In the latter case, we are talking about gadgets, the wires of which can unwind by themselves when you press a button. These are invented in a single copy. Therefore, it is more difficult to find models with automation elements on the market. These are prototypes. Even a successful development does not get a serial release. Often these accessories are 3D printed .

What is the convenience of a 3D model printed on a printer
If you have your own machine for printing with plastic, the main advantage of the headphone case is the price. The cost of a self-printed model will be up to 30 rubles. And in the store, such a cover will cost up to 1000 rubles.

Case Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Araree Player Cover Transparent
The second interest is that if you have a colored filament, you can start your own production. Creating a unique or named model is also a plus.

Among the disadvantages are the complexity of the process and each stage:

In the third step, the model file is processed in another program. This is the host program. For example, Cura. It calculates the number of layers relative to the height of the model.

Specifies basic print settings. Converts a file as a G-code to a USB flash drive.
Preparing the printer is a story of its own, including aligning the table (hot), installing the plastic, and applying adhesion.
But is it possible to call additional knowledge, which in practice turns into a useful result, disadvantages? Probably not. Printing on a 3D printer is a whole science.

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Raise3D Pro2 3D printer

Then it remains only to wait for the end of printing. Force majeure situations also happen:

Breakage of the plastic bar.
Breaking the model off the table.
Sudden print defect.
A software error or a power outage is rare. The latter is avoided by connecting an uninterruptible power supply unit .

The 3D model printed on the printer becomes personalized. It is very interesting to watch the moment the details appear. In a couple of minutes, the future base of the cover is already visible.

After another couple of hours, half of the detail appears. The main thing is not to confuse the right and left sash. They can be printed together, or they can be printed separately. Better to print separately the right and separately the left.

Headphone case – a unique gift for a music lover friend
Giving small plastic models to friends is a very old and interesting topic. I would like to surprise and brag at the same time. However, the headphone case is already a more serious and useful gift. Our case consists of three parts:

A zest is added by a combination of different colors of plastic: black and ivory. The earbuds fit into the inner cavity of the base part. The wire is wrapped around the central frame.

Then the side covers are closed. They are fastened with projections into the holes in the central part, and are fixed with latches in the thorn-groove type.

This case fits pocket headphones of any size, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand. If desired, you can also place two pairs. The accessory itself is no larger than the palm of your hand. It will fit into any pocket of clothes, bags, and even fits into a pocket for a mobile phone. But this will already be appreciated by the person who will get such a gift.