Understand The Importance Of Water

Understand The Importance Of Water

The current situation of water unavailability in Pakistan is becoming worrisome with each passing moment. According to experts, if this situation continues, Khakim-e-Badhan Malik will embark on a journey from Pakistan to become a desert around 2040.

The whole world gradually climbed the ladder of progress to make itself successful and we kept ourselves on the brink of destruction. The fact is that there are many areas in Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab where clean drinking water is scarce. WASA, concerned district governments, provincial governments across Pakistan will be doing something to solve this deadly problem. But unless the federal government agrees on this issue, it will not be able to find a solution to this long-standing problem of Pakistan, the outcome of which will not be right anyway.

Governments, institutions and public representatives have their place, but have we ever tried to peek into our collars to see what role we are playing in saving water? Are they playing a role in saving water or is it just our duty to waste it? The carelessness and ruthlessness shown while washing the car can wash the whole house in the same amount of water. We waste the same amount of water as washing the house unnecessarily in the morning and evening to fill the dirt in front of our house or shop.
It never occurred to me that the precious and potable water we are wasting is rare in most parts of the country. The brain has never worked so hard that if we save water, greenery will survive, man will survive, life will survive.

As a helpless camel nation, we are happy to see with open eyes the trouble and destruction that is coming towards us. It is not part of our daily routine to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth in the morning. The toothbrush is in the mouth, but the faucet is still open. As long as we brush, we keep the tap open and water is wasted. This negligence must stop. Use as much water as you need to wash your face and take a bath.

Remember! Our neighbor India has saved its agriculture and water by building dams on the rivers flowing towards Pakistan. In contrast, we have done nothing at the national level, except to oppose various proposed dams. The construction of these dams was given to politics. It is incomprehensible that if a dam benefits the whole of Pakistan, then how can those who oppose it be benevolent to Pakistan?

The situation has entered a critical phase. If today, now and at the same time we do not take the nails of consciousness, do not make the effort to save water a part of personal life, then rest assured that no enemy will need to drop atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, etc. on us at all. ۔ Because we will be suffering from drought, famine and destruction due to lack of water.

To avoid this potential catastrophe, let us all pledge that we will all save water today and from now on. Save your descendants from dying of thirst. We will save World.