Troops In Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has announced that US troops will remain in Afghanistan until the complete withdrawal of US troops from the country, saying that even if the August 31 deadline expires, US troops will remain in Afghanistan until the last American citizen is deported .

The president made the announcement in an interview with ABC News. President Biden said he would do his best to evacuate Americans and allies from Afghanistan before the deadline, and that if any Americans remained after that, our forces would remain there until the withdrawal.

It should be noted that Biden is facing severe criticism for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the subsequent advance of the Taliban and the conquest of Kabul, and his decisions are being interpreted as hasty and a failure.
According to critics, the situation in Afghanistan is still precarious and there are still thousands of Westerners and Americans in Kabul, including Afghans, while the entire city is under heavy Taliban surveillance.

There are still more than 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan after dominating Kabul and much of Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said in a statement that US forces do not currently have the strength and resources to mobilize Americans to increase security at Kabul airport and return endangered Afghans safely. However, he acknowledged that there were currently 4,500 US troops at Kabul airport for security purposes.

The Taliban have not changed, Joe Biden

President Biden also said in an interview that he did not think the Taliban had changed and that if he wanted the international community to recognize the Taliban, it would be up to him to decide.

President Biden has said that the Taliban are currently going through an identity crisis and he wants them to be accepted by the international community under a formal legal government and that it is up to the Taliban to decide.

Biden said he called on the Taliban to work to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans so that ordinary citizens could have economic opportunities, and that political and diplomatic pressure would be maintained on the Taliban to ensure women’s rights, rather than military.

US President Joe Biden has added that he does not think the Taliban have changed their minds, but wants to recognize themselves and is going through an identity crisis.