Top Selling Humidifiers

With the arrival of the heating season, the air in the room becomes dry, like in a desert. There are three options. Putting a cup of water under the battery – the moisturizing effect is so-so, the appearance is too. Periodically spray air from a spray bottle – well, if you want to bother with this every hour … And, finally, the third option is to buy a ready-made humidifier and forget about dry air. Choosing the best ultrasonic humidifiers for sale in the

Air humidifier MARTA MT-2694 2 999 *
A compact, budgetary and very productive ultrasonic baby MARTA MT-2694 is designed for rooms up to 45 m². The water consumption is 350 ml / h, with a tank volume of 4.5 liters, you do not need to add water very often. By the way, the low water level indicator will inform you about the need to replenish the container. The control is touch, there is a timer for programming the work, backlighting of the case and a night mode with reduced intensity and noise. There is no ionization, but there is an aromatization option – you can load your favorite essential oil and enjoy a pleasant smell in the room.

Humidifier Polaris PUH 6080 TF
The same brutal black as the previous model, and more impressive in size, the Polaris PUH 6080 TF humidifier is designed for 60 m². It is logical that he also spends more water – 400 ml / h, but the tank here is also larger – 6 liters. There is an air humidity sensor, a hygrostat, a demineralizing cartridge that reduces water hardness, and an aromatization function. It is controlled by touch, you can set the operating time on the timer.















Air humidifier Royal Clima Sanremo 3.0M-BU 1 999 *
The cheerful blue model is perfect for a child’s room or a bright living room. The Royal Clima Sanremo baby has a three-liter reservoir and is capable of humidifying up to 24 m². Water consumption – 380 ml / h. It is controlled by a conventional rotary relay, there is no timer or backlight. But this model works surprisingly quietly – no more than 30 dB, it will not hurt even at night. There is a demineralizing cartridge, aromatization and a low water level indicator.

Air humidifier Electrolux EHU-5015D 3 999 *
Stylish and laconic humidifier in a snow-white body is designed for 30 m², uses up to 300 ml / h of water with a tank capacity of 4 liters. There is a hygrostat, automatic shutdown when the set humidity is reached, aromatization and a low water level indicator. There is no water softening cartridge, no timer, no ionization. The noise level is 38 dB.

Humidifier Polaris PUH 7005 TFD 6 999 *
Another of the family of super-diligent humidifiers – Polaris PUH 7005. It can treat a room up to 60 m² and is designed for 40 hours of continuous operation. This hardworking model has a reservoir capacity of 6 liters with a maximum water flow of up to 400 ml / h. There is a regulation of the intensity of evaporation, with which you can adjust the speed of air humidification. There is a timer, hygrostat, automatic shutdown and aromatization.

Air humidifier Ballu UHB-803 2 799 *
If you suddenly want to run around with a humidifier in your hands or constantly carry it from room to room, then the Ballu UHB-803 is ideal for this. It has a comfortable top handle! A trifle, but in everyday life it can be very useful. This model is designed for 40 m² and holds up to three liters of water in the tank. There is a hygrostat, aromatization, an automatic shutdown option and a backlight. It noises only up to 35 dB – and does not make any noise at all, but quietly whispers.

Humidifier Polaris PUH 8105 TF 2 599 *
If you have a very refined interior and you do not want to spoil it with technology, then this black and gold model boldly imitates expensive decor and quietly humidifies the air of rooms up to 40 m². Five liter tank, water consumption 350 ml / h. Basically, that’s all. Polaris PUH 8105 no longer has any additional options, except for the necessary hygrostat and auto shut-off.

Air humidifier DEXP HD-440 1 999 *
It’s not us – it’s our customers who decided that DEXP humidifiers are so good that they deserve two prizes in the selection. Budget, compact solution for small spaces. The humidifier is designed for 25 m², the reservoir for four liters consumes up to 300 ml / h of water. There is an adjustment of the intensity of evaporation, a timer, auto shutdown. There are no aromatizations and other chips here.

Air humidifier DEXP HW-370 1 399 *
If you want to watch some water, here is the DEXP HW-370 with a transparent blue drop-shaped tank. And it is also one of the best options for a nursery, because here, in addition to the usual lid, there are funny lids in the form of a bunny or a bear. The tank is slightly larger than the previous model – 4.2 liters. The humidifier consumes 380 ml of water per hour and treats rooms up to 25 m². With the HW-370, you can adjust not only the intensity of evaporation, but also the direction of humidification by turning the lid with a spout. There are no additional options, not even a timer.

The Ballu UHB-310 humidifier won gold in the selection by a huge margin over the previous competitors. This is one of the most economical models – consuming only 300 ml of water per hour, the humidifier treats up to 40 m² and can work continuously for up to 10 hours. At the same time, the tank is also small – only three liters. There is also an adjustment of the direction of humidification, and the intensity of evaporation, and a softening cartridge, and aromatization. And even a pre-filter for complete beauty. There is no timer, but there is an automatic shutdown when the set degree of air humidity is reached.