TOP of the best filters for purifying water from a well

With the help of a review of products of domestic and foreign manufacturers, you can find out which filter is needed for a well. The best examples of specialized equipment are presented, which have received high marks from experts and are positively noted in the publications of ordinary users.

Iron and hardness are two major concerns
In the sources of this category, the water is polluted by impurities washed out of the rocks. This feature explains the high concentration of characteristic impurities.

The ferrous iron is dissolved so it is not retained by the mechanical filter. The corresponding chemical compounds are converted into sediment on contact with air, clogging water supply and heating systems. Rusty coating spoils the surface of the plumbing, complicates cleaning.

Iron and hardness salts are the two main impurities in water from any source

The level of hardness is determined by the content of calcium and magnesium salts. These compounds are also dissolved, making cleaning difficult. When heated, harmful impurities are converted into porous scale, which disrupts heat transfer and damages heating elements in household appliances. Increasing the layer thickness on the inner walls of the pipes causes the pressure to increase. At a certain stage, blockages are able to completely block the flow in the line.

The best main filters for water purification from a well
Iron can be removed by forced oxidation of impurities by prolonged settling. The sediment accumulated at the bottom of the container is removed. Residual impurities are removed from the liquid stream by mechanical cleaning.

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A specialized filter for purifying water from iron from a well will perform similar actions efficiently, without unnecessary burden on the user. Aeration and ozonation systems, catalytic and combined loading tanks are used. In this category of equipment, high-quality sets are offered by the Econau company.

Below are the parameters of the installation, which is capable of processing up to 1000 liters of contaminated liquid per hour:

A separate room with good ventilation is used to place such equipment in order to exclude the accumulation of toxic gas in a concentration hazardous to health.

Ion exchange
Iron cations, calcium and magnesium are extracted from the liquid stream using exchange technology. The main function is performed by granular loading made of special resins. The corresponding layer retains harmful impurities and at the same time saturates the water with sodium salts. When the working zone is completely saturated, flush with regeneration solution is performed. The procedure is performed automatically under the control of the electronics unit.

Ion exchange water filter

If you buy the most powerful model of the Aquashit Pro series, you can solve several problems:

· Prevent the formation of scale throughout the property;

· To destroy dangerous viruses and bacteria in the stream of treated water;

· Protect metal pipes from corrosion;

· Remove old deposits.

Electromagnetic water filter

For the correct use of the equipment, study the technical characteristics of the model for highways with DN 60:

The Pro models are rated IP68 water and dust resistant. The manufacturer gives a warranty extended to 7 years for all AquaShield devices.

Hollow fiber
Hollow fiber membrane filter for fine water purification Avaris retains impurities with sizes from 0.01 microns at a relatively low pressure in the line (from 1.6 bar). The body of this series is made of durable stainless steel. Cleaning of the working unit is performed by flushing without disassembly. The exchangeable module handles up to 500,000 liters of fluid, which corresponds to a 2-year consumption of a family of 2-3 people.

The manufacturer produces models that process from 1 to 8 cubic meters per hour. You can buy a cleaning unit with parameters that meet the specified requirements.

Manufacturers of filters for coarse water purification from wells
To remove impurities with sizes from 100 microns, mesh or disc barriers are used. The considered models are equipped with outlet pipes for connection to the sewerage system. This feature allows flushing without disassembling the structure.

This model is equipped with a 100 µm mesh as standard. But if necessary, you can apply another replaceable element from the range of additional options of the manufacturer.

This manufacturer produces various modifications of disc filters with replaceable blocks from 5 to 180 microns. Color coding makes it easy to select the right kit.

For automatic reproduction of the flushing, you can select the model with the corresponding equipment of the HF HELIX 201:

Disc filter Azud

The processing speed depends on the filtration capacity of the replaceable unit. When installing a set of disks 130-180 microns, a productivity from 12 to 24 cubic meters per hour is provided.

For liquid processing at a speed of up to 6 cubic meters / hour without automatic flushing, you can buy the corresponding Arkal model:

· Connecting dimensions – 1 “;

· Filtration degree – from 130 microns;

· The total area of ​​the working surface – 316 cm square;

· Working (maximum) pressure – 10 (40) bar;

· Liquid temperature – not higher than + 70 ° C.

Arkal Disc Filter

The manufacturer produces replaceable blocks with a capacity of 55 to 400 microns.

Filters and systems for mechanical purification of water from a well
To remove mechanical impurities, you can use cartridges, a simple “sump”. Using carbon filler, they eliminate turbidity, unpleasant tastes and odors.

Big Blue
The housing of this type implies the ability to install any serial cartridges that meet the Big Blue standard:

Products in this category of plastic are intended for the treatment of extremely cold water.

Such a filter is installed in front of the flow meter. One-piece, simple brass construction is inexpensive. However, flushing requires disassembly. The retail network offers a wide range of products in this category at a price of 350 rubles.

Coal systems
To implement this cleaning method, you can use a serial main filter housing, into which a specialized cartridge is installed.

The presented carbon filter GAC is designed to be equipped with a 20BB standard replaceable unit.

Salt and fine filter for well water
Special technologies can be used to prevent scale formation, remove small particles.

Salt filters are installed at a short distance from the washing machine, boiler, and other protected equipment. This technology works effectively at a liquid temperature not higher than + 45 ° C and an inlet hardness level of up to 6 mEq / l. Polyphosphates pollute the liquid, so this method is not suitable for the preparation of drinking water.

Polyphosphate filter for water purification from a well

The range of manufacturers includes replaceable blocks with a filtration capacity of 5 microns. If a finer cleaning is needed, use the Aquaris hollow fiber membrane.

Primary cleaning
For preliminary preparation, a filling system can be used instead of a “sump”. The filtration layer is created from refined sand, gravel, and other granular material. Flushing can be automated based on time or amount of treated liquid.

The price of filters for water purification from a well does not determine all costs. For an accurate economic calculation, the following items must be taken into account:

The costs of preparing a technical room, laying and connecting utilities should be added.

Which one is better to buy for a private house?
A filter system for purifying water from a well (another source) for a private house is selected based on the results of sample analysis. You also need to consider the performance requirements. Sequential processing is recommended, with the retention of large impurities at the first stage. At the final stage, fine filtration is used to prepare drinking water.

Our recommendations
To buy a filter for water purification from a well cheaper, contact the manufacturer’s online store. This method not only eliminates intermediaries and the corresponding increase in cost. Experienced specialists will help you to correctly prepare a water treatment project, taking into account the initial conditions and special requirements of future users.