TOP best filters for water purification from rust

Clogging of the connected equipment and other problems are eliminated with the help of special preparation of water coming from the source. The wide range of offers in the relevant market segment makes it difficult to find the right equipment. A case study will help you figure out which water filter is best for rusting.

The main causes of rust formation
The presence of particulate matter is caused by a corrosion process that destroys pipes and other functional components of the water supply system. You can make reasonable claims against the responsible organization when it comes to connecting to a centralized network. However, until the issue is resolved in court and the problems are resolved, you will have to buy a local cleaning installation.

Large particles are captured by a mesh or disc filter. The corresponding device is installed in the main pipeline before the flow meter.

When using the well, the owner independently removes harmful impurities. In a deep spring, the water washes the ferrous iron out of the rocks. Dissolved compounds pass unimpeded through mesh and other obstructions with large holes. Contact with air activates oxidation.

To remove ferrous iron, two processing steps are used. Dissolved compounds are converted into a precipitate by aeration or other means. The formed solids are recovered from the liquid stream by mechanical filtration.

Why is rust harmful?
High-quality water purification solves several problems. Particulate matter strengthens the scale layer that damages heating and heating equipment. They damage the integrity of the ceramic and other seals of the locking devices. Such contaminants are abrasive. When moving along the highway, they create microscopic scratches and remove a layer of oxides on the inner walls of pipes, which accelerates destructive corrosion processes.

Rust on plumbing

Dissolved ferrous iron, after oxidation with air, is converted into brown spots on things after washing, drips on plumbing. These contaminants are difficult to remove! In the process of cleaning with the use of potent drugs, expensive products and decorative coatings are damaged.
















The maximum permissible concentration of iron in drinking water according to the current sanitary standards is 0.3 mg / l.

Excess concentration of harmful substances provokes allergic reactions, contributes to the emergence and development of dangerous diseases. Such impurities impair the organoleptic parameters of the liquid, making it unsuitable for performing hygiene procedures.

The best main (flow) filters for cleaning hot water from rust
When choosing products in this category, pay attention to the manufacturer’s restrictions on the maximum temperature of the processed liquid. To buy a filter for hot water from rust without mistakes, you should additionally consider performance. This parameter is chosen with a margin to eliminate the deficit at peak loads. The size of the product is used to evaluate the possibility of installation in a place convenient for users. It is recommended to pay attention to the features of service and official warranty obligations.

A typical filter in this category is not suitable for hot water as the operating temperature is limited to + 50 ° C. However, if this condition is met, such products can be used to trap impurities with sizes from 50 microns. Manufacturers offer replaceable blocks with color indication, which have different filtration capacity.

A characteristic advantage of the disc design is the creation of a voluminous working field in a compressed state. This feature provides a better quality of water purification compared to counterparts equipped with a mesh. When flushing, the bag expands to quickly remove accumulated debris.

The simplest disc filters (Jimten, CEPEX) are offered at a price of 1400 rubles. Expensive models (over 40,000 rubles) with high performance are equipped with specialized washing automation devices.

A filter for hot water from rust of this category is created with a metal case. This feature prevents heat damage to functional components. However, the opaque bottom part prevents visual inspection of the condition of the filter element. Severe clogging is determined by a noticeable drop in head or using a connected pressure gauge.

Mesh filters from Honeywell are well equipped. For connection to the ½ ”line, you can buy the FK06 model with the following parameters:

The FK06 in-line anti-rust main water filter is equipped with a lower branch pipe with a valve for connection to the drain into the sewer. The model is equipped with an automatic pressure regulating valve with adjustment in the range from 1.5 to 6 atm. Built-in seats are designed for installation of a pressure gauge (not included in the delivery set) for visual control of the outlet pressure. Replaceable stainless steel mesh maintains good functional condition for a long service life.

Treatment with an alternating electromagnetic field prevents the formation of scale, the fixation of impurities on the walls of pipes and surfaces of heating elements. To solve the listed tasks, Aquashit is installed in the basic version, which costs 13,700 rubles in the manufacturer’s online store. To remove old deposits, choose a model of the M series for 15,500 rubles.

Electromagnetic filter for water purification from scale, lime and rust

It is possible to prevent pipe corrosion on the inner surface with the help of AquaShield PRO. The strong field created by the device with a consumption power of 20 W / h (17,900 rubles) draws active electrons to the outer wall. This process prevents rust contamination of the fluid being transported.

In a separate category, the manufacturer of electromagnetic converters presents the Aquaflow flocculation device – 19,500 rubles. This apparatus enlarges the smallest fractions to simplify the retention of impurities by mechanical filtration.

Hollow fiber
With impurity sizes from 0.01 microns, Aquaris is used for water purification. The product line includes models priced from 31 to 47.9 thousand rubles with a capacity from 1000 to 8000 l / h.

Aquarium Hollow Fiber Membrane Water Filter

The hollow fiber membrane can be rinsed multiple times without degrading performance. The service life of a typical replaceable unit is 500,000 liters or 48 months of operation.

What is the best filter for an apartment?
With the quality performance of its duties, the supplying organization ensures the level of preliminary treatment that meets the current sanitary standards. In such a situation, you can use the Aquaphor anti-rust water filter with a cartridge. The replacement unit is selected from the catalog taking into account the control parameters.

You can choose a flushed water filter from rust to an apartment from the proposals presented in the overview.

The highest level of cleaning is provided by the Aquarium equipped with a hollow fiber membrane.

At the inlet, experts recommend installing a strainer with a pressure limiter. This solution will prevent accidents that arise with a sharp increase in pressure during test and repair work on centralized lines.

Which one to buy for a summer cottage for a heating system?
Clarifying the baseline will help you find out which is the best hot water anti-rust filter for your heating. When preparing the project, take into account the high temperature of the liquid in the working area and lines connected to the heating equipment. Therefore, the removal of impurities is organized by means of pre-treatment. A filter with a steel mesh can be installed in the circuit, which is not damaged by heat.

At the preparation stage, samples are taken from the source. The high concentration of hardness salts in the well implies the need to include a scale protection scheme in the equipment. This problem can be solved using the AquaShield electromagnetic transducer. One device will prevent the formation of calcium deposits on heating elements, heat exchangers and radiators of the heating system. Even the basic model operates at a distance of up to 700 meters from the location of the induction coil. After the end of the summer cottage season, the equipment can be moved to the city apartment.

Pipes in the country with rust deposits inside

The water from the well is contaminated with suspended matter, organic matter. In such conditions, the cartridges will have to be changed too often, so a disc or mesh filter with periodic flushing is used. To automate this process, shut-off devices with solenoid valves and a control timer are installed.

In the presence of ferrous iron, air is supplied to the line through the ejector. Formed the smallest impurities are trapped by the Aquarium hollow fiber membrane. Ultrafiltration is suitable for the preparation of drinking water, therefore, finishing treatment with a reverse osmosis system can be excluded. The model with a capacity of 2000 l / h will purify enough water for the heating system and meet the needs of a family of 2-3 people.

To find out which water filter for rust is better, perform a comprehensive comparative analysis taking into account the factors considered. The purchase price only determines the initial cost.

For example, compare water purification with a cartridge and a hollow fiber membrane. In the first option, potential buyers are attracted by the low price. The cost of a set with a stainless case and a productive replaceable unit will be 12-14 thousand rubles. However, the minimum investment comes with increased costs for the regular purchase of new cartridges.

A hollow fiber filter is more expensive. But this disadvantage is compensated for by the membrane resource increased to 48 months. When considering this period, the total costs for a set with replaceable cartridges will be 150-180 thousand more. The given example confirms the need to perform an economic calculation when choosing the best option for water treatment equipment for a period of at least 3 years.