TOP-8 electric hobs from 10 to 18 thousand rubles

Are you equipping your kitchen and wondering how not to go broke buying appliances? In this collection, we will prove that even an inexpensive electric hob can be very powerful and convenient in everyday life. We examine models for four burners and find out what our customers have chosen most often from January to March 2021.

8th place

Electric hob Candy CH64XB
The selection is opened by the glass-ceramic and quite budgetary panel Candy CH64XB. The model is convenient for a variety of burner diameters: there is a large one for 210 mm, an average one for 180 mm and two small ones for 140 mm. This hob does not have any special functions: the burners are non-induction, there is no oval heating zone, no two- or three-circuit burners. But there is a residual heat indicator, which helps to simmer food when the appliance is turned off, and a blocking surface, which is useful for protecting from children and while caring for the panel.

7th place

We pay a little extra, change Candy to Beko HIC64402T and get a double-circuit burner! In the arsenal of this glass-ceramic hob there are hot zones of different diameters, all four burners with express heating and nine power levels. There is a blocking of the surface, protection from children, an indicator of residual heat and a protective shutdown of the burners, if you suddenly forgot to turn off the device after cooking and ran away on business. Another nice plus is that there is a timer, and a separate one for each hotplate. We have programmed the cooking time for all dishes and you can safely go about your business!




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6th place

Let’s go for a promotion! However, so far only prices. Hansa BHCI66306 differs from its predecessors, for example, in the automatic boiling function. For example, let’s say you want to cook a long, hours-long broth. In this case, the burners will very quickly heat up to the maximum so that the broth quickly boils, and then reset the heat for a long simmer. Otherwise, everything is the same except for the timer. The burners are of different sizes, all with express heating, but without non-standard cooking zones and additional circuits.

5th place

Another Hansa, this time slightly more budgetary than the previous model. This model is suitable for those who do not like sensors. Instead, the panel is equipped with thermally insulated pivoting handles. You will definitely not miss or hit anything accidentally. However, the rotary knobs are a little more difficult to maintain and take up a decent spot on the hob. Because of the handles in this model, there are no locks, protective shutdowns. There is no timer or automatic boiling. Of the buns, only the residual heat indicator and express heating of all four burners remained.

4th place

Indesit RI 260 C is slightly inferior to all other competitors in the total connection power, offering 6.2 kW instead of the average 6.5-6.8 kW. The increased price is due to the quality of the electrics and, of course, for the brand. But you won’t find any special functionality here. Everything is classic: there is a residual heat indicator, express heating of all zones, child lock, safety shutdown. And, in general, everything. The hotplates are mostly small to medium in size, but there is one double circuit that will fit the largest cookware and the smallest. This panel heats up instantly and cooks quickly, but cools down rather slowly. For some, this is a minus, but if you often cook dishes with prolonged simmering or stewing, this will only be a plus. You can turn off the appliance, not waste electricity, but continue cooking.

3rd place

The top three is opened by Zanussi CPZ6431KF, and it can already be awarded a prize for the most stylish hob in the selection. If you want stylish technology instead of solid black glass, this is the place for you. Another plus of this panel is the smallest heating zone of only 120 mm. Suitable for portioned cooking in small bowls and saucepans. For example, for the preparation of sauces, baby food, confectionery operations. One of the four express burners is double-circuit. It just transforms from a huge 210-millimeter zone into a small one by 120 mm. Moreover, unlike the previous model, a large heating zone is located at the near edge. And this is definitely convenient when it comes to large and unambiguously heavy pans, which are inconvenient to reach.

There is a child lock, safety shutdown, residual heat indicator. There is no timer.

2nd place

When it comes to equipping an entire kitchen, cost is a factor. You have to buy too much equipment, and you often want to save as much as possible. Therefore, DEXP 5M4–°TYL / B took the silver by a large margin. You might argue about the brand, but this is the only hob with an oval heating zone. At the same time, there is also a timer, a lock, and an indicator of residual heat. And the connection power is the highest – 7.29 kW. But there is no express heating in any burner at all, so it will heat up much slower than the rest of the participating panels.

1st place

The third in the collection, the best of the Hot Eight – Hansa again! The most important thing to remember about it is that there is no express heating. Not at all, so this is an option for the patient. But there is automatic boiling, residual heat indicator and safety interlocks. There are no double-circuit zones either. Instead, there are two burners for 145 mm, and one for 180 and 210 mm. Touch controls, like almost everyone else.