Top 7 PC Power Supplies: A Good Choice

Most articles with headlines like “Best PSUs 2022” not only do not help you make the right choice, but on the contrary, they harm you. Because they are written by such experts as the girl from the photo. From under the pen of these publicists, pearls of the form come out: “Powerful for your money”, “Loud cooler” (actually a fan), and the cheap office VX is blamed for the lack of a video card slot – and this is good – the block will not burn out from overload.

But, I’m not like that! Firstly, I don’t have a soldering iron now, and secondly, I understand a little about the things I write about.

I already have a regularly updated list of good food sources that you can safely take, but it is quite wide. This was done deliberately, since not everywhere there is a rich assortment of power supplies, even taking into account delivery services. With a limited choice, the buyer will be able to find at least something from the list of adequate blocks in his store.

The new selection, on the contrary, is aimed at making it easier for residents of big cities, whose eyes run wide from the variety of models on the shelves.

What is required from a computer PSU? Not so much: stable voltages, neat assembly, quality components and quiet operation.

I chose the best in terms of price and quality models of different capacities. Such that will last a long time and withstand a couple of system upgrades.

The list starts with the 400W model, and here’s why – this unit is enough to power most PCs. Office computers, multimedia, file servers, home PCs and gaming computers with mid-range graphics cards – almost all of them have a consumption of up to 300 watts. And the power reserve recommended by the PSU manufacturers remains 30% of the total system consumption.

To facilitate the calculation of the power consumed by the system, you can use online calculators. In my opinion, the be quiet! the most adequate, however, it also overestimates the total consumption by 10-15 percent.

In DNS, sales have been discontinued, but you can find an average of 5,000 rubles.

be quiet! Pure Power 11 400W . For systems with consumption up to 300 W.

Not cheap. But a quality 500 watt PSU has always cost about a hundred dollars. This block is less powerful and the price is appropriate.

For this money, the buyer receives a unit capable of operating in the voltage range of 100-240 V, that is, an unstable supply network, with drawdowns, will not affect its operation.

In addition, the Pure Power 11 400W has a good element base with Teapo electrolytes and a reliable fan on a plain bearing with screw threads.

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The output voltage stability is excellent and the unit operates almost silently even at full power.

You can connect a video card with two 8-pin connectors, five drives, a couple of case fans and a floppy drive or other FDD-powered device to the unit.

Trying to find alternatives to this block, I considered several similar models, but:

be quiet! System Power 9 400W [BN245] – Slightly noisier and has a sleeve bearing fan that will last less.
Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 450W – judging by the reviews of real buyers with DNS, there are often cases of fan clatter, the sound is not loud and most buyers simply will not notice it, but some will be annoyed, and it is unlikely that the PSU will be replaced under warranty.
XPG Pylon 450W – I already wanted to stop at it, the unit is cheaper and good for everyone, albeit less quiet. But, the manufacturer can not decide on the suppliers of components. Judging by the reviews, secondary electrolytic capacitors can be both Elite and Capxon, and even JunFu met in the first samples. Fan bearings also come in two types: rolling and hydrodynamic. There is no stability yet.
In the future, I will not describe why I settled on a particular BP, but in order to understand how the choice took place, I think it was worth telling.

Chieftec PowerPlay 550W is suitable for systems with power consumption up to 425W. This block is not as quiet as the previous model, therefore not as versatile, it will not be possible to assemble a very quiet system with it. On the other hand, PCs with a consumption of more than 400 watts are silent only for a lot of money.

The block is assembled with high quality, the filling is decent, the circuitry is the most advanced. Capacitors of Japanese origin, a fan on a rolling bearing – such bearings are not absolutely quiet, but they are quite reliable.

Voltage stability is excellent, ripple is normal.

PowerPlay 550W has a semi-passive mode of operation of the cooling system – at a power of up to 140 W, the fan does not rotate, that is, in office mode or when watching movies, the unit will not make noise. When the load increases, the power supply is quite quiet, and the noise level can only become uncomfortable when it reaches 400 watts. With such a load, other sound sources will be enough in the system unit.

You can connect a video card with two 8-pin connectors, six drives, three case fans and a floppy drive or sound card to the unit.

650 W unit

Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 650W [PS-TPD-0650F3FAGE-1] 8 999 *
Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 650W is a good option for PCs up to 500W.

The unit has the most modern circuitry, assembled from high-quality components, of course, only Japanese high-temperature capacitors and a fan on a reliable and quiet hydrodynamic bearing.

The cooling system is capable of operating in two modes: semi-passive, when the fan does not rotate up to 30% of the maximum load, and active, in which the unit operates quietly in most of the load range and starts to make noise only when approaching maximum power.

Voltage stability and ripple level are excellent.

For amateurs, there is an RGB backlight that is compatible with motherboards that support this feature. It can also be controlled by buttons on the back of the unit, or it can be turned off.

The block has four 8-pin connectors for connecting video cards, you can power nine drives, four case fans and a floppy drive or other FDD-powered device.

750 W unit

Power Supply Corsair RM750x [CP-9020199-EU] 10 599 *
The Corsair RM750x is a good option for a system up to 575W.

This is a block with a non-switchable semi-passive cooling system. Up to a load of 300 watts, the fan does not start. Then the fan turns on and runs quietly, and even at full power the noise does not exceed a comfortable level. Fan on a new, high-quality and quiet type of bearing – with magnetic levitation.

The level of assembly and components used does not raise any questions.

Voltage stability and ripple are excellent.

From the block, you can power two processors or an overclocker’s mat. board, a couple of video cards with two 8-pin connectors on each (6 + 2), a dozen drives and four case fans.

850 W unit

Power Supply A-Data XPG CORE REACTOR 850 [COREREACTOR850G-BKCEU] 11 799 *
The XPG Core Reactor 850W will look good in PCs up to 650W.

The block fan on the hydrodynamic bearing. Up to 400 W, the cooling system is very quiet, up to 600 W it is quiet, and only at a load close to the maximum it reaches an average level.

The block is executed neatly, the filling is of high quality, Japanese 105 ° C capacitors are available, as well as polymer ones.

The voltage stability is excellent, the ripples fit into the standard with a margin.

From the block, you can power two processors or an overclocker’s mat. board, three video cards with two 8-pin connectors on each (6 + 2), twelve drives and four case fans.

1000 W unit

Power Supply Phanteks AMP 1000W [PH-P1000G] 17 999 *
Phanteks AMP 1000W with the necessary margin will pull the system with a consumption of up to 770 watts.

As you know, Phanteks does not make the PSU itself, only stickers on the case are from it, and the unit itself is the Seasonic FOCUS GX-1000, only under the Phanteks brand it is sold cheaper.

The workmanship is top notch, power elements from trusted manufacturers, Japanese capacitors, high-temperature series. The fan on the reliable hydrodynamic bearing.

The voltage stability is excellent, the ripple level is normal.

The cooling system can operate in active mode: it is quiet in almost the entire load range and only approaching the maximum noise level becomes average; and in semi-passive – at a load of up to 400-450 watts, the fan does not rotate.

From the block, you can power two processors or an overclocker’s mat. board, three video cards with two 8-pin connectors on each (6 + 2), ten drives and five case fans.

For Corsair HX1200 , it is better to use with a PC creating a load of up to 925 watts.

What is so expensive? “It’s just that there are no other options for combining such power and quality.

The unit produces perfectly stabilized voltages with minimal ripple.

The cooling system is semi-passive – the fan on the hydrodynamic bearing turns on from a load of about 600 watts. Accordingly, up to this mark, the unit is silent, when the load increases, the unit works very quietly and even at maximum power it works quietly.

The workmanship and quality factor of the filling is top notch.

From the block, you can power two processors or an overclocker’s mat. board, four video cards with two 8-pin connectors each (6 + 2), twenty drives, eight case fans and a floppy drive or sound card.

I plan to update and correct the list, and I hope that it will get into the first lines of the issue, correcting completely incompetent articles.