Top 6 Platforms for Teaching Kids to Code

Teaching programming to children from 7 years old can be done using various platforms and applications. Visual constructors, game worlds and fun mobile apps can introduce kids to programming logic. Simplified block code and intuitive languages ​​like Lua will make it easy to understand the basics, while a bright interface and gamification of the process will not let you get bored.

The Pixel School of Programming for Children has collected the best platforms that will help children learn visual or text programming in a playful format.


Scratch is one of the most popular and attractive programming platforms in the world. At the same time, Scratch is not a high-level programming language that can be used to create multi-page sites or mobile applications.

Scratch is a visual programming language originally designed to teach children the structure and logic of code. In Scratch, the guys use block commands to create code, and after such boring training, their interest in the IT field is ignited, in the future they can take up the study of text-based programming languages.

In Scratch, a child can not only assemble the first program online, but also run it. And then work out the errors that have arisen and try to run the project for several users at once, creating a multiplayer.

Everyone can create games in Scratch! Try to independently go through a series of video tutorials on YouTube dedicated to creating games on Scratch in different genres. Thanks to them, you can create your first projects and publish them on the official Scratch website.

2. LightBot

If your child enjoys learning how to make games with visual blocks, then look into mobile apps and computer games. For example, for the smallest, the LightBot constructor will be useful (it can be downloaded for Android or iOS).

The main task is to collect commands from the blocks to control the movements of the mini-robot. The further you advance through the levels, the more difficult the programs that need to be compiled become.

Lightbot turns learning to code into a fun game where, as they complete tasks, the child will learn the basic concepts of code, such as sequences, variables, and functions, and learn how to apply them to solve problems.

3. Kodable

The Kodable app helps your child get started with coding in the form of online puzzles. In total the game consists of 105 levels. To go through the maze, you need to correctly compose a sequence of blocks – directions of movement. During the game, children will get acquainted with the concepts of a cycle, conditions, functions, etc.

4. Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a universal online platform designed to popularize the idea of ​​programming around the world. Every year the event starts in an online format and brings together thousands of schools around the world. The platform also provides free manuals and video tutorials for independent programming.

On this platform, you can find many lessons on programming in Minecraft, Kodable and Scratch.


The Roblox game sandbox invites children to plunge into programming and create their own game in 3D. To create scripts, the Lua text language is used – a simplified and intuitive programming language that is perfect for beginners.

Using the example of creating games in Roblox, the child will also learn how to use various game plugins, upload characters and individual items to the Roblox online store, and also earn in-game currency – robux.

Check out our selection of games that can be implemented on the Roblox platform while learning the Lua programming language. Video tutorials are available online to learn Roblox Studio from scratch. Try to learn Roblox Studio tools, simulate a 3D world and write your first script.

6 Minecraft

The popular game Minecraft is a universal playground for children to learn. Inside the universe of their favorite game, kids can get started with the Python programming language.

In the Minecraft sandbox, everything is made up of square blocks: from buildings and trees to people and animals. Usually, guys manually extract materials and then create buildings from them. However, if you connect Python to the game, you can build walls, houses, and even entire streets using text code.

So the guys will combine business with pleasure: they will not have to break away from the familiar gaming environment, but at the same time they will be able to master one of the most popular programming languages. In the process of creating games, the child will be able to learn the structure of the code and the main commands and independently deploy the game on the server.

There are also many video tutorials for learning Python in Minecraft: from learning from scratch to creating your own mini-projects inside the game.

Learn programming, follow video tutorials, create your own game worlds and develop your love for technology and everything new.