TOP 5 fairy tale apps for Android

Fairy tale apps are a good option for useful leisure for children. If parents are busy, then such programs will help keep the child busy, while developing his logical skills.

Apps with fairy tales for smartphones are indispensable for long trips in the car, when preparing for bed, and also in all other cases when you need to distract the child. Today we will look at five proven fairy tale apps that you can trust to raise your beloved child.

1st place – “Fairy tales for kids”
The Fairy Tales for Toddlers app, developed by Azia Animation, will be appreciated by many parents. More than 50 fairy tales in audiobook format are available absolutely free. More than 600 illustrations are presented here, not only for foreign but also for Russian fairy tales. Paid content is available that will allow you to discover new fairy tales.

“Fairy Tales for Toddlers”, as the name implies, is intended for the youngest children. This is almost a real book, which is voiced by professional actors.

Bonus – the application can work without an Internet connection, it is free.

There is advertising.

Second place – “Wonder Tales and Coloring”
“Wonder Tales and Coloring Pages” is not only fairy tales familiar to us, but also unique live
coloring pages, as well as interactive stories that will not leave any
kid indifferent.

Miracle Tales developer – Amaya Kids Play & Learn Ltd. This studio is known for its children’s apps, which are very popular all over the world.

“Wonder Tales and Coloring” is perfect for children from 3 to 8 years old. A whole world with the effect of augmented reality awaits the little explorer. Interactive stories and fairy tales familiar from childhood will give you unforgettable moments of joy. The application perfectly trains memory, develops reading skills and imagination.

Wonder Tales and Coloring Pages is free, but there are ads and paid content.

Third place – “Wonder Book: fairy tales for children”
“Wonder Book: Tales for Kids” is another app from the already familiar developer AmayaKids Play & Learn Ltd. “Wonder Book: Fairy Tales for Kids” is not only entertaining, but also educational application. Young users are waiting for interactive books with interesting images, exciting games and bright animations. The application is useful for children who will soon go to kindergarten. Older children will be able to participate in the plot, while helping the heroes of fairy tales.


“Wonder Book: Fairy Tales for Children” is a great tool for broadening your child’s horizons. This is a real library in your pocket – there are Russian folk tales, interactive cartoons, foreign fairy tales, children’s fairy tales by modern authors, unique children’s encyclopedias and even books from the ZhZL series.

After registration, the kid will have access to three gifts at once: a coloring book, a fairy tale “Turnip”, an interactive quest “Who is Pushkin”. Free app with ads.

Fourth place – “Tales of Krakozyabrik: 101 audio fairy tales for children”
“Tales of Krakozyabrika: 101 audio tales for children” from the developer Ponica.Media is a great opportunity to get acquainted with fairy tales for different ages. There are not only foreign, but also Russian fairy tales. Thanks to professional voice acting, all fairy tales are well remembered and entertain the child.

The application has a unique opportunity to create your own fairy tale – for this you need to record audio and send it to the application.

Paid content is available and there are ads.

Fifth place – “Tales for children”
Our TOP application “Tales for children” from Logogofamily completes. Now fairy tales beloved by many
generations of children are available in one place. Beautiful
illustrations, magical stories voiced by professional actors, several listening modes, as well as the constant replenishment of the library with various fairy tales of the peoples of the world and author’s stories are waiting for the young reader.

The application contains folk, educational, thematic and modern fairy tales. Thanks to colorful animations, fairy tales look like real cartoons in one go.

All of these applications can be used on both smartphones and tablets .

And don’t forget – magical worlds develop children’s imagination and allow you to give children happiness!